Holmes County Grooms


CADE, John A WALTON, Ruth 1920-Nov-17
CADE, Lloyd TATE, Norine 1919-Aug-02
CAGLE, O E SWINNEY, Ada 1900-Mar-07
CALHOUN, Wm P WILLIAMS, Mattie 1897-Oct-13
CALLIHAN, J H BROWN, T V Mrs 1897-Jan-19
CALQUEHOUR, Robert LIGHTFOOT, Eva 1895-Jun-26
CAMERON, Wm D LIPSEY, Rosa 1896-Dec-30
CAMPBELL, J A TURNER, Nettie B 1902-Dec-26
CAMPBELL, O H THOMAS, Carrie Lee 1907-Jun-29
CARMICHAEL, John JORDAN, Dova 1920-Mar-10
CARNATHAN, Walter SWINNEY, Bula 1916-Nov-30
CARPENTER, J W MCBEE, Elise 1915-Oct-20
CARPENTER, R E RAYNER, Jennie 1913-Nov-25
CARR, D W HARMON, Aurie 1899-Oct-22
CARSON, A C MOSES, Addie 1899-Dec-17
CARSON, Robert KILBY, Fannie 1895-Sep-19
CARSON, S H KNOTT, Mollie 1896-Feb-20
CARSON, W H MCCURENE, Genie 1905-Dec-13
CARTER, J C RAY, India 1899-Dec-05
CARTER, Regel SMITH, Ethel 1900-May-12
CARTER, S J COLLUM, Carri 1907-May-28
CARTWELL, T M YANDELL, Eleanor 1912-Mar-21
CASTEEL, H P GARRETT, India 1894-Mar-22
CASTLEBERRY, Charles KING, Eliza 1905-Jan-25
CASTLEBERRY, W C REED, Mary Cora 1901-May-29
CASTLES, J M IRBY, Rosetta 1902-Mar-09
CAUSEY, B V WATSON, Annie L 1904-Jul-26
CAUSEY, Silas WALLACE, Sallie 1908-May-03
CHANDLER, J M BEALL, Jennie 1904-Apr-27
CHANDLER, Mm STAUGER, Scottie Mrs 1901-Aug-11
CHAPMAN, Earl SEAY, Pearl 1918-Jul-01
CHAPMAN, George MONTGOMERY, Sudie 1909-Mar-30
CHAPMAN, John GOODWIN, Carrie 1908-Mar-11
CHAPMAN, W J REICHMAN, Ida 1895-Apr-24
CHESNUT, Robert REED, Ruby 1911-Nov-21
CHILDERS, E H HOOPER, Annie Belle 1911-Mar-15
CHISLER, George RHYNE, Celestia 1920-Feb-09
CHISOLM, Henry HOOVER, Sallie 1903-Jan-07
CHISOLM, James TACKETT, Bessie 1910-Nov-08
CHISOLM, John B HATHCOCK, Nannie 1912-Jan-14
CHISOLM, Robert PETTUS, Mattie 1920-Dec-29
CHUN, B S ZEIGLER, S M Mrs 1898-Jan-19
CHUN, J C DICKARD, Emma 1911-Dec-24
CHUN, S H HALE, Claude 1914-Jul-19
CHUN, S H ZEIGLER, L M Mrs 1897-Jan-27
CHUN, Samuel H KENNEY, Alice O 1912-Jul-31
CLAIR, John J KING, Ammie 1911-Dec-28
CLANTON, Robert BRADFORD, Minnie 1911-Aug-06
CLARK, Grover LYNN, Norma 1916-Dec-03
CLARK, Theodore WARFIELD, Sallie 1902-Apr-03
CLOWER, B F GWIN, Julia 1895-Nov-13
COBB, Erastus BURGE, Bertie 1897-Feb-04
COBB, S C COLLIER, Bessie 1904-Aug-27
COBB, Thomas H GILL, Eva 1901-Aug-30
COGHLEN, H M KILBY, Julia 1896-Dec-19
COKER, Bob WIGLEY, Alma 1919-Nov-05
COKER, J C HARTHCOCK, W L Miss 1904-Mar-20
COKER, John G HARTHCOCK, Lucy 1901-Oct-09
COKER, R C HARTHCOCK, Kittie 1902-Sep-24
COLE, Harry WILLIAMS, Lotha L 1913-Jun-17
COLE, Samuel C STOUT, Bettie 1902-Feb-08
COLLIER, Leonard WILEY, Odella 1906-Aug-14
COMPTON, Benjamin WOODARD, Maggie 1916-Jun-22
CONGER, A Craig SMITH, Annie Lee 1913-Jun-29
CONGER, Joseph C CARLTON, Emily 1913-Mar-17
CONNER, Mark CHANIE, Maggie 1906-May-02
COOKSEY, J D RANEY, Ida 1908-Jan-16
COOKSEY, Thomas PERRY, Dura 1905-Dec-20
COOPER, C F STEVENS, Hattie E 1898-Apr-24
COOPER, J D DRISKELL, Clyde Mrs 1915-Jan-11
COOPER, L D TEOGUR, Myrtle 1904-Oct-30
COOPER, Leo H BARR, Rerva 1905-Dec-20
COOPER, R A Jr GRAHAM, Ida 1903-Feb-01
COTTER, J A HAGAN, Emma 1896-Dec-07
COTTON, Hal COTTON, Evie 1913-Dec-08
COTTON, William BURKS, Martha 1902-Aug-10
COUNTS, Charles PEPPER, Alice 1917-Jun-14
COVINGTON, J G SPELL, Catherine 1915-Dec-27
COWSERT, Hugh GULLEDGE, Bertha 1908-Nov-04
COWSERT, John B RICKETTS, T A Mrs 1895-Jun-01
COX, Lincoln TRAVIS, Will Ann 1919-Nov-12
COX, W H WALLACE, Mary 1896-Apr-17
CRABTREE, J N WIGLEY, Rosa 1911-Sep-30
CRABTREE, J W NEVELS, Fannie 1896-May-19
CRAFT, W S WAGONER, Fannie 1896-Dec-10
CRAW, Charles KILLEBREW, Bessie 1908-Apr-28
CRAWFORD, George HOBBS, Nurry Mrs 1907-Oct-27
CRESSWELL, W D GREEN, Bettie 1895-Mar-24
CRESSWELL, Walter WELCH, Charlotte 1919-Jun-09
CRIDER, Carl S CULLEY, Lena 1914-Aug-23
CRONE, Alfred KING, Mollie 1913-Dec-09
CROUCH, H W HOSEN, Corrie 1895-Dec-29
CROW, B W KILLEBREW, Pattie 1904-Feb-22
CROWDER, Herman FRAISIER, Helen 1920-Jan-08
CROWDER, Willie BOYD, Ruth 1919-Aug-03
CULLEY, F D MCLELLAN, Nannie 1898-Nov-24
CUMMEENS, Wm L ADAMS, Evie 1904-Apr-10



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