Holmes County Grooms

F - G

FAIRER, James MOORE, Annie 1907-Sep-16
FARABEE, Jack WENTWORTH, Carolina 1913-Nov-23
FARMER, B B WINBORN, Loula 1894-Jan-04
FARMER, J B MCLELLAN, Belle 1910-Dec-14
FARMER, J R HARRISON, Mattie 1898-Feb-22
FARMER, Sam V MCLELLAND, Emma 1913-Feb-06
FARR, B J Dr MCLEOD, Mary E 1903-Dec-09
FARR, James PEOPLES, Martha 1902-Dec-31
FARR, W F JOHNSON, Sallie 1902-Apr-17
FARRELL, Robert REYNOLDS, Minnie 1897-Apr-22
FAULCONES, Edwards THOMAS, Penelope 1906-Apr-02
FEICHER, John KEALHAFER, Fannie 1908-Feb-10
FERRELL, Eddie COLE, Eulalie 1904-Jul-06
FERRELL, James BURRELL, Francis 1897-Dec-27
FERRELL, Riley EDWARDS, Sallie 1905-Mar-09
FERRELL, Robert HOCUT, Nora 1913-Jun-01
FERRELL, T J DICHARD, Fannie 1904-Jan-31
FERRELL, W J EDWARDS, Bettie 1904-Jan-27
FERRELL, Walter SAXTON, Dora 1909-Nov-12
FERRILL, A T SAXON, Susie 1908-Jul-17
FERRILL, B F BODKER, Lovie 1903-Feb-04
FICKLIN, C C NIXON, Lucy 1903-Dec-01
FIELDS, S C LONG, Lauretta 1903-Nov-19
FIERCHER, W H Jr HOWELL, Lillian 1909-Sep-03
FINCHER, Johnnie HOWELL, F A 1911-Dec-27
FINN, E F HARRELL, Belle 1903-Dec-27
FINN, E F WILLIAMS, Ruby 1916-Aug-07
FISHER, J DOTY, Lizzie 1900-Apr-04
FISHER, Simon SOUTHERNER, Bettie 1901-Jan-23
FLINK, Morris FLOWER, Mildred 1920-Mar-30
FLOWERS, Abram COHEN, Julia 1915-Jan-19
FLOYD, Jerry MARTIN, Freddie May 1918-Mar-09
FLOYD, S W GEORGE, Annie Lee 1909-Dec-31
FLY, Eugene JENKINS, Nyshia 1909-Nov-23
FONVILLE, E M WATTS, Julia L 1896-Jan-29
FONVILLE, Earl M PUTMAN, Maggie 1903-Mar-12
FONVILLE, L H PITTMAN, C E Miss 1899-Jan-12
FONVILLE, M J LYON, India 1897-Mar-18
FOOSE, Edward LYON, Cordelia 1908-Jun-06
FOOSE, Sam COX, Ida 1914-Jun-16
FORBES, Gilden BRISTER, Ida Sue 1905-Jan-08
FORBS, A J BURNS, Callie 1911-Feb-08
FORD, W D NIXON, Ida 1897-Dec-29
FORD, William BURTON, Mary 1901-Feb-14
FORTNER, Charles BOOTHE, Maude 1917-Jan-01
FOSTER, Jim DAVIS, Nora 1915-Dec-22
FOSTER, John G TROTTER, Lena 1903-Mar-17
FOSTER, Oates C SQUIRE, Marilyn 1919-Aug-20
FOWLER, Alex NABERS, Zelma 1911-Mar-22
FOWLER, Earl H FINCHER, Lucy 1913-Oct-12
FOWLER, J H BRISTOR, Perry Mrs 1908-Sep-11
FOWLER, J W FINCHER, Bessie 1910-Jul-28
FOWLER, Thomas SIMS, Mary M 1901-Oct-05
FOWLER, W C COGGINS, Eula 1900-Feb-21
FOY, H H HARGRAVES, Mollie E 1894-Nov-07
