Humphreys County Brides


SAMUEL, Emily DICKENS, Bennie 1919-Apr-14
SANDERS, Mary B EVANS, Richard 1918-Feb-08
SANDERS, Mattie HENDERSON, Arthur 1920-Mar-02
SAPHO, Laura HOWARD, Milton 1920-Aug-30
SASAFRAS, Captoria HUGHES, P J 1920-Mar-27
SCORBROUGH, Louise CUMMINGS, Lonnie 1921-Jan-29
SCOTT, Bessie LUSBURN, Ed 1918-Mar-15
SCOTT, Emma THOMPSON, Abe 1920-Dec-23
SCOTT, Luvenia DAVIS, John 1919-Jan-01
SCOTT, Mary THOMAS, Will 1920-Jan-28
SCOTT, Viney WEBSTER, Lewis 1919-Apr-22
SCOTT, Viola SHACKLEFORD, S V 1920-Jan-31
SCREWS, Pearl EVANS, Norman 1921-Apr-02
SEAVERS, Francis CLAY, James H 1919-Dec-12
SELTER, Ether WILLIAMS, James 1920-May-13
SHARP, Fra A FIELDS, Daniel W 1920-Sep-17
SHEARS, Parthena ROBY, Aaron 1920-Mar-27
SHERMAN, Luellen LUCKET, John 1918-Nov-30
SHERROD, Evelyn JOHNSON, Willis 1920-Dec-11
SHIPPINGS, Willie MILTON, Jorden 1918-Mar-15
SIMES, Racheil STEVENS, Geo 1918-Oct-12
SIMMONS, Angeline JONES, Dennis 1920-Sep-06
SIMMONS, Bettie NORWOOD, Wm Hy 1918-Oct-23
SIMMONS, Hattie BLUNT, Alf 1918-Sep-05
SIMMONS, Pearl L PATTERSON, Jackson 1918-Oct-26
SIMMONS, Pernetta LEE, Simon 1920-Jan-28
SIMPKIN, Jeannette FAY, Eddie 1920-Apr-02
SIMS, Ella ROBINSON, Charley 1919-Apr-05
SIMS, Lelia SMITH, Henry 1918-Jun-07
SINGLETON, Annie SMITH, Sam 1919-Mar-25
SINGLETON, Rachiel CLARK, John Henry 1918-Oct-08
SISSIONS, Sarah DENNIS, Simon 1920-Feb-13
SKINER, Lelia BRAXTON, Albert 1920-Dec-13
SKINNER, Rosa May WIGLEY, Walter T 1920-Aug-28
SKIPPER, Effie L BAIN, Joseph L 1918-Nov-30
SLAUGHTER, Rosa WILLIS, James 1918-Dec-26
SMITH, Armelia HARRIS, Peter 1920-Nov-17
SMITH, Beaula STEWART, Sam 1920-Feb-28
SMITH, Beaulah BAILEY, Robert 1920-Jan-29
SMITH, Bulah COHN, James 1919-Apr-26
SMITH, Corine AIKENS, Calvin 1923-Aug-15
SMITH, Corine AKENS, Calvin 1923-Aug-15
SMITH, Corinne ALLEN, Charles 1920-Aug-01
SMITH, Curinae ALLEN, Charles 1920-Jul-20
SMITH, Della THOMPSON, Andy K 1919-Dec-27
SMITH, Dorathy CHAMPION, H K 1921-Mar-26
SMITH, Elnoria ATKINS, Ben 1918-Jun-30
SMITH, Elnoria ADKINSON, Ben 1918-Jun-28
SMITH, Ethel JOHNSON, Walter 1919-Apr-07
SMITH, Girlie MCKINNEY, G F 1918-Aug-08
SMITH, Henrietta MCINTOSH, Andrin 1919-Feb-15
SMITH, Joe Anna WILLIAMS, Morris 1920-Feb-21
SMITH, Lillie Dee ROBINSON, Clarance 1920-Mar-10
SMITH, Lizzie GAMBLE, Oscar 1920-Dec-04
SMITH, Luberty GREY, Mack 1920-Feb-19
SMITH, Lula JORDON, Robert 1919-Dec-06
SMITH, Mary EVANS, Estelle 1920-Jan-24
SMITH, Minerva SELLERS, John 1920-Jul-03
SMITH, Paralee WELLS, Dave 1920-Jun-19
SMITH, Pearlie BASS, Alex 1919-Dec-29
SMITH, Rosie BRADLEY, W M 1919-Dec-12
SMITH, Unis KIMBLE, Joe 1920-Dec-21
SOMERVILL, Geneva ABEL, W H 1920-Aug-03
SOUTHALL, Edna DOWNING, C E 1920-Jul-13
SPAIN, Gertrude WHITFIELD, Chanler 1920-Mar-10
SPANN, Hellen DAVIS, Wm 1918-Nov-09
SPARKS, Daisy CANNON, W G 1919-Dec-24
STAKES, Mary Jane NEALS, Roscoe 1918-Mar-17
STAMPS, Rachel GIDEN, Wesley 1920-Sep-16
STARKS, Genella AMOS, Wm 1918-Feb-26
STARKS, Mary MCDONALD, Eugene 1918-Nov-16
STERLING, Elvira CONERLY, H C 1920-Sep-27
STEVENSON, Ledora BUGGS, Robert 1918-Sep-07
STEWART, Hailey FULTON, Wm 1919-Dec-06
STEWART, Irene BROOKS, Frank 1918-Dec-21
STEWART, Mingo DAVIS, Lathie 1920-Jan-03
STEWART, Nancy MOODY, James R 1918-Sep-28
STEWART, Rebecca MOORE, Lewis 1919-Apr-22
STORY, Birdie MELTON, James 1920-Nov-20
STREET, Carrie ADAMS, Armon 1925-May-23
STUCKENS, Rosie Lee JONES, Eddie 1920-Mar-18
SWANS, Mary POTTS, Dennis 1920-Dec-23
SWITZER, Grace Pearl RUSH, J R 1918-Oct-05
SWITZER, Rosie ROBERTS, Marion 1919-Dec-13



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