Humphreys County Brides

M - N

MADISON, Mary WRIGHT, James 1920-Sep-25
MALONE, Rebecca COLBERT, Bruce 1918-Feb-08
MANLEY, Guynetta JOHNSON, Charley 1919-Dec-18
MARSHALL, Charlotte BURNS, Alfonza 1919-May-10
MARSHALL, Lizzie WILEY, Dan 1919-May-13
MARSHALL, Mary ONEAL, Anderson 1920-Mar-23
MARSHALL, Sarah DIGGS, Cisero 1919-Dec-23
MARTIN, Madaline HOPKINS, Bennie 1920-Apr-24
MARTIN, Matilda THOMAS, Dave 1920-May-27
MATHEWS, Sarah MARLOW, Aaron 1919-Dec-29
MATTHEWS, Rebecca FRANCE, Charles 1920-Aug-24
MAY, Beatrice BROWN, J S 1919-Mar-22
MAY, Clara WILLIAMS, Geo 1920-Mar-05
MAYS, Earnestine EVANS, Henderson 1919-Jan-21
MAYSON, Blanche SMITH, Frank 1918-Feb-17
MCCAVEN, Daisy BANKS, Josh 1918-Jun-22
MCCLELLAN, Velma MILLER, Marc 1920-Apr-03
MCCORLEY, Alma E TOLLISON, John R 1919-Dec-27
MCCOY, Katherine WHITE, Dewitt H 1919-Feb-15
MCCOY, Martha ROBINSON, John 1918-Feb-15
MCCRAW, Sadie MATHEWS, Isach 1920-Jul-07
MCDALE, Eula THOMAS, Herman 1918-Dec-24
MCGEE, Martha ALLEN, Henry 1919-Mar-26
MCGEE, Martha ALLEN, Henry J 1918-Mar-26
MCGEE, Rosie LEWIS, Hudson 1920-Feb-14
MCKINLEY, Efloa PARDU, Frank 1919-Dec-08
MCLAIN, Lottie ROBERTS, Will 1918-Feb-26
MCLAURIN, Hattie SMITH, Elry 1919-Dec-15
MCNUT, Cora B ANDERSON, Jim 1920-Jan-03
MCQUEEN, Annie JONES, Melvin 1918-Mar-17
MEEKS, Annie COLEMAN, Walthall 1920-Jan-26
MERCHANT, Annie STEWART, Will 1920-Feb-19
MILES, Creola GOLDEN, Allen 1920-Oct-14
MILES, Issabella CRAFT, Geo 1920-Mar-23
MILLER, Cammie V HILBURN, B S 1920-Sep-28
MILLER, Carry JENKINS, Jim 1919-May-24
MILLER, Jenne Lea BANKSTON, T M 1921-Jun-29
MILLINGTON, Florence JACKSON, David 1918-Feb-08
MILLWOOD, Hattie FRAZIER, James W 1919-Feb-22
MINER, Estelle MOORE, Henry 1919-Apr-26
MINGO, Minnie JONES, Monroe 1919-Dec-03
MITCHELL, Annie JONES, Albert 1918-Oct-05
MITCHELL, Eliza GIBSON, Elem 1918-Feb-22
MITCHELL, Hester CAMPBELL, Fred 1920-Jul-10
MITCHELL, Missouri TAYLOR, John 1919-Jun-02
MOODY, Rosetta LARD, Richard 1920-Apr-16
MOORE, B E Miss BRADHAM, W M 1920-Dec-24
MOORE, Ellen JOINER, Wiley 1918-Mar-06
MOORE, Ethel HILL, David 1920-Feb-27
MOORE, Lucela REED, Albert 1918-Aug-01
MOORE, Mosella JOHNSON, Hy 1918-Oct-05
MORGAN, Fannie TURRELL, John 1920-Mar-22
MORGAN, Florence YOUNG, Joe 1920-Jun-03
MORGAN, Francis HENLEY, Robert 1920-Jan-12
MORGAN, Lovera INGRAM, W A 1920-Apr-17
MORGAN, Rosetta JONES, Alex 1918-Feb-25
MORGAN, Willie HICKS, Frank 1919-May-03
MORLAND, Maud LANE, Hollie 1921-Apr-16
MORRIS, Lizzie CROOK, Lacy 1919-May-19
MORRIS, Sadie SMITH, Nathan 1919-Dec-19
MORRISON, Josei MORRIS, Sam 1919-May-14
MOSELY, Victoria SESSIONS, Jake 1919-May-09
MURPHY, Clara TAYLOR, Oxsom 1918-Nov-16
MURPHY, Geldine ENGLISH, Sam 1919-Dec-24
MYREDITH, Myrtel GOSS, J W 1921-Jan-25
NAILOR, Bertha MOORE, Tip 1920-Jan-10
NEAL, Bertha TURNER, Mose 1918-Nov-20
NELSON, Fannie MARSHALL, A L 1920-Nov-18
NELSON, Sarah TILLMAN, Lewis 1918-Aug-24
NEWMAN, Virgnia COUSINS, Thomas 1920-Feb-01
NICHOLS, Lou WILLIAMS, Johnson 1920-Jan-27
NICHOLSON, Amelia A REED, Wm H 1919-Dec-16
NICKOLAS, Willie Ana DAVIS, Consul 1920-Mar-27
NICKOLS, Delia SABARS, John 1918-Feb-21
NICKOLS, Lethy SHERMAN, James 1918-Feb-22
NUNN, Carry FIELDS, Johnnie 1920-Nov-18
NUNN, Rosa COOK, Will 1920-Apr-27



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