Holmes County Grooms


BACHMAN, D S DIGGS, Mamie 1908-Oct-26
BACON, B H WYSE, Ruby 1894-Apr-18
BAILEY, C T MCBRIDE, Lizzie 1896-Dec-23
BAILEY, Charlie GRANTHAM, Annie 1919-Jan-04
BAILEY, H E ROBERTSON, Martha 1899-Aug-13
BAILEY, John F HEARD, Mamie 1905-Oct-06
BAILEY, William MCRAE, Ethel 1919-Dec-28
BAKER, E G BEALL, Amy 1915-Oct-20
BAKER, John STANSBURG, Carrie 1896-Oct-29
BAKER, Robert Dr BEW, Alice 1901-Feb-09
BANGS, Iver H ARNOLD, Rosa 1909-Feb-20
BANKHEAD, J D HOLLUMS, Florence 1898-Dec-21
BARENTINE, C E PUGH, C E Mrs 1901-Dec-22
BARGER, Henry C OWEN, Lillie L 1902-Feb-12
BARGES, R C GORNETT, Annie 1897-Jan-17
BARGES, W E JOHNSON, Kittie 1896-Nov-17
BARHAM, Benjamin LIGHTFOOT, Nora 1903-Dec-23
BARR, Harry D INMON, Ida Mae 1920-Jun-28
BARRENTINE, H E HEARD, Laura 1902-Nov-30
BARRENTINE, T A FROST, Bessie 1914-Dec-27
BARRETT, William BURWELL, Rachael 1898-Oct-26
BARTH, Benjamin LIPSEY, Pearl 1906-Jul-06
BARTH, W W PACE, Janie 1900-Sep-09
BARTON, I G LANGFORD, Belle 1894-Oct-28
BASSE, Henry GLIMES, Allie Mae 1912-Feb-07
BATT, F L Dr HEGGIE, Lucile 1903-Feb-19
BAUGH, Will MCLELLAN, Thelma 1915-Dec-04
BAUGHER, Charles WHITTAKER, May 1907-Jan-01
BEACHMAN, Wm M NIXON, Gertrude 1908-Dec-14
BEAL, John MCBEE, Anna E 1914-Jun-03
BEALL, George S LOCKHART, Minnie 1902-Jun-04
BEAMON, R E BREWER, Vira 1897-Feb-09
BEARD, Boss ROBERTSON, Sallie 1912-Oct-27
BEARMAN, A S GAUTT, Martha 1918-Aug-24
BELL, Otho A HAMPTON, Willie 1902-Dec-03
BEMIS, Sam H GULLEDGE, Lila E 1913-Nov-19
BENFORD, John A LAWRANCE, Lizzie 1895-Nov-20
BENJAMIN, R M MCRAE, F B Mrs 1902-Oct-11
BENNETT, A W JOHNSON, Minnie 1902-Mar-09
BENNETT, Arnold CORNES, Velma 1919-Jun-18
BENNETT, Charlie PEASTER, Daisy 1910-Feb-17
BERNARD, Ernest G BUCKLEY, Allie M 1903-Jun-24
BERNRENTER, Henry JORDAN, Lena 1906-Dec-21
BERRY, Charley EUBANKS, Myrtle 1918-Nov-13
BERRY, J H FULLILOVE, Geneva 1916-Dec-26
BERRY, Joseph MOONEY, Mary 1913-Jan-19
BERTRON, Samuel Jr HOLDER, Dorris 1919-Jul-01
BETTY, Rupert ANGLE, Onie L 1906-Dec-22
BIDDLE, Garfield WEEKS, Inez 1918-May-26
BIGGS, F M GLOSS, Ada M 1901-Nov-04
BINGHAM, Daniel GUESS, Annie 1906-Jun-23
BOATWRIGHT, Lonnie DAVIS, Nettie 1916-Dec-20
BODKER, J R WILKES, Jessie 1904-Mar-23
BOGGS, Alex JOHNSON, Louise 1914-Jan-01
BOGUE, Thomas RUBY, Lora Alta 1915-Aug-26
BOLLING, Willer MCBRIDE, Jennie 1899-Apr-16
BOONE, S B DOTY, Jennie 1900-Jul-18