FRANCIS, Sydney L NEWSOM, Eppie 1901-Oct-03
FRANKLIN, John W KITCHENS, Zora 1912-Jan-31
FRAZIER, A L WEEMS, Minnie 1897-Dec-12
FRAZIER, Jacob TRUITT, Cora 1911-May-24
FRAZIER, Joseph WHITE, Fannie Belle 1907-Feb-05
FRAZIER, W L CONNELLY, Nellie 1902-Dec-23
FRILEY, Oscar DOTY, Myrtle 1919-Dec-06
FRITZ, William NABERS, Mary 1900-Oct-10
FROST, E Kelley MATHEWS, Nannie 1906-Nov-23
FROST, Thomas BARRENTINE, Mary 1911-Dec-20
FROST, W Vernon ROGERS, Fannie R 1903-Feb-23
FROST, Willie B BROWN, Ray L 1913-Jun-22
FRYER, Johnson EVANS, Evie 1900-Dec-18
FULLILOVE, G W BAILEY, Carrie 1916-Dec-22
FUQUA, James Jr HOOKER, Amma L 1899-Oct-11
GADBERRY, James GARNETT, Alice 1901-Oct-01
GADBERRY, Robert VANTREASE, Daisey 1920-Dec-08
GAGE, James W WALDRUP, Carrie 1912-Jul-28
GAINES, Joseph HARNY, Fannie 1909-Nov-09
GANTT, G D KING, Lula 1904-Nov-27
GARDNER, Zy MCLIVEE, Maud 1899-Feb-26
GARNETT, H B GARNETT, Hettie J 1913-Jun-22
GARNETT, Jack WARREN, Thelma 1916-Nov-12
GARNETT, Robert SIFERT, Ruth M 1908-Nov-15
GARNETT, Willie BRIDGES, J D 1896-Feb-09
GARRARD, Henry HARRISON, Idelia 1910-Dec-27
GARRETT, B F MCLELLAN, Maggie 1910-Apr-20
GARY, Mose JOHNSON, Bessie D 1914-Jan-06
GATTIS, Fred BACON, Zouella 1915-Apr-24
GEARHEART, Frank JONES, Berdie A 1903-Feb-24
GEASLEY, W B BARENTINE, Melissa 1900-Jan-21
GIBSON, Davis L PEPPER, E E Miss 1899-Oct-31
GIBSON, Patton MEEKS, Jimmie Mrs 1920-Jun-06
GIDENS, George ARMSTRONG, Minnie 1918-May-01
GILBERT, M P WOODS, Allie 1909-Jul-31
GILLIAM, Hal STIGLER, E S Mrs 1897-Feb-18
GILLILAND, H H HARVEY, B D Mrs 1898-Jan-26
GILLMORE, W F EDWARDS, Effie 1898-Jul-05
GILMORE, R E EDWARDS, Lida 1903-May-03
GILMORE, T A ALEXANDER, Mary 1910-Mar-03
GLICK, H R LIPSCOMB, Anna 1896-Feb-15
GLINES, Fred BOYETT, Lela 1912-Jan-05
GLOVER, Charles A WILLIAMS, Mary E 1909-Nov-15
GLOVER, Harold CLACK, P S Mrs 1910-Mar-05
GODFRY, Sam S LIPSEY, Lucy 1907-Aug-02
GOODWIN, Walter WOODS, Bettie 1917-Sep-16
GORDON, R J MCDANIEL, Ruby 1919-May-10
GORRARD, C M BROWN, Mollie 1898-Dec-21
GORRARD, I A HARRINGTON, Mytie 1897-Jan-10
GORRARD, J A HESTER, Emma 1896-Oct-03
GORRARD, S Y MERRIWECHER, Sallie 1910-Feb-03
GOSS, B F BURNS, Sallie 1905-Mar-07
GOSS, B F WHITE, Fannie 1898-Jan-15
GOSS, Dunbar WALKER, Elvina 1916-Dec-23
GOSS, J H JOHNSON, Elner 1902-Aug-17
