Humphreys County Brides

K - L

KENNEDY, Lettie FRIESON, Albert 1920-Feb-12
KENNEDY, Lucy KNIGHT, Manual 1920-Apr-09
KEYES, Mary MCLAIN, O L 1921-Jun-17
KING, Aba CANADA, Roosevelt 1920-Oct-21
KING, Belvy MCGRUDER, Jessie 1919-May-06
KING, Ivory CLEVELAND, General 1920-Apr-17
KING, Malinda FREEMAN, Josh 1920-Jan-15
KING, Sophia CODY, Henry 1919-Dec-23
KIRKLAND, Rena DEDRICK, Charley 1920-Jul-03
KIRKWOOD, Lucy HINTON, Lewis 1919-Jan-21
KNIGHT, Bertha BROOMFIELD, Henry 1920-Dec-22
KNIGHT, Effie HARRIS, Erias 1918-Dec-09
KNOX, Jennie ANDERSON, Robert 1918-Feb-05
LABURTA, Minnie CUMMINGS, Jonas 1918-Dec-18
LANE, Bertha CRAFT, Horace 1920-Feb-07
LANE, Hollie MORLAND, Maud 1921-Apr-16
LANGS, Blanch CHATMAN, Ollie 1920-Feb-27
LARD, Ellen MURPHY, Robert 1918-Sep-10
LASHLEY, Becky ROBINSON, Willie 1918-Mar-12
LEE, Callena WOOD, Henry 1920-Aug-04
LEE, Sarah SCOTT, John 1920-Sep-22
LEE, Sarah Ann JOHNSON, Will 1920-Feb-14
LENOX, Violet GUIS, Augustus 1919-Dec-23
LESTER, Mary Louise HIGDON, Bud 1918-Nov-30
LEWIS, Clara MCCLAN, John 1920-Oct-16
LEWIS, Lucinda ADAMS, Frank 1925-May-23
LEWIS, Mary GARNER, Landus 1919-Dec-06
LINDSEY, Beatrice BAILEY, York 1920-Jan-30
LINSEY, Olivia PERRY, Wallace 1918-Oct-21
LISTER, Alice STAPLETON, C O 1921-May-18
LITTLE, Nancy ARMSTRONG, James 1920-Apr-24
LOCKETT, Lula WALKER, Geo 1919-Dec-27
LONG, Hazel PAINE, G W 1921-Mar-15
LOVE, Deatie GARNER, Richard 1919-Dec-23
LOVE, Ellen JOHNSON, Tom 1919-Dec-09
LOVORN, Vena HARRIS, Homer 1919-Dec-08
LUCKET, Murt HARRIS, Frank 1918-Oct-26
LYNCH, Saddie JONES, Sidney 1920-May-10
LYON, Allie Gene FISHER, W A 1921-Jun-09



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