Holmes County Grooms

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UNDERWOOD, John MCCALEB, Urna 1904-Dec-15
UPCHURCH, Walter SIDDON, May 1911-Nov-14
UPSHAW, Banks GOGE, Margaretta 1908-Oct-02
UPSHAW, Sam BYRD, Sallie B 1911-Dec-06
USHER, John B HUDSON, Lillie 1918-Dec-15
VANDEVER, Henry DAUNER, Marion 1905-Dec-19
VANDIVER, Horace MILTON, Millie 1911-Dec-27
VANDIVER, John MOORE, Eunice 1913-Nov-25
VARNER, Billie GORDIN, Amy E 1919-Feb-16
VAUGHN, E R ZEIGLER, Ophelia 1901-Nov-16
VICK, Turner SARLES, D A Mrs 1904-Aug-04
VINSON, P L WATSON, Ada I 1902-Dec-10
WADDELL, Albert RODGERS, Nettie 1906-Dec-14
WADDELL, J V SMITH, Ada 1898-Jul-06
WADE, Fred HALE, Clara 1917-May-12
WADE, Preslan ABELS, Jennie 1909-Jan-09
WADE, W CHISOLM, Mollie 1905-Dec-22
WADELLE, R L LUCAS, Georgia May 1913-Sep-07
WADLINGTON, J W RAWLEN, Euphenia 1900-Jun-24
WAGNER, W A BAYNE, M F Miss 1897-Sep-27
WAITS, J H SIMS, Othela 1913-Nov-27
WAITS, James H IRBY, Pattie O 1910-May-07
WAITS, Joseph N ANDERSON, Minnie E 1894-Feb-07
WAITS, Ward T KITCHENS, Ola 1897-Dec-22
WALDRUP, A J HAMMETT, S K Miss 1900-Jan-17
WALDRUP, B Mack PIPPIN, Callie 1919-Dec-24
WALDRUP, W P MEEKS, Edna 1912-Sep-08
WALDRUP, William SHUMAKER, Hattie 1905-Dec-06
WALKER, A O WILLIAMSON, Mary 1915-Dec-19
WALKER, N N MUSE, Lula 1900-Jun-05
WALLACE, B J ROGERS, Eula 1905-Feb-21
WALLACE, Boon MULLEN, W E 1899-Dec-11
WALLACE, Elmore HOWARD, Laura 1916-Dec-16
WALLACE, Frankie RICE, L B 1895-Apr-04
WALLACE, Luther ADAMS, Lela 1916-Aug-28
WALLACE, T W BATES, Myrtle 1896-Jan-08
WALLIS, Noel DOTY, Christine 1920-Dec-25
WALLIS, W S WHITEHEAD, Posthenia 1895-Oct-16
WALLS, Jim HAMPTON, Sarah 1919-Dec-24
WALTON, Jesse B BEALL, Julia 1914-Nov-25
WALTON, Jessie H CRIPPER, Cora 1910-Mar-15
WALTON, John H DIGGS, Mattie 1909-Oct-10
WARD, John A ELLIS, Eula 1909-Dec-24
WARD, John W MCCOOL, Mollie M 1902-May-04
WARD, R A ELLIS, Laura 1911-Sep-08
WARNER, R M POWERS, A E Mrs 1896-Mar-19
WARRELL, E C ROGERS, Joanna 1915-Jun-24
WATSON, B D SIDDON, Pearl 1918-Jun-14
WATSON, J B WEEKS, Bettie 1914-Aug-08
WATSON, J W WATKINS, Annie 1910-Apr-15
WATSON, James F BERRY, Anna E 1904-Aug-10
WATSON, Joe Jr BRIDGES, Docia 1909-Dec-31
WATSON, John A GULLET, Jettie 1905-May-22
WATSON, John S BEALL, Clara 1899-Apr-26
WATSON, Pelham BRADY, Daisy 1900-Dec-26
WATSON, T G MADDOX, Oscie 1918-Dec-07
WATSON, W Clyde DURHAM, Eula 1906-Jul-03
WATTS, W H PEEPLES, Alice 1896-Mar-05
WAUGH, R L GRIFFIN, Mattie 1899-Oct-10
WEBB, J G OLDHOUR, Lillian 1911-Jan-20
WEBB, J T BROWN, Lucy 1910-Nov-06