BOONE, W C QUEEN, Lillie B 1904-Jun-26
BOOTH, John MCRAE, Allie M 1898-Nov-23
BOOTHE, John R HAMETT, Annie 1916-Aug-01
BORGER, E B HARRIS, Lillie T 1894-Dec-12
BOSSE, Charles WEATHERBY, Mary 1912-Aug-12
BOSSE, Henry W PURDY, Violet C 1916-Jun-01
BOSTICK, W M DURHAM, Myrtle 1908-Aug-17
BOUCHILLON, Amzie WILLIAMS, Maggie 1903-Apr-28
BOWELL, Elmer MCNEIL, Mary 1899-Dec-24
BOWERS, Robert A MILTON, Theresa 1912-Sep-29
BOWLING, James ASHCROFT, Fedora 1898-Dec-14
BOYD, D R L WILLIAMS, Josie 1903-May-07
BOYD, Danw CHRISTMAS, Margaret 1920-Sep-15
BOYD, Robert GARNETT, Katie 1898-Feb-09
BOYD, T W CRABTREE, Annie 1896-Jan-01
BOYD, T W FONVILLE, Nellie 1899-Dec-24
BOYETT, S H WEEMS, Annie 1895-Dec-15
BOYETT, Walter CULLEY, Lillie B 1912-Jan-17
BOZEMAN, W C NEWSOM, Leta 1902-Jul-14
BRADLEY, Guy HARTHCOCK, Minnie 1919-Sep-17
BRADLEY, J B FROST, Mattie 1899-Dec-27
BRADLEY, T H BYRD, Annie 1898-Jun-26
BRADLEY, Willie H MOORE, Dora 1920-Sep-25
BRAND, A J SHACKLEFORD, Bessie 1895-Jun-05
BRANTLEY, John C ARCHER, Ann E 1897-Jun-03
BRAUCH, Hap ALEXANDER, Alex 1906-Sep-15
BREAZEALE, E B KITCHENS, Harriett 1905-Apr-08
BREWER, D R MELTON, Loise 1917-Jan-20
BREWER, Dred NALLS, Harriet 1919-Jan-18
BREWER, L D RED, Kate 1913-Oct-13
BRIDGEFORTH, Allen MITCHELL, Mary 1918-Jun-13
BRIDGEFORTH, Lewis ANDERSON, Julia 1905-May-09
BRIDGES, H H BUTLER, Katie 1909-Mar-23
BRIDGES, J D GARNETT, Willie 1896-Feb-09
BRIDGES, J R GARNETT, Lou 1907-Mar-30
BRIDGES, Robert PEARSON, Eva R 1916-Sep-23
BRIDGES, William MCLUEAR, Lois 1905-Feb-26
BRIGHT, J B MCALISTER, Rubie 1904-Dec-21
BRISTER, Ebb CROSS, Allie 1912-Jul-07
BRITTIAN, James HELMS, Catherine 1913-Dec-21
BROADAWAY, R G SHARPE, Bertha 1913-Nov-16
BROADAWAY, W R DAVIS, Alma 1912-Nov-14
BROCK, E R BAILEY, B F Mrs 1896-Jun-10
BROCK, G R TURNER, Annie 1898-Jan-11
BROCK, George L WATSON, Nettie E 1915-Dec-30
BROCK, O A MCLELLAN, Rosa 1909-Jan-14
BROCK, Richard ALEXANDER, Bessie 1909-Feb-19
BROCK, W R AMMONS, Lizzie E 1901-Dec-24
BROOKS, Mayfield WALTON, Lucile 1917-Dec-04
BROOKS, R L AMMONS, C L Mrs 1915-Jul-19
BROOKS, T M AMMONS, B C Miss 1903-Dec-21
BROOKS, Vernon MAYS, Mary 1913-Mar-15
BROUGH, Marvin WILLIAMSON, Emma 1899-Dec-06
BROWN, B N WILKINS, Ida 1899-Apr-08
BROWN, Cash ALFORD, Minnie 1917-Feb-03
BROWN, Clyde BROOKS, Nell 1916-Jun-25
BROWN, E E HEARN, Josie 1901-Jan-01
BROWN, E E Jr ELLISON, Nannie 1903-Dec-23
BROWN, E W ODOM, Annie 1918-Jun-17
