Humphreys County Brides

G - H

GADBERRY, Elizabeth JORDAN, Frank 1920-May-01
GAINES, Lelia RATLEY, Oliver 1918-Sep-07
GARDEN, Mary STAPLETON, Jack 1918-Dec-19
GARNER, Hattie BRADLEY, Prince 1920-Sep-18
GARNER, Philla RODGERS, Jim 1918-Mar-10
GARRETT, Oseda LUCKET, Ben 1918-Mar-01
GARRISON, Hattie May YOUNG, Cleveland 1919-Dec-27
GARRON, Augusta JOHNSON, Charley 1920-Nov-24
GARY, Mishaw CLARK, Villian 1920-Dec-23
GARY, Pinky FORD, Chris 1920-Jan-03
GEORGE, Callie NANCE, James 1918-Dec-19
GIBBS, Annie BROWN, Joe 1919-Dec-15
GIBBS, Janie WILLIAMS, Alex 1920-Nov-13
GIBBS, Rebecca DIGGS, Wilson 1919-Mar-22
GIBSON, Ellen AMERSON, Dan 1920-Jan-21
GIBSON, Emma ISREAL, Richard 1918-Jul-08
GILMER, Maggie May HOLLOWAY, Oscar 1920-Oct-18
GOLDEN, Hattie AMES, Jim 1918-Mar-08
GOLDEN, Lula HERRON, Geo 1919-May-19
GOLSTON, Mary Lee BARRY, Josh 1920-Dec-24
GOODEN, Irene WINFIELD, Elise 1920-May-15
GOOSBY, Alice L SMITH, James P 1919-Jan-29
GORDEN, Martha WILLIAMS, Lonia 1919-Feb-03
GOUDY, Mariah WILLIAMS, Jordon 1918-Nov-07
GOUDY, Millie MYERS, Clifton 1920-Jun-22
GRADY, Lilly RICHARDSON, Governer 1918-Sep-16
GREEN, Mary MARSHALL, Charley 1920-Jun-19
GREEN, Pearlie WELLS, Isom 1918-Mar-13
GREEN, Sarah ADAMS, Vandy 1925-Jul-05
GREGORY, Grasie L SHARPE, D P 1920-Nov-24
GREY, Annie DORSEY, Amos 1918-Jul-20
GREY, Nat WILLIAMS, Sylvester 1918-Dec-25
GREY, Willie SPENCER, Robert 1918-Oct-02
GRIFFIN, Beatrice KYNER, John 1919-Dec-12
GRIFFIN, Isola ROBINSON, Vanderbilt 1920-Dec-24
GRIFFIN, Mariah WILLIAMS, Will 1918-Nov-09
GRIFFIN, Orlena MURRY, John 1918-Jun-13
GRIFFIN, Violet HARRIS, Willie 1920-Jan-08
GUNN, Marie HARVEY, Mcnary 1919-May-13
HALL, Ada BROWN, Milton 1920-Feb-09
HALL, Annie B MONROE, Proffit 1918-Aug-12
HALL, Clemie DEW, Eddie 1920-Jul-13
HALL, Rosa Lee MILTON, Joe 1920-Oct-07
HAMMOND, Mavis BROWN, Robert P 1920-Aug-01
HAMPTON, Lucile CLARK, Wm 1920-Jan-24
HAMPTON, Rosa CLARK, Sam 1920-Mar-13
HARDY, Alice LEWIS, Robert 1918-Oct-08
HARING, Letha ELLIS, Jessie 1919-Dec-24
HARPER, Annie PICKENS, Eddie 1918-Dec-24
HARPER, Hattie BROWN, Charley 1920-Oct-09
HARRELL, Daisey HAYNES, John 1918-Sep-07
HARRIS, Anna BOYD, Wm 1919-Feb-15
HARRIS, Audie RED, Lige 1919-May-31
HARRIS, Ellen JOINER, Reuben 1918-Jul-15
HARRIS, Emma HAZELWOOD, Henry 1918-Jan-22
HARRIS, Ethel HORACE, Albert 1918-Mar-13
HARRIS, Gertie AARON, Vernon 1920-Nov-26
HARRIS, Julia THOMAS, Ike 1918-Feb-07
HARRIS, Margaret HUDSON, Henry 1919-Apr-10
HARRIS, Mary RHODY, Albert 1918-Feb-08
HARRIS, Mattie BRADLEY, Arthur 1918-Feb-08
HARRIS, Viola WILLIAMS, Riley 1918-Jul-13
HARRISON, Susie GIBSON, Flem 1920-Sep-25
HARTNESS, Gladys PALMER, W A 1921-May-24
HASKINS, Adaline JOHNSON, Sam 1920-May-18
HATCH, Mary JOHNSON, Samuel 1920-Dec-03
HAYNES, Gena MONTGOMERY, Thomas 1920-Mar-27
HAYNES, Julia GORDEN, Norman 1920-Dec-28
HAYS, Pessie JOLLIFF, W L 1920-Apr-18
HAYWOOD, Clara JOHNSON, Dock 1919-Jun-03
HEARD, Ada OBANON, Soloman 1920-Oct-23
HEDGWOOD, Mary ALLEN, Henry 1923-Nov-30
HENDERSON, Katie PERKINS, Charley 1920-Feb-21
HENLEY, Edna LYNCHARD, Ed 1920-Jun-12
HENLEY, Mary BANKS, Lonzy 1920-Jul-19
HERNEY, Annie JOHNSON, James 1919-Dec-24
HICKMAN, Ella HOUSTON, Herbert 1918-Feb-24
HICKS, Viola NELSON, Willis 1920-Jan-09
HILL, Maggie Lee WHIPS, Will 1919-Dec-19
HILL, Masey WALTON, John 1920-Jul-16
HILL, Olevy TAYLOR, J P 1919-May-03
HILL, Virginia SHERMAN, James 1918-Sep-15
HOGAN, Lena BRISTER, Bill 1918-Mar-11
HOLT, Marthy MCCRAY, John 1918-Aug-14
HOPE, Willie May CARTER, Jessie L 1920-Dec-24
HOPKINS, Bessie CUNNINGHAM, Walter 1920-Dec-17
HORACE, Beck WILLIAMS, Sam 1918-Dec-14
HOSKINS, Will Ana DAVIS, Aaron 1920-Aug-27
HOUSTON, Elizabeth HOOVER, Henry 1919-Dec-15
HOUSTON, Mary KNIGHT, Charles 1920-Feb-02
HOWARD, Liza STEVENS, Jim 1920-Oct-16
HOWARD, Missouri DINKINS, Steve 1919-Jun-31
HUBBARD, Julia WILLIAMS, Downing Jr 1919-Jan-28
HUCKERBY, Ada MILLER, Hughey 1920-Oct-12
HUDSON, Ludie TRIBBETT, Sam 1920-Apr-09
HUDSON, Mary JOHNSON, Geo 1920-Dec-16
HUDSON, Willie MARSHALL, Miller 1918-Dec-23
HUGHES, Lillie JACKSON, Allen 1918-Dec-20
HUGHES, Pernella JOHNSON, Peter 1918-Jun-11
HUGHES, Souanna DYE, Geo 1920-Apr-12
HUNT, Edna Lou BROWN, Ollie 1918-Jul-29
HUNT, Jennie BLAIR, Melton 1920-Jan-22
HUNTER, Augusta TOWNSEND, Robert 1920-Jul-13
HUNTER, Mary EVERETT, Clifton 1920-Jul-30
HURST, Willie Ann MITCHELL, Buster 1918-Aug-05
HURT, Callie PRESTON, Mose 1920-Mar-06



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