WEBB, R M Dr GARNETT, Ruby 1913-Nov-19
WEBB, Thomas E YOUNGBLOOD, Ethel 1910-Jan-10
WEEKS, John F ROGERS, Georgia 1904-Sep-08
WEEKS, Johnnie May REYNOLDS, W R 1901-Dec-17
WEEKS, Kerman MILLER, Ada Belle 1914-Aug-22
WEEKS, Morgan HILL, Lila 1920-Nov-16
WEEKS, Norman BROWN, Cornelia 1920-Nov-27
WEEMS, B T LIVELY, Clara Lee 1900-Jul-01
WEEMS, E H BYRD, Julia 1894-Oct-28
WEEMS, Edward MCNEES, Nannie 1905-Jun-24
WEEMS, I W EUBANKS, Izara 1903-Dec-17
WEEMS, T W MORRIS, Bulah 1896-Feb-06
WEEMS, Willie RUCKER, Ida May 1903-Jul-06
WELCH, W T BLACK, Annie 1918-Oct-21
WELLS, W L SUMMERLIN, Josephine 1903-Jan-11
WEST, Thomas MCKURNA, Mazie May 1899-Jun-13
WEST, V R LAGRONE, Mary 1902-Aug-23
WHEAT, Leon D HARNY, Maude 1909-Jun-29
WHERRY, Clyde ROBY, Ida 1915-Jul-22
WHITE, C H MCDANIEL, Maggie 1896-Dec-15
WHITE, Clifton MCLELLAN, Nelly 1904-Jan-20
WHITE, Edward LUNSFORD, Alma 1900-Jun-05
WHITE, F M ROOK, Annie 1903-Apr-02
WHITE, George L MCCRARY, Syda B 1907-Nov-23
WHITE, Hillery E MOORE, Cora 1906-Dec-05
WHITEHEAD, C A PAUL, Mary V 1902-Jul-17
WHITMAN, S Jr STANLEY, May 1896-Dec-18
WHITTINGHAM, R B GREEN, Della 1904-Apr-01
WHITTINGTON, Ed J LYON, Bettie A 1912-Jan-14
WIENER, Artie MCDONALD, Alexander 1908-Nov-28
WIGLEY, B S MARTIN, Ida 1897-Nov-17
WIGLEY, Baxter HARTHCOCK, Cora 1911-Oct-15
WIGLEY, H H HARTHCOCK, Willie Mrs 1919-Oct-20
WIGLEY, J A LIPSEY, Elyne 1918-Sep-20
WIGLEY, J M Jr PIERCE, Mattie 1897-Jan-06
WIGLEY, J S GARNETT, Mary M 1910-Jul-18
WIGLEY, R E GRAY, Ida 1902-Dec-28
WIGLEY, Robert LUNSFORD, Annie 1915-Feb-20
WIGLEY, W C EDWARDS, Nannie 1905-Dec-09
WIGLEY, W E PAXTON, Myrtle 1908-Oct-21
WILKES, D L ROGERS, Kittie Joe 1903-Jun-02
WILKES, J E OATES, Gussie 1896-Dec-23
WILKES, Johnnie STROWD, J B 1903-Oct-01
WILKES, Jimmy WILLIAMS, Sallie J 1913-Jun-08
WILKES, M C OATES, Jessie B 1895-Mar-06
WILKES, R A BYRD, Cora 1896-Dec-27
WILKES, R S CARROLL, Georgia 1903-Mar-08
WILKES, Willie SIDES, W H 1900-Sep-07
WILKES, Willie SOMERS, L L 1900-Aug-05
WILKINS, J O ANDERSON, Minnie 1910-Nov-15
WILKINS, William SUTGLER, Arrena 1903-Jul-28
WILKS, John JENKINS, M L Mrs 1915-Jan-06
WILKS, R H BYRD, Mattie May 1910-Jan-10
WILLIAMS, A B COTTON, Hattie A 1904-Oct-12
WILLIAMS, Clifton DODD, Maggie 1917-May-11
WILLIAMS, E B HOLLY, Allie 1919-Jul-20
WILLIAMS, Hosea JAMES, Elice 1904-Jan-13
WILLIAMS, Isaac ROBINSON, Lovie 1919-Oct-24
WILLIAMS, J H PRITCHARD, Katie 1902-Feb-23
WILLIAMS, J S INGOLD, Nettie 1918-Oct-20
WILLIAMS, Jeff Jr HAM, Lizzie 1894-Jun-09
WILLIAMS, L A TATE, Paris 1896-Jan-23
WILLIAMS, Robert MAY, Georgia 1920-Jul-05
