Holmes County Grooms


SAFIE, Frank BECKLEME, Philomena 1916-Apr-14
SALE, William OVERSTREET, Mildred 1917-Jun-20
SALLEY, John W ELLISON, Annie 1899-Oct-10
SAMPLE, A D IRBY, Rosa 1896-Nov-18
SAMPLE, Will S DALE, Kate 1915-Jan-18
SANDERS, H Grady KING, Emma J 1919-Mar-22
SANDERS, W A AMMONS, Bessie 1909-Jan-25
SANDERS, William SPROLES, Thelma 1915-Mar-12
SARRELS, John T GORDON, Anne 1895-Aug-07
SAULS, D W RAY, Hallie M 1901-Dec-22
SAXON, I W WHERRY, Evie 1903-Jan-06
SCHNELL, George ROBERTS, Finnie 1914-Aug-01
SCHULTZE, Irving WIEDERRECHT, Alma 1911-Mar-13
SCHWALKA, L F HOWELL, Estelle 1916-Feb-28
SCOTT, G H PETTUCE, Alice 1894-Sep-16
SCOTT, Tena GEORGE, Allie C 1919-Jan-30
SEAY, C D WOODARD, M M Miss 1903-Sep-08
SEAY, W S GREEN, Emma 1916-Oct-16
SEAY, Willie PERRY, Minnie 1902-Jul-29
SEAY, Willie WARE, Amie 1901-Feb-10
SEEBINDER, Solomon MOORE, Ethel 1919-Oct-07
SEGGETT, Jasper Jr MARKS, Mamie 1905-Jun-04
SEITZLER, B M ELMORE, Ruth 1910-Jan-29
SELF, Ben SMITH, Myrtice 1911-May-20
SELF, Berry TATE, Lillie 1902-Jul-29
SELF, D GRANTHAM, Mattie 1895-Feb-13
SELF, Rufus MCBRIDE, Ola 1912-Sep-15
SENNARD, Ned DIAMOND, Ethel 1911-Mar-06
SETZLER, J W FLETCHER, Dorothy 1918-Jul-21
SHACKELFORD, Arthur SUTTON, Laura 1920-Oct-20
SHADDOCK, Edwards STIGLER, Maude 1901-Oct-16
SHANKS, Ford BYRD, Edna 1903-Apr-03
SHANKS, Ira E SIMPSON, Ethel 1917-Mar-04
SHANKS, J J ELMORE, Mary E 1903-Dec-29
SHANKS, William J SHOEMAKER, Hassie 1910-Nov-30
SHANNON, W J SONG, Mary 1906-Mar-05
SHARP, Thomas EAKIN, Lou 1902-Sep-18
SHARP, W H DELOACH, Emma 1902-Sep-21
SHARPE, Guy P BAINE, Erma 1920-Jun-06
SHARPLIN, J E NEWSOM, Lucy 1902-Dec-12
SHELTON, L L GULLEDGE, Mecca 1899-Dec-27
SHELTON, R J COCHRAN, Hallie 1894-Jan-18
SHEPPARD, J K Dr MURFF, M A Miss 1904-Aug-29
SHERRARD, James E TRIGLETT, Monella 1919-Oct-26
SHERRON, G W WOOD, Bessie 1906-Dec-10
SHINE, J H ALDRIDGE, Lisie 1903-Dec-24
SHIPP, J SHANNON, Rosa 1900-Oct-21
SHIPP, J E SELF, Dora 1902-Jan-02
SHIPP, John W TYNER, Margaret 1901-Jul-21
SHIPP, R T TUBBERVILLE, Dora 1899-Jan-04
SHIPP, V H SPELL, Gladys M 1913-Jan-21
SHIPP, W H MOONEY, Annie 1899-Sep-19
SHIPP, Walter SPELL, Artie 1919-Dec-24
SHOUDER, H V MOOREHEAD, Nannie 1900-Nov-27
SHURLDS, Henry PHILLIPS, A Alice 1918-Dec-24
SHURLEY, W R PETTIGREW, Emma 1902-Feb-02
SHUTTLEWORTH, Charles SMITH, Ellie 1904-Dec-07
SIDDON, George GRANTHAM, Lida 1900-Dec-02
SIDDON, S TRUITT, Lila B 1904-Jan-10
SIDDON, Samuel STREETMAN, Lou 1912-Mar-10
SIDDON, Thomas SIMMS, Annie 1906-Aug-30
