Humphreys County Brides

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TANNER, Lucile IVORY, Tom 1920-Feb-25
TAYLOR, Alice COLEMAN, Dave 1918-Dec-04
TAYLOR, Alice GENTRY, Walter 1918-Feb-21
TAYLOR, Clara WHITE, Payne 1920-Feb-14
TAYLOR, Florence JAMES, Junius 1919-Mar-31
TAYLOR, Lizzie SINGLETON, Ed 1920-Mar-06
TAYLOR, Lula SMITH, Mark 1919-Mar-05
TAYLOR, Lula WILLIAMS, Joe 1919-Jun-04
TAYLOR, Tena MORRISON, Mckinley 1918-Mar-15
THOMAS, Annie JACKSON, Robert 1919-Mar-08
THOMAS, Beatrice JEFFERSON, Geo 1918-Mar-15
THOMAS, Elila SCOTT, Thomas 1918-Aug-01
THOMAS, Ferin AUSTIN, Jerry 1924-Dec-21
THOMAS, Lee Bessie SANDERS, Percy 1920-Apr-21
THOMAS, Lize TRILEY, Bettie 1919-Jun-09
THOMAS, Lizzie WADKINS, Adle 1918-Feb-22
THOMAS, Matilda COX, Eddie 1920-Sep-08
THOMAS, Willie May REID, Chris 1920-Jul-03
THOMPSON, Effie May THOMPSON, James Earl 1920-Dec-23
THORNTON, Elnora HUGHES, John 1918-Mar-17
THROGMARTIN, Elsie VAUGHT, Thomas 1920-Oct-25
THURMAN, Alice ESTES, John 1920-Feb-20
THURMAN, Sallie GERREL, Collier 1918-Jun-15
TIGLES, Eliza WILLIAMS, Jim 1920-Mar-13
TOLER, Minnie WALKER, H B 1920-Apr-13
TOLSTON, Georgia DEW, Geo 1918-Mar-18
TOLSTON, Louise GREEN, Edward 1920-Dec-27
TOWN, Ether KITCHEN, Tom 1918-Mar-12
TRAIMBLE, Martha E BELL, Anderson 1919-Dec-06
TRAVIS, Pearly MORGAN, Charley 1918-Dec-17
TRILEY, Bettie THOMAS, Lize 1919-Jun-09
TRIPLETT, Emma COLBERT, Sylvester 1918-Nov-14
TRIPLETT, Mattie HARPER, Willie 1920-Oct-09
TURLEY, Sallie B COLLIER, T J 1918-Nov-28
TURNER, Alice PROFFIT, Wm 1920-Jan-31
TURNER, Corine SPEARMAN, Willie 1920-Feb-07
TURNER, Delia BESTER, Liza 1919-Apr-30
TURNER, Henretta CHARLESTON, W B 1920-Jan-20
TURNER, Luvenia JOHNSON, John 1918-Feb-07
TURNER, Mary TROTMAN, Lewis 1920-Mar-18
TYLER, Mary MOORE, Jim 1919-Dec-27
UMA, Will Ella PALMER, Will 1920-Dec-30
UPSHAW, Adaline SMITH, B W 1919-Feb-17



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