Holmes County Grooms

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PACE, A C WEEMS, Mary E 1900-Jul-15
PACE, Thomas F ARICKSON, Lillie 1902-Mar-12
PACE, William RUSSELL, Nannie M 1902-Jan-01
PANKEY, H MYERS, Lelia 1916-Apr-11
PARKER, C S BROOKS, Jessie 1919-Feb-10
PARKER, J E SMITH, Cora 1896-Dec-08
PARKER, J F Jr DRANE, Henrietta 1911-Oct-17
PARKER, T W ESTES, Maggie 1896-Dec-18
PARKER, Thomas THORNTON, Alice 1900-Jun-10
PARKINSON, J F BROWN, Lee 1904-Dec-03
PARKINSON, John T BROWN, Mary 1903-Feb-25
PARKINSON, Norris FROST, Ada May 1914-Aug-12
PARKINSON, P A FROST, Lela 1904-Aug-03
PARRISH, Buck DIGGS, Corine 1919-Aug-27
PARRISH, J D HARVEY, Irene 1914-Nov-25
PARRISH, J T SPROLES, Ninnie 1910-Feb-16
PARRISH, R K HARVEY, Kate 1918-Jun-26
PARRISH, T C ROBERTS, M A Miss 1894-Jan-11
PARRISH, William SPROLES, Georgia 1907-Feb-20
PATTERSEE, J W KEMP, Alice 1912-Nov-10
PATTERSON, Glenn FLOYD, Ella 1913-Jan-28
PAUL, Percy MARTIN, Ethel 1920-Aug-15
PAUL, W J HOLLOWAY, Lela M 1898-Aug-07
PAXTON, James T KENNEY, Alice 1913-Mar-27
PAYNE, A G TRIGBETH, Lula 1897-Jun-27
PEACOCK, W B LEE, Annie Loyd 1909-Dec-31
PEARSON, R E CORY, Katie 1897-May-02
PEASTER, G S HADDICK, Connie 1909-Aug-21
PEASTER, John CUNNINGHAM, N V Mrs 1905-Dec-06
PEASTER, Robert L CUNNINGHAM, Mabel 1901-Jun-25
PEASTER, Walter CATO, Elizabeth 1913-Jul-23
PEEPLES, Willie LANGFORD, T C 1900-Apr-30
PEIRCE, Henry F NOEL, Annie 1899-Sep-06
PEOPLES, John MCCLUSKEY, Willie Miss 1914-Jul-05
PEPPER, Daniel Jr GIBSON, Hallie 1912-Jun-12
PEPPER, Elisha D DITTMAN, Magdaline 1918-Jun-12
PERCE, Henry H PARKIN, Mayme 1905-Jan-31
PERRY, Claude LEE, Wina May 1908-Dec-23
PERRY, Jim WATSON, Hallie 1919-Aug-04
PERRY, R C WILLIAMS, Lois 1910-May-26
PERRY, W H EVERETT, Edna 1910-Aug-14
PETERS, M J PACE, Lillie 1903-Aug-26
PETERSON, A C BRUCE, Mattie 1909-Oct-23
PETERSON, Joel Jr HOCUT, Lillie 1899-Dec-27
PETTERS, W E PAYNE, Lula 1900-Dec-19
PETTS, T C GWIN, S D Mrs 1895-Jun-05
PETTUS, B T FISHER, Ida V 1908-May-11
PETTUS, C LONG, Tennie Lee 1903-Nov-29
PETTUS, Edgar HOLMES, Ida 1908-Sep-25
PETTUS, John D MCLEAN, Evie 1907-Nov-02
PETTY, Gayden FITZGERALD, Martha 1919-Jul-28
PHILLIPS, James ANDERSON, Mary 1914-Apr-16
PICKENS, W I DURDEN, Marie M 1894-May-30
PICKETTS, E M WARMACK, Estelle 1895-Mar-27
PIERCE, G W EDWARDS, Susie 1897-Dec-11
PIERCE, J T HORN, Mamie 1899-Mar-22
PIERCE, R S RAY, Sarah L 1920-Mar-14
PIERCE, W H BATES, E J Mrs 1895-Nov-21
PIERCE, William WATSON, Alice 1905-Dec-28
PIGG, Johnie WALKER, Rena 1920-Dec-30
PILLOW, Walter DURDEN, Helen 1910-Nov-30
PINKE, Burley LUNSFORD, Bessie 1916-May-17
PITCHFORD, Claude SLATER, John 1915-Jan-06
PITCHFORD, Sam T NIXON, Pauline 1899-Nov-23
PITTS, John BLANKENSHIP, Katie 1899-May-13
POE, John M HARRISON, Clandia 1898-Jan-20
POLLARD, Harmon MOORE, Mary 1913-Apr-30
POLLARD, James RANDALL, Jessie 1914-Dec-08
POLLARD, M L Dr BEASTER, Burdette 1917-Nov-12
POPE, J E BEARD, Stella 1895-Oct-23
PORTER, A A DOTY, Emma 1900-Dec-12
PORTER, A A DOTY, Sallie 1907-Apr-15
PORTER, A A HAMBERLIN, Pearl 1894-Apr-15
PORTER, A E WILKES, Ruth 1912-Dec-28
PORTER, B A ERNEST, Louise 1902-Sep-02
PORTER, J S WEBSTER, Minnie 1900-Nov-25
PORTER, John ERWIN, Willie 1900-Jan-25
PORTER, Oren ABLES, Mary Jane 1914-Sep-25
PORTER, Robert DODD, Lulam 1901-Jan-08
PORTER, T W JACOB, Lucy 1901-Jun-12
POSEY, L L SHANKS, Mollie 1917-Apr-05
POSEY, R M SALLEY, Mattie 1905-Apr-17
POVALL, R A OLTENBURG, Gretchen 1895-Oct-16
POVALL, Sidney RHYNE, Murray R 1920-Oct-21
POWELL, J MARKS, Lizzie 1906-Feb-05
POWERS, Herndon MELTON, Virginia 1918-Sep-17
POWERS, J M MOORE, Ladie 1910-Jan-11
PRICE, Charles VANCE, Lula 1911-Apr-02
PRICE, M C GURRILL, Bettie 1894-Feb-12
PRITCHARD, B L KILLEBREW, Mollie 1901-Feb-23
PRITCHARD, J E YEAGER, L A Miss 1902-Jan-12
PRITCHARD, J V SIDDON, Loula 1898-Dec-14
PRITCHARD, Robert WIGLEY, Francis 1913-Dec-21
PRITCHARD, Thomas SIDDON, Lizzie 1902-Mar-01
PRITCHARD, W A ABLEES, Purity 1898-Feb-03
PRITCHARD, William HOWINKLE, Sallie 1901-Dec-08
PUGH, A B CAGLE, A M Miss 1903-Oct-21
PUGH, E A GUESS, Marie 1894-Apr-22
PURVIS, Calvin CUNNINGHAM, Inez 1905-Sep-04
PUTMAN, J C JEFCOAT, Minnie 1907-Nov-29
PUTMAN, W D ABLES, Eula 1907-Dec-07
PUTNAM, James WALLS, Louella 1903-Nov-25
PUTNAM, Jessie HENDERSON, E W 1916-Dec-01
PUTTUCE, W L FRYER, Mary D 1894-Dec-28



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