Humphreys County Brides

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ABLES, Mary Lee BROWN, Joe 1920-Jul-14
ADAMS, Viana LEE, L D 1919-Dec-12
ADAMS, Violet EASLEY, Bud 1920-Feb-18
AKERS, Pearly BRIGHT, Arthur 1919-Dec-05
ALDRIDGE, Jennie STANFORD, Wm 1918-Dec-04
ALLEN, Julia STONE, Jerry 1919-Dec-05
ALLEN, Rosie Lee HARGROW, Woodie 1920-Aug-27
AMBROSE, Rosia TURNER, Wm 1920-Dec-30
AMES, Eliza THOMAS, Jim 1918-Aug-26
AMMONS, Daisy WILKES, Roger A 1920-Jul-26
AMMONS, Theo Docia TOWNZEN, James A 1921-Jan-20
ANDERSON, Angelina NELSON, Isom 1919-Jan-25
ANDERSON, Millie ANDERSON, Anthony 1920-Jan-05
ANTHONY, Carrie Belle SCOTT, Edgar 1918-Feb-07
ATKISM, Ruth CADE, Henry 1920-Dec-31
AUSTIN, Manda HANKERSON, A G 1919-Jun-02
AUSTON, Pearl HARDMAN, Nathan 1918-Jun-28
AUTREY, Addie HOGAN, Lee 1920-Apr-03
BAILEY, Amelia THOMPSON, Abe 1919-Jun-26
BAILEY, Mary HOWELL, Henry 1918-Sep-07
BAKER, Carrie GENUS, John 1919-Dec-12
BAKER, Janie DAVIS, Wat 1920-Feb-10
BAKER, Orlia BROWN, Willie 1920-Feb-28
BAKER, Willie PIERCE, John 1918-Oct-14
BALLS, Annie SMITH, Frank 1918-Dec-23
BANKS, Emma WILLIAMS, John 1920-Jan-15
BANKS, Jessie SMITH, Ed 1918-Dec-23
BANKSTON, Anna SELYIUS, Ike 1920-Mar-12
BARBER, Plumy LEVERT, John 1920-Sep-02
BARNER, Marie NEWKIRK, Wm Mckinley 1919-Apr-24
BARNES, Anna Bell HARPER, Scott 1920-Feb-26
BARNES, Celia COX, Anderson 1919-Mar-28
BARNES, Julia COLE, Henry 1920-Dec-11
BARNES, Lillie TILLMAN, Richard 1918-Mar-03
BARNES, Martha HEMPHILL, Walter 1919-Dec-06
BARRER, Ludie GRIMES, Jessie 1918-Mar-03
BASS, Cristine GRUBBS, J H 1920-Dec-21
BASS, Mamie GOODEN, Ben 1920-May-28
BASS, Peggy BOYD, Harvey 1918-Jul-02
BATES, Laura ADAMS, George 1918-Jul-15
BATES, Laura ADAMS, Geo 1918-Jul-15
BATES, Mary YORK, Clent 1918-Jul-06
BEASLEY, Marion W FOSTER, Willey 1918-Nov-27
BELL, Elizabeth V BROWN, L W 1920-Sep-02
BELL, Ruth Lee SWITZER, Mckinley B 1919-May-20
BENNETT, Corenne ALBERT, Lawrence 1918-Aug-17
BENNETT, Corinne ALBERT, Laurence 1918-Aug-18
BENNETT, Reana DAVIS, G W 1920-Oct-04
BENSON, Lizzie FARMER, Ed 1919-Apr-14
BERDER, Margarette CUSTOM, Herbert 1918-Aug-01
BERTH, Annie Ruth HORACE, Isaac 1919-Dec-12
BESTER, Liza TURNER, Delia 1919-Apr-30
BETTEN, Lillian WALKER, Tom 1918-Jun-15
BIGSBY, Essie MCCATTRELL, Jim 1920-Jun-26
BILIP, Carry BURRUS, Robert 1920-Dec-22
BILLUP, Isabell HUDSON, Albert 1919-Dec-26
BINGHAM, Merry S SMITH, Martin 1919-Dec-20
BIRD, Florence Holly WHITE, Floyd 1920-Aug-07
BISHOPP, Matilda MCGALL, Harrison 1920-Dec-07
BLAINE, Rose WILSON, John 1918-Mar-17
BLAITON, Rosy ROBY, Johnnie 1919-Apr-23
BLANTON, Mary LATEMORE, Jake 1919-Dec-10
BLYE, Ruby MCALISTER, John 1919-Jun-09
BOLDEN, Bertha CAMPBELL, Monroe 1918-Feb-20
BOLDEN, Corine ROBBINS, Lee 1920-Dec-11
BOOKER, Alma BROOKS, Tom Jr 1918-Feb-22
BORDAS, Ada PETTY, Willie Lee 1919-Apr-22
BORMAN, Beatrice TARVEN, Shack 1918-Jun-20
BOSTICK, Corea GEATHERS, Clark 1918-Dec-28
BOWELS, Mary BELL, Con 1920-Dec-22
BOYKIN, Adella PARKER, Charley 1919-Jun-14
BOYKIN, Thelma DENNIS, Jessie 1920-Sep-27
BRACY, Hellen TAYLOR, Will 1918-Dec-23
BRADFORD, Julia BROWN, Ira 1918-Mar-18
BRAGGS, Adaline WHEELER, Willie 1920-Oct-18
BRANDON, Virginia MOORE, Charley 1920-Nov-06
BRAXTON, Agnes SMITH, Lewis 1920-Oct-30
BRIDGES, Lucy JAMES, Jim 1920-Sep-04
BROCK, Emma TUCKER, Henry 1920-Dec-18
BROOKS, Ena Lena MCDONALD, 1920-Nov-25
BROOKS, Isabella BELL, Frank Jr 1918-Feb-18
BROOKS, Lou JOHNSON, Mat 1920-Apr-07
BROWN, Canary Bird CUMMINGS, Phil 1918-Feb-07
BROWN, Ella Lee JONES, Jerry 1920-Nov-27
BROWN, Lillie BOWMAN, Jim 1918-Jul-17
BROWN, Lizzie ADAMS, Mandy 1919-Feb-22
BROWN, Lizzie ADAMS, Mandy 1918-Feb-15
BROWN, Mary COLEMAN, Wesley 1918-Mar-15
BROWN, Mary SMITH, Will 1919-Dec-24
BROWN, Minnie Lee WILSON, Hy 1918-Oct-26
BROWN, Rachiel MATHEWS, Tom 1920-Apr-26
BROWN, Willie May MCCLOUD, Albert 1918-Dec-13
BUCHANNAN, Minnnie HAGAN, W S 1918-Dec-26
BULLARD, Sarah WILLIAMS, T 1920-May-13
BURKS, Henrietta BROWN, Aaron 1920-Jan-17
BURKS, Wilella EDWARDS, Willie 1920-Feb-20
BURRUS, Leona HAYNES, Algin 1919-Dec-23
BUTCHER, Mary TILMORE, Henry 1920-Dec-28
BYRD, Lenora MORGAN, Jim 1919-Feb-03
BYRD, Mila NORWOOD, Ed 1920-Jul-27



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