WILLIAMS, Wirt RAINOR, Nina 1917-May-06
WILLIAMSON, Earl GRANTHAM, Edna 1908-Dec-22
WILLIAMSON, Ewell COOPER, Signora 1910-Aug-29
WILLIAMSON, L F MCNEER, Rebecca 1894-Mar-01
WILLIAMSON, L F MCNEES, Alma 1902-Dec-14
WILLIAMSON, R D Dr DONALD, Julia 1902-Dec-30
WILLIAMSON, Singleton NABERS, Bidy 1907-Dec-06
WILLIAMSON, Walter WOODS, Fannie 1900-Dec-13
WILLIS, J H BUFORD, Fannie 1902-Apr-16
WILLOUGHBY, John NEWER, Mattie 1915-Nov-25
WILLS, Ben JORDAN, Illa 1914-Nov-16
WILSON, A C CRAW, Pottie 1909-Jan-08
WILSON, C M SIMS, Fannie Lou 1900-Jul-08
WILSON, Floyd HUMPHREYS, Benjamin Jr 1907-Jun-18
WILSON, George YORK, Valeria 1905-May-16
WILSON, Harrell GRESHAM, Salena 1911-Jul-06
WILSON, Herman ZEIGLER, Fannie 1913-Jan-23
WIMBERLEY, Rufus ARMSTRONG, Bessie 1918-Dec-23
WINSTEAD, Howard ABLES, Albert 1914-Oct-18
WINSTEAD, James ABELS, Celia 1917-Jan-20
WINSTEAD, R L BRICKLEY, Corinne 1904-Feb-28
WINSTEAD, W C DERRICK, Ella N 1904-Apr-19
WITTSHIRE, David BEARD, Emmie 1905-Jan-04
WITTY, William HOOKER, Hattie 1919-Jul-02
WOOD, W F WARREN, Millie 1896-Dec-10
WOODARD, C R ABELS, Lena 1896-Nov-25
WOODARD, Charles HARTHCOCK, Laura 1903-Jan-04
WOODARD, Henry ROBERTSON, Omie 1912-Feb-25
WOODRUFF, Chivers LIPSEY, Ellie 1905-Nov-07
WOODS, Governor GOSS, Corinne 1902-Aug-17
WOODS, James P PERRY, Hollie 1903-Nov-05
WOODS, Jessie E TURBERVILLE, Rubye 1915-Jan-17
WOODS, John W SMITH, Ida 1898-Jun-28
WOODS, R S NUNN, Lena 1910-Nov-23
WOODWARD, Raiford CHATMAN, Carrie 1913-Jan-11
WORTON, Alfred BOSWELL, Daisy 1901-Dec-19
WRAGG, George THOMAS, Lena 1906-Jan-29
WRIGHT, Bam AUSTIN, J A 1903-Jan-04
WRIGHT, W L BROCK, Corriene V 1914-Mar-11
WYMER, Clinton MCLELLAN, Mary 1905-Jan-01
WYNN, Eugene ELLIS, Addie 1901-Feb-24
WYNN, J T SMITH, Sallie 1896-Dec-26
WYNN, James PICKLE, Daisy 1906-Aug-21
WYNN, Robert TOOMBS, Effie 1912-Feb-07
WYNN, W D TOOMBS, Vera 1914-Jan-18
WYNNE, W D MCCORKLE, Essie 1920-Dec-23
YARBOROUGH, George SAMPLE, Rosa 1905-Jul-27
YEAGER, Clarence TITTLE, Cora 1917-Apr-01
YEAGER, R H AMMONS, Pet 1895-Nov-14
YEARGER, Clarence MCNEES, Fannie 1915-Dec-23
YEARGER, David GRANTHAM, Inez 1917-Dec-25
YEARGER, John G MOSS, Evalina 1902-Jun-01
YEATES, Charles W WHITEWORTH, Mary 1908-Jun-09
YOUNG, A G DURHAM, Lillie 1917-Apr-15
YOUNG, David ALLEN, Clyde Mrs 1911-Dec-03
YOUNG, J K DOWNER, Jessie 1914-May-20
YOUNG, Tom L ANDERSON, Lucy M 1913-Mar-21
ZEIGLER, P H MALONE, Ophelia 1898-Jan-26
ZEIGLER, W L NEATHERLAND, Jessie 1909-Jan-06
ZEIGLER, W O Jr SMITH, Fannie 1905-Jun-08



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