BROWN, Edgar HARDING, Dessie 1919-Jun-15
BROWN, Edgar ROUSSELOT, Marie 1902-Mar-19
BROWN, Edna E BROWN, Winston 1913-Mar-23
BROWN, F N Jr MCBRIDE, Carolyn 1918-Sep-14
BROWN, G T SEAY, Hattie 1908-May-11
BROWN, Harry MITCHELL, Mary 1918-Feb-16
BROWN, J A BROCK, E L Mrs 1895-Sep-29
BROWN, J P CONN, Hattie 1903-Dec-23
BROWN, J R ELLISON, Ellie 1909-Dec-21
BROWN, Jackson U HELM, Wilma 1920-Feb-15
BROWN, Jessie E WARD, Mary T 1910-Dec-20
BROWN, John H PACE, Myrtia 1913-Jul-18
BROWN, Johnnie BROWN, Ida 1919-Sep-01
BROWN, Joseph MCCURIN, Illa May 1913-May-04
BROWN, Nixon HARVEY, Viola 1914-Jul-18
BROWN, Ray L FROST, Willie B 1913-Jun-22
BROWN, S J PIERCE, Nannie 1894-Jan-31
BROWN, T H R NOEL, Alice 1900-Nov-28
BROWN, T J GARRARD, Josie 1898-Dec-25
BROWN, Thomas J WARD, Annie 1907-Jan-08
BROWN, W J RICHARD, Mabel 1920-Aug-21
BROWN, William PARRISH, Marie 1910-Dec-30
BROWN, Winston BROWN, Edna E 1913-Mar-23
BROWNE, Fred MCBEE, Susie 1911-Nov-29
BROWNE, Percy R GLASS, Katie Sue 1910-Jun-04
BRUMBY, Robert NEVILLE, Annie Claire 1901-Jun-19
BRYANT, A F JOHNSON, Lena 1900-Oct-09
BUCK, Dewitt LEE, Ada 1912-Jul-25
BUCK, George BAIRD, Florence 1917-Jul-03
BUCK, Henry JAMES, Ethel 1917-Nov-05
BUCK, Robert AMACKER, Josie 1911-Dec-13
BUCKANAN, Frank MOSS, Willis M 1917-Nov-05
BUFORD, Eugene OWEN, Eva 1908-Nov-02
BUFORD, Louis GRANTHAM, Mary 1920-Feb-08
BUIL, George CARTER, Mary 1920-Sep-05
BURCH, J R HARRY, Mamnie 1905-Oct-23
BURELL, J E ABELS, Willie 1904-Nov-16
BURELL, J R MATHEWS, Ida 1900-Jun-20
BURELL, J W CAIRS, Jane 1916-Nov-07
BURELL, John A GAINEY, Victoria 1913-May-24
BURELL, Lee V KILLEBREW, Mattie 1912-Nov-14
BURGE, Lee UPCHURCH, Fannie 1913-Jun-27
BURGMAN, Samuel DAVIS, Alice 1918-Feb-13
BURNS, W D WADKINS, Mary 1901-Jan-30
BURRELL, Francis FERRELL, James 1897-Dec-27
BURRELL, James ABELS, Dollie 1920-Aug-04
BURWELL, Edwin RHYNE, Lallah 1913-Nov-28
BURWELL, J W NANCE, Nancy B 1895-Jan-15
BURWELL, Stephen DYER, Mary 1909-Jan-11
BURWELL, William LUCAS, Eva 1919-Apr-29
BUSSEY, C M TEVENS, Lulia 1907-Jan-05
BUTLER, A D PUTNAM, Annie P 1904-Oct-16
BUTLER, J S WALLACE, Linnie 1906-Feb-02
BYRD, George SHANKS, Bertha 1911-Jul-04
BYRD, J B WILKES, Mary H 1902-Oct-01
BYRD, J H COVINGTON, Bertha 1895-Mar-21
BYRD, Morton HARVEY, Alice 1918-Jan-04
BYRD, Z B FRYER, Mattie 1904-Dec-20



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