Humphreys County Brides


RAGLAND, Allie Lee NORWOOD, Geo 1920-Mar-19
RAINEY, Ozella DUNHAM, Alexander 1920-Nov-29
RAMSEY, Lorena BROOKS, Sidney 1918-Aug-10
RANSBURG, Lena WILLIAMS, Nathaniel 1920-May-08
RASCOE, Sophia JOHNSON, Mack 1920-Dec-30
READ, Dan Ella LLOYD, John 1920-Jul-17
REDMOND, Lucile THOMAS, Floyd 1918-Sep-28
REDMOND, Lula SMITH, Ed 1919-Dec-29
REDMOND, Mary WILLIAMS, Lize 1920-Dec-17
REED, Lucy WHIT, John 1920-Oct-30
REED, Matilda HARRIS, Turner 1920-Jan-31
REED, Tilla SMITH, Jackson 1918-Feb-19
REEDY, Mary HARRIS, Ed 1918-Sep-02
REESE, Georgia BRINSTON, John 1919-Dec-16
REMBERT, Fannie ENELL, Alfred 1920-Mar-02
REMBERT, Sadie BROWN, Henry 1920-Jun-26
REYNOLDS, Susie JOHNSON, Charley 1919-Feb-03
RICHARD, Mary WHITE, Jessie 1919-Jan-28
RICHARDS, Ella MOLETTE, Ed 1918-Jul-26
RICHARDSON, Elnora WALKER, Joe 1919-Dec-22
RILEY, Annie Dee LUCKET, Torso 1918-Feb-25
ROBERSON, Callie JONES, John 1920-Apr-10
ROBERSON, Nora FOY, Earnest 1920-Aug-14
ROBERTS, Beatrice THOMPSON, John 1920-Nov-13
ROBERTSON, Essie TOPKIN, Oscar 1918-Nov-15
ROBINS, Liennie DORSEY, Eutah 1920-Mar-06
ROBINSON, Ada TAYLOR, Dan 1918-Dec-21
ROBINSON, Alberta CAMPBELL, Eliza 1919-Jun-29
ROBINSON, Alberta HAYTORNE, Allen 1918-Aug-17
ROBINSON, Beatrice BRANAGAN, Evens 1919-Jun-06
ROBINSON, Fannie BRANAGAN, John Thomas 1918-Mar-18
ROBINSON, Hattie SPEARMAN, Will 1918-Jun-22
ROBINSON, Lucy WARD, Will 1919-Dec-31
ROBINSON, Luella AMOS, Horace 1920-Dec-14
ROBINSON, Odusta MOTON, Albert 1919-Apr-28
ROBINSON, Rosa DENNIS, Tom 1920-Dec-20
ROBINSON, Sarah LENARD, Ned 1918-Feb-22
RODGERS, Lizzie WASHINGTON, Lemon 1920-May-01
ROE, Rosie JONES, Jessie Jr 1919-Apr-03
ROSS, Beatrice MOORE, Albert 1920-Jan-31
ROSS, Charlotte STARLING, Geo 1918-Sep-07
ROSS, Millie BYRDS, Perkins 1920-Nov-27
ROSS, Nola COATS, John 1919-Dec-03
RUSTICI, Concetta CHANDLER, Robert T 1921-Jun-04
RUSTICI, Virginia TOMMINELLO, John 1920-Jun-08



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