Holmes County Grooms


TACKETT, W P DYSON, Kate 1896-Jul-01
TAGGART, J Q COVINGTON, Erma 1903-Apr-06
TALLEY, Frank MCNEES, Lula 1904-Feb-02
TARTT, M W HERBERT, Johnniemrs 1913-Nov-22
TATE, A D EUBANKS, Dora 1919-Feb-15
TATE, A D EUBANKS, Vorena 1908-Jan-29
TATE, Allen GREEN, Linnie 1897-Jul-28
TATE, E R GRANTHAM, Margie 1895-Jan-15
TATE, Edwin ROGERS, Sallie 1906-Feb-07
TATE, J A GRANTHAM, Katie 1897-Jul-31
TATE, J E OWEN, Essie 1897-Jun-27
TATE, J M THURMOND, Lunnie 1904-Jan-10
TATE, Jeff ALLEN, Annie 1913-Feb-06
TATE, Josephus ALLEN, Maggie 1905-Feb-05
TATE, R A MCNEES, Nealie 1897-Aug-25
TATE, Russell L WEATHERBY, Glady 1914-Aug-02
TATE, Victor TAYLOR, Louise 1920-Jun-05
TATE, W R EUBANKS, Sophronica 1894-Feb-08
TATE, Watson ELLINGTON, Lucell 1919-Jul-20
TATE, Wn MCLELLON, Lida 1903-Feb-01
TAYLOR, Clexton MCMILLAN, Annie M 1910-Mar-25
TAYLOR, Clifton HAYS, Emma C 1913-Feb-02
TAYLOR, James MCLELLAN, Lou 1911-Apr-14
TAYLOR, Joe TATE, Willie Mrs 1920-Feb-22
TAYLOR, M O BLACK, Pearl 1915-May-09
TAYLOR, Percy MCLANE, Ellie M 1914-Jan-18
TAYLOR, W W MARKS, Emma 1918-Mar-28
TAYLOR, Walter C MCLELLAN, Mattie 1908-Mar-28
TEASLEY, Frank WELLS, Ruth 1910-Nov-25
TEMPLE, L E MCGITCHIE, Francis 1919-Jan-28
TERRY, B T WINSTEAD, Minnie 1902-Nov-30
TERRY, H S JOHNSON, Mary 1916-Jan-27
TERRY, Hal M Dr MABRY, Elsie 1917-Dec-16
TERRY, J E NICHOLSON, Emmie 1896-Dec-18
TERRY, J M STEWART, Lula 1900-Feb-18
TERRY, Joe BAILEY, Laura 1914-Jun-30
TERRY, Lee DIGGS, Eloise 1917-Dec-29
THOMAS, E J TURNER, Susie 1904-Jan-31
THOMAS, Eugene TATE, Emma 1912-Dec-01
THOMAS, Gordan KELVIN, Charlotte 1905-Dec-05
THOMAS, Joseph K OWEN, Annie L 1911-Jan-07
THOMAS, Kirk HELM, Fannie 1917-Apr-15
THOMAS, P B Jr TURNER, Sallie E 1904-Mar-13
THOMAS, P S FAULCONES, Virginie 1904-Mar-13
THOMAS, Renshaw FAULEONER, Mattye 1904-Jun-08
THOMAS, Talmage DURHAM, Evalyn 1917-Apr-03
THOMAS, V W TURNER, E L Miss 1896-Aug-30
THOMAS, W R REED, Ada 1919-Jan-22
THOMAS, W S MCKAY, Bertha 1918-Jul-07
THOMPSON, William PEASTER, Susie 1917-Feb-14
THOMSON, Rollins MCMORROUGH, Annie 1908-Apr-07
THORNTON, E N TURNER, Mabel 1900-Sep-01
THORNTON, Hugh V HERRING, Mary I 1911-Sep-13
THORNTON, T N BAILEY, Callis 1914-Dec-27
THRAILKILL, Robt NIXON, Annie 1911-Dec-20
THRASHER, Lonie ROGERS, Belle 1910-Feb-09
THRASHER, N Y GANEY, Rosa 1909-Mar-27
THRASHER, Sam RODGERS, Annie 1913-Oct-31
THURMOND, Norris HOLMES, Johnnie 1918-Jul-26
THURMOND, Norris HOLMES, Johnnie May 1918-Jul-26
THURMOND, W W MADDOX, Bessie 1910-Nov-19
TIDWELL, E E ROBERTSON, Dessie 1901-Jan-23
TIDWELL, Gus COLLINS, Lula 1905-Jan-16
TINER, R T MOONEY, Georgia 1904-Apr-17
TITTLE, D W JOHNSON, Henry Mrs 1920-Jul-25
TITTLE, J E MUIRHEAD, Rosa 1904-May-22
TOLAR, D W KILLEBREW, Martha 1909-Dec-20
TOLAR, J C KINNEY, Biddie 1902-Nov-23
TOLBERT, Abraham COATS, Malissa 1919-Nov-01
TOOMBS, R E SIMS, Clara 1912-Jul-11
TOWNSEND, Charles Jr ROBINSON, Willie 1911-Jan-26
TOWNSEND, James SHARPE, Winnie 1919-Dec-07
TOY, Robert L WATSON, Mary Jane 1907-Sep-25
TRAVIS, Will Ann COX, Lincoln 1919-Nov-12
TRAYNHAM, W F MERCER, Mamie 1899-Jun-14
TRENCH, T W CLARK, Fannie 1905-Jul-21
TRIGGS, H C DICKENS, Margaret 1907-Dec-07
TRIGHTH, G W KINNY, Mollie 1896-Feb-23
TROTTER, Jimmie WOODS, Willie 1914-Jan-24
TRUCKS, William E COBB, Virginia E 1901-Sep-25
TRUIT, E B RUSSELL, S R Mrs 1894-Feb-06
TRUITT, J C GRANTHAM, Virginia 1902-Jan-05
TRUITT, J E KEACHOFER, Cora 1907-Jan-01
TRUITT, J E LOMAX, Sallie 1904-Nov-30
TRUITT, L G MCNEES, Maggie 1912-Nov-14
TRUITT, Philip A GRANTHAM, Callie 1904-Dec-04
TRUITT, Robert SIDDON, Marguritte 1911-Nov-14
TRUITT, Thomas S WILLIAMSON, Josie 1910-Aug-29
TRUITT, Tn WODDELL, L G Mrs 1905-Apr-02
TRULL, T J MCBRIDE, Lellan 1907-Jan-12
TUCKER, L B TERRY, Mabel 1914-May-23
TUCKER, T L MCKAY, Laura 1896-Jul-15
TULL, Silus NICHOLSON, Laura 1904-Dec-08
TULLUS, Henry IRVIN, Katie 1918-Sep-24
TURBEVILLE, F R WILLIAMS, Minerva 1900-Jan-17
TURBEVILLE, W J WILKES, Roberta 1896-Jan-08
TURBINVILLE, Frank HOCUT, Pearl 1904-Dec-31
TURNER, C O GREER, Clora 1899-Jan-02
TURNER, Earl BAINE, Mattie 1920-Feb-22
TURNER, F P MCLELLAN, Lilian 1908-Feb-17
TURNER, John BLACKWELL, Mamie 1910-Dec-27
TURNER, Lester SHOEMAKER, Gertrude 1916-Mar-01
TYE, John F Jr PIERCE, Nina 1903-May-06



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