Humphreys County Brides

E - F

EANS, Lula WILLIAMS, Eugene 1920-Apr-10
EDWARDS, Mary Belle GALASPY, Marion 1920-Mar-03
EDWARDS, Peggy MCCATTRELL, Jim 1918-Feb-13
ELDRIDGE, Nena KIDD, Daniel 1918-Dec-23
ELLIS, Berniece TOLAR, Tom 1919-Apr-27
ELLIS, Elizabeth JONES, John W 1920-Jan-08
ELLIS, Estella WILLIS, Richard 1918-Aug-27
ESTES, Edna COBB, Will 1921-May-13
ESTES, Lena PATTERSON, Ceaser 1918-Dec-21
EUBANKS, Willie May RANDALL, Wm G 1920-Feb-02
EVANS, Alice PATTERSON, Len 1918-Nov-21
EVANS, Alice WHITE, Larry 1919-May-24
EVANS, Christina KEYS, Jessie 1920-Nov-04
EVANS, Estelle SMITH, Mary 1920-Jan-24
EVANS, Hester Bell SANDERS, Goodwin 1919-Dec-25
EVANS, Sarah LEE, Sammie 1918-Feb-01
EVERS, Mae CRESSWELL, Miller O 1918-Jul-27
FERGUSON, S A Miss MCKEE, Carl 1921-Jan-05
FEVERS, Lucy DODY, W H 1919-Dec-08
FIELDS, Jennie L CHEVALLIER, C T 1920-Dec-18
FIELDS, Sallie SMITH, Will 1918-Dec-11
FILLACE, Hattie WATES, John 1918-Aug-23
FINCH, Sadie ADAMS, 1923-Mar-31
FISHER, Rebecca CAMPBELL, J H 1920-Jan-19
FLETCHER, Lucinda POWELL, Robert 1919-Dec-23
FLETCHER, Nellie MILLER, John 1919-May-06
FORD, Rodie CUSTOM, Tom 1918-Mar-01
FOWLER, Ruby DUKE, H T 1920-Nov-20
FOY, Dolly OUTLAW, T C 1918-Sep-14
FRANCE, Anna BRENSON, Henry 1920-Feb-10
FRANKLIN, Francis ALLEN, J B 1923-May-06
FRANKLIN, Ida Jane BROWN, Willie Eugene 1919-May-10
FRANKLIN, Laurie BOLES, Sam 1918-Feb-22
FREEMAN, Mariah MCCLOUD, Henry 1920-Oct-28
FRILEY, Katie CUMMINGS, A J 1918-Dec-23
FUGNA, Susie REED, Rubin 1919-Mar-22
FULLER, Maggie May HARRIS, Ollie 1920-Feb-03
FULLER, Manilla BULLUX, Dan 1920-Apr-27
FULMORE, Hester ALMO, Henderson 1922-Apr-09
FURGASON, Nellie RAY, Gilbert 1919-Feb-20
FURGISON, Gussie BRIDGES, Dave 1919-May-10
FURGISON, Rebecca ROBINSON, Amos 1920-Dec-30



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