GOSS, J W BAUGHNS, Lou I 1898-Aug-25
GRACE, J G ENGLISH, Mamie 1896-Jan-30
GRANBERRY, W E DONALD, Maggie 1919-Jul-08
GRANT, G D SHANKS, Mattie 1900-Dec-20
GRANTHAM, A C EUBANK, Ida 1908-Apr-21
GRANTHAM, A C TRUITT, Josephine 1898-Dec-22
GRANTHAM, A D EUBANKS, Lunnie 1914-Apr-07
GRANTHAM, A H WOOD, Ollie 1898-Jun-05
GRANTHAM, Ed TRUITT, Evelyn 1899-Jan-25
GRANTHAM, Elrice GRANTHAM, Lida 1916-Sep-09
GRANTHAM, Emmett GRIFFIN, May 1913-Sep-26
GRANTHAM, Harry EUBANKS, Etta 1910-Apr-16
GRANTHAM, Henry ALLEN, Hattie 1906-Jan-04
GRANTHAM, J F PARKINSON, Annie 1917-Jan-10
GRANTHAM, Jesse BEVILL, Queen 1919-Nov-01
GRANTHAM, Joseph KYZER, Mary 1900-Nov-09
GRANTHAM, Rieuben MEXON, Eva 1906-Jan-19
GRANTHAM, Rufus GRANTHAM, Lena 1911-Nov-05
GRANTHAM, Victor YEARGER, Mattie 1920-Oct-30
GRANTHAM, W C EUBANKS, Willielee 1898-Apr-28
GRAVITT, W H DALE, Mayms 1908-Mar-04
GRAY, George CHANEY, Lula 1910-Jun-27
GRAY, Isaac S CRAWFORD, Ida Lou 1898-Apr-20
GRAY, Thomas MARTIN, Myrtis 1915-Nov-27
GREEN, L C MILLER, Mamie 1896-Mar-18
GREEN, Melvin WHATLEY, Vera 1920-Jul-16
GREEN, R L MARKS, Willie 1909-Jan-04
GREEN, R L NEWSOM, R M Mrs 1896-Jan-17
GREENE, W A HILL, Show 1906-Dec-18
GREGORY, John E ROBINSON, Blanche 1920-Mar-28
GRESHAM, W F Dr LANDFAIR, Leila 1898-Sep-14
GRESSWELL, Leonard WEEKS, Mattie 1918-Jul-06
GRIFFIN, G G MELTON, Ruth 1919-Oct-18
GRIFFIN, James J ELMORE, Elizabeth 1910-Dec-17
GRIFFING, H M NEWSOM, Daisy 1899-May-02
GRIST, J H FIELDS, Abigail 1902-Feb-26
GROFTON, Thomas PLEASANT, Margaret 1917-Aug-02
GROUT, Henry SOMMERVILLE, Belle 1895-Nov-24
GROVATT, T P GIBSON, America 1895-Nov-20
GRUITT, Warren LOMAX, Mary 1906-Jan-02
GUESS, Benjamin SWINNEY, Ida 1900-Feb-15
GULLEDGE, D K HARMON, Henrietta 1911-Oct-25
GULLEDGE, James CAMPBELL, Bell 1898-Apr-27
GULLEDGE, Joel H HOLMES, Mallie 1914-Sep-23
GULLEDGE, Joel H WESTON, Annia B 1906-Nov-06
GULLEDGE, R W WAUGH, Evelyn 1912-Jul-03
GUYTON, Joseph D OWEN, Emaris Mima 1907-Aug-07
GWIN, J S BEALL, Necie S 1902-Oct-15
GWIN, John E WYATT, Malie Eliza 1898-Apr-12
GWIN, Robert M CUNNINGHAM, Sarah 1906-Feb-21
GWIN, Walter K WOLFE, Mary T 1902-Jan-17
GWIN, William GILLIAN, Susie 1911-Apr-03
GWIN, William E WATSON, Mattie May 1901-Nov-14



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