SIDES, Cue SHARP, Mary R 1896-Nov-08
SIDES, W H WILKES, Willie 1900-Sep-07
SIDES, William BOATWRIGHT, Alma 1908-Mar-11
SIMMONS, D D TERRY, Daisy 1907-Aug-03
SIMMONS, J W WIGLEY, Lucy 1919-May-04
SIMMONS, James HOLLY, Ammie 1898-Apr-18
SIMMONS, W Lewis MORGAN, Jennie 1907-Aug-10
SIMMONS, W T DURR, Ida 1912-Aug-12
SIMMS, J M CARPENTER, Carrie 1913-Mar-19
SIMS, David FOWLER, Lula H 1910-Jan-11
SIMS, Eligie SIMS, Maggie 1919-Jan-15
SKINN, William REYNOLDS, Alma 1918-Nov-18
SLATER, John PITCHFORD, Claude 1915-Jan-06
SLEDGE, J D PEASTER, Lillian 1908-Dec-20
SLOSS, E B Dr BRITTIAN, Willie Mrs 1913-Nov-28
SMALL, Liddell HOOKER, Beall 1903-Oct-21
SMITH, A R SCHWEIKIRT, Sophie 1905-Dec-06
SMITH, B D HOLOWAY, Willie 1915-May-22
SMITH, B W ZEIGLER, Orie L 1898-Dec-21
SMITH, Bill BOSWELL, Gladys 1919-Mar-19
SMITH, C E SMITH, Susie 1909-Jan-02
SMITH, Daniel SMITH, Ora 1899-Dec-24
SMITH, Dwight ALDRIDGE, Ida B 1908-Jun-29
SMITH, Edwin C SHUTTLESWORTH, Nora 1919-Jul-03
SMITH, Ernest WADDELL, Georgia 1898-Aug-14
SMITH, Forrest L COLLIHAM, Jean 1908-Jun-19
SMITH, G A SISSAN, Julia 1908-Mar-05
SMITH, G W CALLIHAN, Georgia 1900-Nov-18
SMITH, Homer DURHAM, Gertie 1913-Nov-19
SMITH, J M HARPER, Jessie C 1897-Jan-24
SMITH, J R REDMOND, Mazie 1902-Nov-12
SMITH, J W NEAL, Ida 1898-Jun-29
SMITH, James RIMSON, Virginia 1919-Oct-18
SMITH, John CHATMAN, Fannie 1916-Apr-16
SMITH, Johnie LANGFORD, Annie 1918-Dec-04
SMITH, Joseph PHILLIPS, Cornelia 1904-Oct-19
SMITH, Oscar T WADLINGTON, Addie 1898-Dec-22
SMITH, Preston JOHNSON, Ruby 1913-Dec-22
SMITH, R F WOOD, Emma L 1913-Nov-08
SMITH, R M MCNEES, Annie 1899-Nov-28
SMITH, Ralph BROWN, Mary Alma 1913-Dec-24
SMITH, Roan EUBANKS, Gertrude 1918-Dec-23
SMITH, Robert YEAGER, Bettie 1913-Jan-26
SMITH, Robert H ASHLEY, Erid 1910-Aug-02
SMITH, T A MOONEY, Blanche 1910-Dec-31
SMITH, T M BURGE, Lida 1897-Jan-17
SMITH, Tillman B PITCHFORD, Annie 1907-Dec-12
SMITH, W P ZEIGLER, Ida M 1904-Nov-30
SMITH, W W WALKER, Nora 1914-May-06
SMITH, William BOATWRIGHT, Millie 1910-Jan-11
SMITH, William FOOSE, Theresa 1920-Sep-16
SMITH, Willie FARMER, Ina 1919-Oct-23
SMITHSON, W W Dr MOORE, Meta M 1900-Sep-26
SOLOMON, George L JOHNSON, Ada 1918-Apr-30
SOMERS, L L WILKES, Willie 1900-Aug-05
SOMERVILLE, J H DUTHER, Jennie 1899-Aug-12
SONES, W A SHIPP, Cora 1902-Feb-20
SONG, Jonas ROBERTSON, Sue E 1907-Apr-27
SOVRELS, Rex MCMASTER, Lelia 1918-Mar-24
SOWELL, Thomas COOK, Melissa 1900-Sep-11
SPEEL, Gordon HAYS, Mattie 1917-Apr-08
SPELL, Artie SHIPP, Walter 1919-Dec-24
