Holmes County Grooms

I - J

INGOLD, Oscar LUNSFORD, Rosa 1898-Jan-05
INGRAM, Brase MATTHEWS, Mary 1905-Dec-02
IRBY, William DURHAM, Bettie 1910-Mar-18
IRVING, R R GLADNEY, Margaret 1919-May-22
IVY, William KINNEY, Mattie 1904-Feb-21
JACKSON, A ASHLEY, E G Mrs 1894-Apr-24
JACKSON, Claude MOORE, Nina 1908-Nov-07
JACKSON, J F JACKSON, Alice 1914-Jun-23
JACKSON, J M YEAGER, Docie 1906-Mar-05
JACKSON, James F TOLAR, Alice 1900-Dec-23
JACOBSON, Aaron HERRMAN, Daisye 1913-Apr-16
JAMES, Thomas G KEIRN, Maude L 1902-Oct-15
JAMES, W R WILLIAMS, Amiel 1897-Feb-18
JARNEGIN, Roy C WHITE, Versa E 1904-Jun-22
JEFFCOAT, Bailey WARD, Minnie 1919-Sep-10
JEFFERIES, William HALE, Essie E 1904-Dec-07
JEFFERS, Wm M WHERRY, Ethelyn 1903-Oct-29
JOHNSON, Arthur MCCORKLE, Julie 1904-Dec-27
JOHNSON, Chester RAINER, Katie 1912-Aug-07
JOHNSON, Earl BRANDT, Louise 1919-Nov-02
JOHNSON, Henry C COLEMAN, Eulalie 1916-Jun-01
JOHNSON, Henry H MCBEE, Mary D 1912-Jan-16
JOHNSON, Henry Mrs TITTLE, D W 1920-Jul-25
JOHNSON, J T OWEN, Emma 1900-Dec-17
JOHNSON, John H ALLEN, Venora 1907-Aug-18
JOHNSON, Leslie CUNNINGHAM, Laura 1913-Nov-19
JOHNSON, Lynn BAKER, Gabrella 1915-Jan-27
JOHNSON, Pallas DICKEY, L T 1898-Jul-05
JOHNSON, Paul PRITCHARD, Myrtle 1910-Oct-22
JOHNSON, R L EDWARDS, I B Mrs 1898-Mar-13
JOHNSON, R L RUSSELL, Maggie 1901-Feb-04
JOHNSON, Singleton ELLIS, Bonnie M 1903-Dec-13
JOHNSON, T M GRANTHAN, Hattie 1910-Sep-02
JOHNSON, T S MORGAN, Hattie L 1910-Jan-31
JOHNSON, Wallace HESTER, Neva 1920-Dec-18
JOHNSTON, Wm F MOORE, Rosa Jane 1901-Dec-25
JOINER, George MOORE, John Emma 1916-Dec-06
JONES, Alexander DIVINE, Mattie 1907-Feb-27
JONES, D O MADDACE, Olivia 1897-Jan-12
JONES, Drayton ZEIGLER, Olivia 1899-Dec-19
JONES, Ed LENARD, Cinthia May 1920-Dec-02
JONES, Henry R WILLIS, Mary 1918-Jun-08
JONES, Ira NIXON, Sallie 1914-Jan-01
JONES, Jn MCBRIDE, Julia Ida 1909-Oct-21
JONES, John RHYNER, Ruth 1910-Feb-14
JONES, P T ABBOTT, B T Mrs 1896-Apr-30
JONES, Robert WYM, Lizzie 1897-Jan-03
JONES, Sam TUCKER, Martha 1915-Jun-03
JONES, Thomas C EVERS, Loula L 1901-Sep-11
JONES, W B KIERN, Ethel 1905-Oct-18
JONES, W O GERRARD, Maude 1910-Apr-14
JONES, William REID, Olivia 1905-Dec-19
JONES, Wilson C WEEKS, Agnes 1914-Jun-03
JORDAN, H M HADDICK, Mabel 1907-Jan-23
JORDAN, Horace M WORSHAM, Willie C 1897-Jan-28
JORDAN, J B CEAY, Mary 1894-Apr-24
JORDAN, James ADAMS, Eugene 1911-Sep-28
JORDAN, Walter GREEN, Notie 1915-Dec-20
JOYCE, W R CROSBY, Birtie 1918-Jan-28
JUNKER, Joseph CALHOUN, Erma 1910-Dec-05



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