Humphreys County Brides

O - P

OLIVER, Dosier CARPENTER, Will 1918-Jul-26
ONEAL, Tonnie KING, Dan 1920-May-15
ORANGE, Susie HILL, Percy 1920-Jun-02
OSBURN, Sarah REED, Dan 1918-Feb-24
OUTON, Annie MINOR, Charley 1918-Aug-03
OWENS, Canary LEMONS, Walter 1920-Jul-19
OWENS, Katie CARPENTER, Edmon 1920-Jan-21
OXLEY, Erma Mae BARNER, G H 1920-Jun-15
PAGE, Alice CALVIN, Hy 1918-Oct-05
PAGE, Arrissa FOUNTAIN, Jordan 1920-Feb-09
PAGE, Cora SMITH, James 1920-Dec-16
PAGE, Luberta SIMMONS, Emanuel 1920-Dec-14
PARKER, Fannie NUTALL, Hy 1918-Oct-22
PARKER, Rebecca MAYBERRY, John 1920-Oct-30
PARMOUR, Winnie EDWARDS, Will 1920-Aug-23
PATTERSON, Julia GRIFFIN, James 1919-Dec-06
PATTERSON, Lena JOHNSON, Charley 1919-Dec-20
PATTERSON, Marthy HOPE, Andy 1918-Sep-21
PEARY, Catherine FISHER, Jim 1920-Apr-23
PEATER, Willie MORTON, Dock 1918-Jun-22
PERDUE, Amy FURGISON, Ernest 1918-Dec-29
PERKINS, Hattie CHILDRESS, John 1920-Feb-07
PERKINS, Mattie BURNETT, Will 1919-Dec-18
PERKINS, Sella TRAVIS, John 1919-Dec-29
PERRY, Mary MILLER, Mack 1918-Nov-30
PETTEGREW, Mary E STONE, Geo T 1920-Aug-09
PHILLIPS, Joe Anna PERRY, Will 1919-Jan-12
PHILLIPS, Rebecca BATTLE, Wm 1920-Jan-14
PICKENS, Margaret NUTALL, Robert 1920-Jan-31
PITTS, Maryline WILLIAMS, Johnnie 1920-Dec-25
PLEASANTS, Ora Lee REMBERT, Cris 1918-Jul-31
POE, Mattie REED, Ruben 1920-Feb-04
POLK, Emma BARNES, Albert 1919-Dec-30
POOL, Marthy EVANS, Frank 1918-Nov-04
POPE, Annie Maude MCNEILL, Archie A 1920-Dec-27
POSEY, Ethel BOLDEN, Wade 1918-Aug-24
POWELL, Clensey WADKINS, Will 1918-Mar-03
POWELL, Lucile HAGGART, Will 1920-May-05
POWELL, Maggie WELLS, Charley 1920-Sep-11
POWELL, Thelia JOHNSON, Charley 1920-Mar-20
PRESTON, Hattie BASS, Robert 1918-Dec-18
PRICE, Lillian FREEMAN, Willis 1920-Dec-18
PRICE, Minnie BROWN, Nathan 1918-Nov-18
PUTNAM, Addie JOHNSON, Lonie 1919-Dec-17
PUTNAM, Josephine BRADLEY, P C 1919-Feb-01



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