Humphreys County Brides

C - D

CAGE, Ella REED, Charley 1920-Aug-12
CALAHAN, Anna Laurh COHN, B C 1920-Apr-20
CALLOWAY, Hattie PANKEY, Harry 1920-Oct-04
CALVIN, Mattie BLOW, Howard 1919-Dec-09
CAMPBELL, Eliza ROBINSON, Alberta 1919-Jun-29
CAMPBELL, Nola Belle MONTGOMERY, Victor B 1920-Sep-14
CANNON, Rubie PERDUE, Bob 1920-Dec-19
CARADA, Francis HARRISON, Willie 1920-Dec-11
CARPENTER, Ether L BYERS, Ben 1918-Nov-29
CARR, Annie SANDERS, Andrew 1919-Feb-03
CARR, Bessie LINDSEY, Wm 1918-Feb-18
CARR, Janie BROOKS, Willie 1919-Dec-23
CARR, Lillie FARISH, Houston 1920-Mar-23
CARR, Maggie POLK, Newt 1918-Dec-19
CARRUTHERS, Closell JONES, Essex 1919-Jan-22
CARSON, Mary Purvis CARL, Wm A 1920-Nov-29
CARTER, Ada MOTEN, John 1920-May-15
CARTER, Annie Liza ROBERSON, Reed 1920-Dec-24
CARTER, Duala WRIGHT, Ben 1919-Dec-10
CARTER, Jessie REED, Archie 1918-Dec-23
CARTER, Mandy SINGLETON, Tim 1920-Feb-10
CARTER, Missouri SMITH, Richard 1919-May-26
CARY, Julia WILLIAMS, Clarance 1920-Dec-23
CASSIDY, Nomie B JONES, Archie 1920-Jul-24
CASTON, Delia GIVENS, Lanzie 1920-Dec-23
CERINO, Mamie BROCATO, Joseph 1919-Feb-27
CERINO, Mary BERITONE, Louis 1918-Jul-29
CHAIN, Will Ella HARRIS, Theopalis 1920-Feb-02
CHAMBERS, Lizzie WALLACE, Elonzo 1918-Mar-02
CHAMBERS, Lovey IRVING, Wm 1920-Jan-22
CHAMBERS, Odeel ADAMS, Sam 1923-Dec-23
CHANDLE, Mary CAMPBELL, Walter 1920-Aug-21
CHAPMAN, Beatrice HEARTH, Geo 1920-Jan-06
CHATMON, Catheine JEFFRIES, Will 1920-Mar-12
CHILDS, Daisy SWITZER, Robert 1919-Feb-22
CHILES, Francis Mary HENRY, Wister 1920-Jun-01
CHUNN, Josephine KEMP, Thomas F 1918-Dec-21
CLARK, Beaula KELLY, John 1919-Dec-26
CLARK, Lucy BROWN, Porter 1918-Dec-04
CLARK, Nellie BOWMAN, Ben 1918-Feb-05
CLAW, Mary SMITH, Jim 1920-Dec-21
COATS, Easter ROBINSON, J H 1918-Dec-09
COCO, Laura BETTON, Rance 1919-Dec-23
COLDWELL, Carrie GAINES, Jessie 1919-May-24
COLEMAN, Carrie MYERS, S E 1918-Sep-11
COLEMAN, Elnora ROBINSON, Clarance 1919-May-01
COLEMAN, Geneva RAY, Earnest E 1921-Jul-16
COLEMAN, Lucile REDMOND, Robert 1919-May-10
COLLIER, Pheba COLEMAN, Robert 1919-Jun-09
CONNER, Mernerva SMITH, Richard 1919-May-12
COOK, Mollie FURGUSON, Oscar 1920-Nov-13
COOK, Mollie TATUM, Calvin 1919-Apr-05
COOK, Willie TRUIT, Robert 1919-Jun-14
COOPER, Etta CUMMINGS, Zellner 1919-Dec-24
COOPER, Inez BOTTUM, John Henry 1920-Jan-24
COOPER, Inez S PRICE, J C Jr 1921-Apr-29
COX, Mary HIBLER, Coleman 1919-Feb-01
CRAFT, Minnie WASHINGTON, J W 1920-Oct-19
CRAWFORD, Fannie Belle THOMAS, Walter 1919-Apr-11
CROOK, Catherine TELDN, Richard Jr 1919-Jun-14
CROOK, Lacy MORRIS, Lizzie 1919-May-19
CROZIER, Liza FIFER, Ed 1920-Jul-30
CUNNINGHAM, Hattie WRIGHT, Cliff 1920-Dec-27
CURRY, Manerva BOOKOUT, Darwin 1920-Mar-22
CURTIS, Lee Rosa ADAMS, Richard 1921-Nov-01
DALLIS, Mary HENLEY, J H 1920-Dec-04
DANIELS, Gussie DIXON, Berry 1918-Dec-14
DAVIDOW, Sylvia LIVINGSTON, Oscar 1919-Apr-09
DAVIS, Bell MCLENDEN, Wilson 1919-May-06
DAVIS, Fannie THOMAS, Jessie 1920-Sep-16
DAVIS, Grace ADAMS, George 1925-Dec-31
DAVIS, Lathie STEWART, Mingo 1920-Jan-03
DAVIS, Lula BENNETT, Nathan 1920-Jan-03
DAVIS, Mary GLEN, Alvin 1919-Mar-19
DAVIS, Sallie May SCOTT, Ambrose 1919-Feb-13
DAVIS, Savanah BATTLE, Fred 1919-Apr-12
DAVIS, Virginia DAVIS, Fairel 1920-Oct-14
DAVIS, Willie Miss PAINE, Charley 1920-Oct-04
DEAN, Ora PALMER, Alf 1920-Jul-31
DELORA, Viola ADAMS, William 1924-Mar-27
DENNIS, Inez BARBOUR, Ambrose 1918-Jul-05
DEVERELL, Agness CASTON, Lamar 1920-Aug-10
DEVINE, Athesteen GOFF, Charley 1919-Apr-01
DEWEESE, Leater WOOTEN, Wm 1921-May-17
DEZELL, Lula JOHNSON, Fred 1920-Nov-06
DICKSON, Addie Lee COOK, Ben 1919-Dec-12
DIGGS, Josephine CLARK, Tandy 1920-Jan-10
DIGGS, Rebecca DEAN, Tom 1920-Mar-13
DIXON, Lou Ella JORDAN, Walter 1920-Apr-16
DODSON, Mardelle BARRIER, Josh 1920-Dec-13
DORSEY, Josephine BESTER, Nathaniel 1919-Jun-19
DOSS, Fannie ARNOLD, Ira 1918-Dec-30
DOTSON, Emma ROBINSON, Will 1920-Mar-27
DOTSON, Mattie WASHINGTON, Rufus 1919-Jun-30
DOWNS, Ava SANDLING, W T 1920-Aug-18
DUKE, Maude COLLIER, John 1920-Dec-23
DUNCAN, Callie Willis HINTON, Horace 1920-Jul-03
DUNCAN, Carry HINTON, Horace 1920-Jun-22



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