Holmes County Grooms


RABB, Lawrence MCCALEB, Willie 1918-Nov-28
RACINE, John S COLLIER, Evlyn 1904-Aug-24
RAGLAND, W T MOORE, Jennie 1903-Feb-15
RAMSER, A F PERRY, Leda 1908-Apr-20
RANCH, William LUNDY, Ruby 1919-Jun-25
RANDLE, John NETTLES, Marion 1905-May-23
RANDOLPH, V J EGGLESTON, Clara 1913-Nov-29
RASBERRY, J F WILLIAMSON, Mollie 1894-Dec-12
RATHELL, W A SWINNEY, Jenit 1915-Dec-22
RAY, Bija PERRY, Lillie 1897-Jul-08
RAY, Thomas EVERETT, Gertude 1900-Sep-10
RAY, Wade KIZER, Ludie 1914-Jul-01
RAYMOND, Harold WENTWORTH, Louise 1917-Sep-29
RAYNER, Walter BANKHEAD, Minnie 1919-Jan-23
RAYNER, Walter ROSE, Maud 1920-Oct-10
REAGAN, Fletch GULLEDGE, Ruby 1917-Apr-07
REED, Morton MCMORROUGH, Virgie 1908-Sep-20
REEVES, A J WYNN, M W Mrs 1895-Apr-25
REEVES, Abner HILL, Nettie 1917-Aug-18
REID, Duress W PURCELL, Eunice 1920-May-01
REMAKER, George ODOM, Annie 1916-Feb-19
RENFROW, F N WALTON, Alice 1898-Apr-14
REYNOLDS, Anderson REYNOLDS, Anna E 1897-Jan-12
REYNOLDS, D E PEETS, Leda 1916-Jul-09
REYNOLDS, George WEST, Ora V 1920-Sep-05
RHEA, E F HERBERT, Mary 1909-Apr-26
RHODES, J R ROSAMOND, Hattie 1918-Jul-03
RHYNE, Murray R POVALL, Sidney 1920-Oct-21
RHYNE, R W DANIEL, Mamie 1895-Jan-16
RHYNE, Robert PERRY, Kathrine 1912-Jan-06
RHYNE, Vernon T SWINNEY, Nackey 1898-Apr-10
RICE, L B WALLACE, Frankie 1895-Apr-04
RICH, Wm T REESE, Edith M 1897-Nov-25
RICHARDS, Robert CULLIFER, Minnie 1909-Aug-14
RICHARDS, Thomas GILMER, M M Miss 1897-Dec-28
RICHARDSON, George MCCORKLE, Hattie 1905-Dec-25
RIDDLE, Charles BAILEY, Bessie 1901-Feb-05
RIFE, Arthur J Capt JAMES, Hettie 1918-Oct-10
RILEY, S F GUNN, Alma G 1906-Nov-26
RINICKER, Willie TRUITT, Cora 1909-Jun-15
RIPLEY, H D LIPSEY, Theo Mrs 1918-Jun-23
RIVERS, G E JONES, Louella 1896-Jun-03
ROACH, John H SHUTTLEWORTH, Ethel 1902-Mar-22
ROBBINS, Nathanel GWIN, Mary S 1910-Jan-12
ROBERTS, Edward LEOY, Annette 1907-Dec-30
ROBERTS, Frank SHEPHERD, A Emrs 1908-Jul-25
ROBERTS, George MEEKS, Lettie 1906-Jun-19
ROBERTS, J L MILLER, Eula 1914-Jul-21
ROBERTS, J L WILLIAM, Corinne 1920-Mar-27
ROBERTS, Jackson WILLIAMS, Lily 1904-Jun-22
ROBERTS, James HALE, Maude 1905-Jun-06
ROBERTS, Joe HARDING, Ethel 1911-Mar-31
ROBERTSON, E H NIXON, Anna 1915-Feb-07
ROBERTSON, George SHURLDS, Mammie 1912-Jun-12
ROBERTSON, John LEE, Minnie 1908-May-02
ROBERTSON, John G BUCK, Annie 1920-Dec-27
ROBERTSON, W D HERRING, Mollie 1903-Jan-14
ROBERTSON, William HERRING, Lenon 1910-Jan-11
ROBINSON, Douglas FRASIER, Mabelle 1906-May-17
RODGERS, C W JOHNSON, Ellen 1910-Jul-19
RODGERS, J L EDWARDS, Mary 1899-Nov-22
RODGERS, James NETHERLAND, Nina 1914-Jan-27
RODGERS, L C MONTGOMERY, Bettie 1898-Apr-21
RODGERS, Lee R TRUITT, Mary 1918-Dec-19
RODGERS, Longino EUBANKS, Zelmer 1919-Sep-27
RODGERS, R D MONDAY, Susie 1914-Jun-07
RODGERS, Robert A GRANTHAM, Nettie 1906-Sep-05
ROGERS, A M HOLT, Evie 1920-Jun-10
ROGERS, Albert S STARKS, Ella M 1919-Nov-09
ROGERS, Cleveland MEEK, Estella 1914-May-20
ROGERS, Frank WHITINGTON, Annie 1906-Feb-12
ROGERS, Homer O GREER, Evie 1909-May-25
ROGERS, J C KELLEY, Stella 1917-May-01
ROGERS, J H BAILEY, Luda 1916-Jul-18
ROGERS, James BUFORD, Irene 1901-Nov-12
ROGERS, James A WATSON, Ruth 1918-Mar-17
ROGERS, Jed T DITTMAN, Esther 1918-Aug-26
ROGERS, Joseph WALLACE, Ida M 1905-Dec-15
ROGERS, M L ELLISON, Lenie 1912-Jan-10
ROGERS, Peter J TERRY, Anne E 1920-Dec-12
ROGERS, Robert O CHISHOLMS, Georgia 1909-Dec-18
ROSAMOND, John MCLELLAND, Mary 1903-Jan-04
ROSE, Carl M DYER, Anna M 1919-Mar-10
ROSE, W H HAGAN, Martha 1898-Feb-03
ROSS, D H RAINER, Bettie 1917-Aug-25
ROSS, Tom WARD, Arena 1916-Jan-26
ROWELL, O S MONGRAM, Pearl 1911-Jan-26
ROWLEN, H H GOBER, Ivy 1905-Apr-05
RUBY, J F CAUSEY, Mattie 1898-Apr-17
RUDEMAN, J H SMITH, Annie 1909-Nov-30
RUFF, David RAYNER, Ida 1917-Nov-08
RUSSELL, Ewing Ike MURHEAD, Maggie 1904-Dec-02
RUSSELL, George B SHIRLEY, Mary M 1907-Mar-12
RUSSELL, Henry ZEIGLER, Ethel 1912-Jul-25
RUSSELL, Hugh C MAYFIELD, Hilda 1907-Dec-21
RUSSELL, J M WALLACE, Annie 1896-Dec-11
RUSSELL, James BELL, Linnie 1898-Nov-24
RUSSELL, R T PUTNAM, Florence 1912-Dec-22
RUSSELL, W E BROWN, Annie 1900-Jul-25
RUSSELL, W W MAXWELL, Florence 1902-Oct-01
RUSSELL, William HARTHCOCK, Annie 1918-Nov-17
RUSSUM, J F BRADY, Rosa May 1919-Sep-27
RYAN, J L WILLOUGHBY, Ida 1914-Dec-03
RYAN, L M SMITH, Emma 1911-Feb-20



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