SPELL, Clyde CARDWELL, Vivian 1915-Feb-28
SPELL, Kyrt CALLIHAN, Pauline 1917-May-14
SPELL, Leon O HARDING, Nettie 1910-Oct-26
SPELL, William MCCLUSKEY, Willie Miss 1918-Oct-20
SPELLS, T R EVERS, Edna 1903-Feb-15
SPROLES, Elijah WATSON, Minnie 1906-Dec-24
SPROLES, G R PARKINSON, Lucy 1894-Jan-31
SPROLES, J G MCMILLON, Willie 1911-Oct-25
SPROLES, L L BORDEN, Fannie E 1898-Mar-23
SPROLES, William EVANS, Annie 1920-Mar-24
STAINBACK, Charles SPROLES, Mary 1899-Dec-26
STAKELEY, George TIGLER, Katie 1908-Feb-26
STAKLE, Robert ANDERSON, Retta 1916-May-04
STALEY, O C FOSTER, O F Mrs 1903-Jun-17
STANLEY, Marvin MILES, Lula V 1904-Nov-23
STEED, J C THOMPSON, Hattie 1901-Dec-23
STEELE, John W LIGHTFOOT, Erra 1906-Jan-24
STEELE, Thomas HERBERT, Lillie 1903-Oct-11
STEGLER, George L FINCHER, Annie 1918-Jun-18
STEIN, Paul HERRING, Elinor 1899-Nov-23
STEPHERSON, R L WYNN, Alma 1897-Aug-21
STERLING, Finley FERRELL, Lucie 1906-Aug-22
STERLING, Tisley FERRELL, Orna 1910-Mar-14
STEVENS, A J MELTON, Helen 1907-Jul-30
STEVENS, A L CLARK, A S Miss 1903-Feb-17
STEVENS, David WILLIAMS, Juanita 1910-Sep-15
STEVENS, Henry DURHAM, Edna 1901-May-26
STEVENS, J J MANKEART, Gertrude 1915-Dec-12
STEVENS, William BALDRIDGE, Ledas 1907-Jun-24
STEWART, C J ROGERS, Susie E 1918-Jul-28
STEWART, Clyde ZEIGLER, Julie 1904-Dec-13
STEWART, Leonard SHANNON, Minnie 1910-Mar-25
STIGLER, Edward S LYON, Ella 1909-Oct-20
STOKES, Joe H HOWARD, Earlee E 1914-Apr-12
STORALL, R J HENDERSON, Stella 1910-Nov-27
STOUT, S L PARKINSON, Arra 1899-Jan-25
STRONG, John Robert JACKSON, Bettie 1906-Feb-13
STROWD, George SMITH, Katie 1912-Mar-30
STROWD, J B WILKES, Johnnie 1903-Oct-01
STROWD, S H MCLELLAN, Alma 1900-Feb-04
STROWD, T J BROOKS, Nebraska 1896-Dec-22
STROWD, W M HOLMES, Beatrice 1916-May-23
STUART, N T OTT, Minnie 1916-Jan-26
STUBBLEFIELD, Joseph WEEMS, Lucy 1905-Sep-07
SULLIVAN, J M HEARN, Mary 1896-Dec-09
SUMMERLIN, Joseph MCBRIDE, Myrtle 1907-Sep-13
SUMMERLIN, Vollie SUMMERLIN, Dannie Mrs 1909-Oct-08
SUMMERLIN, W J B MCBRIDE, Minnie 1902-Feb-16
SWAYZE, O H Dr JONES, S B Mrs 1903-Nov-18
SWEANY, Jessie CARGILL, Lucille 1906-Jan-03
SWINNEY, Alexander STANSBURG, Mary 1907-Dec-31
SWINNEY, Armstead NEVIL, Eunice 1918-Sep-03
SWINNEY, Charles JOHNSON, Carrie 1898-Oct-27
SWINNEY, Mathew GRANTHAM, Blanche 1905-Mar-03
SWINNEY, S P COCKRELL, Josephine 1904-Aug-25
SWINNEY, Sharkey SHEPHERD, Dora 1918-Feb-02
SWITTENBURG, Robert MOORE, Effie M 1908-Apr-14



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