Holmes County Grooms

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NABERS, J W MCLELLAN, Alice 1896-Dec-19
NABERS, John KENNEDY, Mamie 1900-Feb-14
NABERS, William MELTON, Sallie 1906-Dec-05
NABORS, George REEVES, Sarah 1919-Mar-19
NABORS, Harry WILLIAMSON, Pearl 1909-Nov-07
NABORS, Hollie MANUEL, Linzie 1903-Jun-21
NABORS, Robert BYRD, Bessie 1920-Apr-04
NALL, J N DODD, Vienna 1906-Mar-26
NALL, J T BELL, Lida 1894-Jan-10
NALL, R B BELL, N L Mrs 1894-Nov-28
NEAL, R M RODGERS, Annie Lou 1920-Oct-17
NELSON, James GRAY, Lottie L 1905-Dec-25
NELSON, Luther HOWKES, Annie 1894-Mar-28
NELSON, W H O'HENDERSON, Fannie 1897-Mar-14
NETHERLAND, Leroy PAYNE, Lenora 1915-Aug-08
NETHERLAND, Rufus MARTIN, Esther 1914-Jun-14
NEVELS, E L ABELS, Annie 1894-Feb-01
NEVELS, R P SANDERS, Sudie 1903-Nov-19
NEVILS, Joseph PORTER, Alice 1918-Jun-17
NEWIROIR, Joe CANNON, Mildred 1897-Aug-17
NEWMAN, A J Dr ALEXANDER, Lillie 1897-Nov-17
NEWMAN, A J Dr WALLACE, Florence 1904-Jan-27
NEWSOME, J W CATRON, May 1901-Dec-24
NICHOLS, Hugh L BEALL, Mary 1912-Apr-25
NICHOLSON, Lee WATKINS, Bertha 1913-Nov-26
NIVEN, T J WHITEHEAD, Alpha 1901-Jan-09
NIXON, J T MADDOX, Arbie 1899-Jan-12
NIXON, John T LUNSFORD, Alice 1901-Dec-08
NOBSON, John YANCY, Allin 1904-Dec-31
NOEL, Edmond NEILSON, Alice 1905-Sep-11
NOLAN, William O STRAND, Mattie 1902-Mar-05
NOLEN, Andrew WOODARD, Emily 1913-Jan-22
NORQUIST, Eric GUESS, Donnis 1911-Jul-10
OBRIAN, John W TUCKER, Sammie 1900-Apr-24
OBRIEN, Joseph MOTOR, Pauline 1912-Aug-13
OCAIN, E C Dr WILLIAMS, Emma 1920-Nov-18
ODOM, William EUBANKS, Abbie 1905-Apr-06
OLDHAM, Y F ANDERSON, L G Miss 1897-Aug-18
OSBORN, Delbert E IRBY, Lida S 1907-Jul-11
OSBORN, M J WHITTINGTON, Mattie 1900-Aug-12
OSBORNE, W W SAVELL, Janie 1903-Jun-23
OUSLEY, T H HENDERSON, Mamie 1907-Dec-19
OUTLAW, P R Dr MOTER, A M Mrs 1904-Apr-28
OVERSTREET, W J KEZER, Kate 1900-Sep-05
OWEN, B H JOYCE, Fannie 1899-Apr-12
OWEN, Thomas S ROBY, Miriam 1905-Jul-19
OWEN, W B DICKEN, Livinia 1911-Feb-06
OWENS, Seggie AUSTIN, Lee 1904-Nov-15
OWENS, William TUCKER, Eva 1915-May-04



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