Humphreys County Brides

I - J

IRVIN, Ether JACKSON, Ollie 1919-May-10
IRVIN, Lillie NELSON, David 1919-May-08
ISRIAL, Elizabeth MANNING, Wesley 1920-Mar-15
ITTERS, Margarett EVDGE, Ellis 1919-Dec-31
JACKSON, Bertha BROWN, Melton 1919-Dec-11
JACKSON, Clarissa LEWIS, Soloman 1918-Jul-31
JACKSON, Dinah RICHARDS, Leroy 1919-Dec-28
JACKSON, Fannie BRYANT, Austin 1918-Dec-18
JACKSON, Johnnie Ella NUTALL, Sam Jr 1920-Mar-21
JACKSON, Laura PATTERSON, Emanuel 1920-Feb-28
JACKSON, Leony LEVY, Manual 1918-Dec-24
JACKSON, Lindy HANDY, Tom 1920-Aug-14
JACKSON, Lonie TURNER, Cast 1920-Mar-13
JACKSON, Rosie BIGGS, Grover 1919-May-14
JACKSON, Viola ADAMS, Robert 1920-Aug-25
JAMES, Janie HENRY, John 1920-May-08
JAMES, Zewellen REED, Albert 1919-Dec-11
JAMESON, Luella TILLIS, Millade 1918-Feb-08
JEFFERSON, Alberta COLLINS, Levi 1919-Jun-07
JEFFRIES, Alma BRAZELL, Claude 1919-Feb-01
JEFFRIES, Chessie CHAPMAN, Edgar Earl 1918-Sep-20
JEFFRIES, Zelma CHATMAN, Luther C 1920-Jul-24
JENKINS, Emma SMILES, Alex 1918-Dec-20
JENKINS, Mandy BOSS, Geo 1919-Dec-31
JENKINS, Pearlina WILSON, Johnnie 1919-Dec-22
JEW, Nattie MIMS, Joe 1920-Dec-13
JEWETT, Lula Bell PITCHFORD, John 1919-Dec-20
JINKINS, Little DEER, Lee 1918-Dec-26
JOHNSON, Addie WALKER, Edmond 1920-Mar-05
JOHNSON, Alice DAVIS, Jeff 1920-Oct-07
JOHNSON, Beatrice AKIN, Calvin 1920-Nov-23
JOHNSON, Eliza PATTERSON, Murry 1919-Dec-04
JOHNSON, Flossie HALL, Willie 1920-May-01
JOHNSON, Francis BALLINGER, John 1918-Feb-08
JOHNSON, Lera WRIGHT, James 1919-Dec-19
JOHNSON, Liddy BROWN, Dan 1920-Jun-16
JOHNSON, Lorena WATSON, Sam 1920-Jun-30
JOHNSON, May Belle JACKSON, Neely 1920-Oct-09
JOHNSON, Rosella JOHNSON, Ezeikel 1920-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Rosie ALEXANDER, E 1918-Aug-24
JOHNSON, Rosie ALEXANDER, Ed 1918-Aug-24
JOHNSON, Sarah BOYD, Gus 1920-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Topsy ROBY, Joe 1919-Apr-19
JOHNSON, Viola WATSON, Wm 1920-Jan-12
JOHNSON, Virginia DAY, Carl 1919-Dec-11
JOHNSON, Willie WHITE, Westley 1918-Sep-28
JOINTER, Hattie GREER, Charley 1918-Dec-18
JONES, Carry JONES, Preston 1920-Jun-05
JONES, Christiana HOUSTON, Tollie 1920-Sep-13
JONES, Christine ROBY, Aaron 1919-Apr-26
JONES, Edna TAYLOR, Geo 1918-Sep-16
JONES, Emma CARPENTER, Silas 1919-Dec-24
JONES, Emma WATKINS, Geo 1918-Oct-21
JONES, Estell FRY, Cleveland 1920-Jan-10
JONES, Henretta ROBINSON, Cox 1920-Jan-10
JONES, Issaquena HUTCHERSON, Whitney 1920-Apr-29
JONES, Kathleen MARTIN, J P 1920-Nov-29
JONES, Lelia JAMES, Isac 1918-Mar-01
JONES, Lucinda ADAMS, Felix 1925-Apr-11
JONES, Lula HUGHERY, Sam 1920-Dec-17
JONES, Mary CHATMAN, Eli 1920-Jul-23
JONES, Mattie PRESTON, Robert 1920-Jan-06
JONES, Rosa Lee YOUNG, Phelix 1920-Mar-09
JONES, Ruby SINGLETON, Manual 1919-Dec-29
JONES, Viola HARDSON, Johnnie 1920-Dec-15
JORDAN, Amanda GARDINER, Turner 1918-Jun-27
JORDAN, Carrie KELLY, David 1920-Feb-02
JORDEN, Fannie MORGAN, Arthur 1918-Mar-25
JORDEN, Minnie FISHER, Will 1918-Dec-23
JOYNER, Alice HOWARD, Lit 1920-Nov-20



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