Holmes County Grooms


ABEL, H B MCCUINE, Jinsie 1902-Dec-11
ABEL, J S ABEL, Ada 1900-Feb-21
ABEL, James PETTUS, Evie 1916-Jan-12
ABEL, Joseph H ABEL, Augusta 1900-Feb-14
ABELS, George H WALDROP, Jane 1897-Dec-01
ABELS, Henry PORTER, Lula 1900-Mar-19
ABELS, J F WOODARD, Eula 1895-Jan-24
ABELS, J I MARSHALL, Tinsy A 1894-Aug-15
ABLES, Albert WINSTEAD, Howard 1914-Oct-18
ABLES, George MCLEAN, Ida 1917-Nov-22
ABLES, J C BRIDGES, Ethel 1910-Dec-28
ACKERMAN, Leo A ROBY, Etta 1920-Jan-08
ADAIR, George WARE, Loney 1897-Nov-17
ADAIR, James C PRESTON, Ada 1898-Feb-09
ADAMS, Alfred ROBY, Lucy 1899-Jan-01
ADAMS, Allen WEST, Sarah 1895-Jan-03
ADAMS, Bank CARSON, Birdie 1905-Sep-24
ADAMS, Bob WILLIAMS, Lula 1909-Dec-23
ADAMS, Capies WILSON, Lillie 1906-Nov-10
ADAMS, Charles WILLIAMS, Beekie 1903-Jan-02
ADAMS, Chas LLOYD, Julia 1907-Dec-18
ADAMS, Claiborn MCGEE, Virginia 1908-Dec-23
ADAMS, Cornelius HEDDON, Lizzie 1901-Jan-27
ADAMS, Edmond JONES, Lucy 1907-Apr-22
ADAMS, Emanuel BINFORD, Emma 1901-Dec-15
ADAMS, Eugene JORDAN, James 1911-Sep-28
ADAMS, Fred TURNER, Bonnie 1916-Apr-22
ADAMS, George ADAMS, Pinkey 1898-Mar-02
ADAMS, George LEWIS, Emma 1899-Sep-20
ADAMS, George MASON, Alice 1896-Feb-12
ADAMS, George WATSON, Josephine 1901-Jul-02
ADAMS, George WRIGHT, Missoui 1903-Oct-29
ADAMS, Grant WRIGHT, Henrietta 1908-Dec-24
ADAMS, Houston WHITE, Lena 1900-Sep-24
ADAMS, Houston WHITE, Lena 1901-Dec-07
ADAMS, Howard MCGEE, Lula 1910-Jan-01
ADAMS, Jack EDWARDS, Emma 1899-Mar-30
ADAMS, Jack WILLIAM, Lyne 1904-Nov-07
ADAMS, James SIMMS, Viola 1906-Sep-02
ADAMS, Jno YOUNG, Mary Ann 1895-Feb-28
ADAMS, Jno FRAZER, Mary 1901-Sep-28
ADAMS, Judge FIELDS, Luvenia 1904-Nov-24
ADAMS, Julius HOOSEMAN, Virgie 1896-Dec-15
ADAMS, Lee BOWIE, Maggie 1900-May-26
ADAMS, Lee NELSON, Texanna 1898-Feb-04
ADAMS, Meakins WEEVES, Cola 1905-May-31
ADAMS, Micken WALTON, Annie L 1912-Jun-12
ADAMS, Moses JORDAN, Celia 1900-Jan-16
ADAMS, Oscar ANDERSON, Willie 1903-Jan-07
ADAMS, Peter BLUE, Ida 1901-Jan-13
ADAMS, Robert JOHNSON, Sallie 1903-Jan-13
ADAMS, Sam HEARN, Lizzie 1902-Mar-01
ADAMS, Sam WILSON, Louella 1896-May-28
ADAMS, Wade HARRIS, Jimmie 1910-Sep-24
ADAMS, William BOYETT, Lizzie 1899-Jan-20
ADAMS, William HOUSMAN, Mary 1898-Aug-04
ADAMS, Willie CAESAR, Mary 1907-Feb-20
ADAMS, Wm SANDERS, Minnie 1897-Feb-17
ADDISON, Jessie SPATES, Rosa 1911-Dec-09
ADEN, John MATHIS, Jane 1903-Mar-02
AGNEW, Levi HAMILTON, Valley 1903-Jan-20
AIKENS, Joe DOUD, Jane 1902-Jun-11
AIKINS, Joe BOYD, Janie 1902-Jun-11
ALBERT, Westley MILES, Francis 1911-Apr-26
ALBERTIN, George SWINNEY, Ophelia 1907-Aug-11
ALBIN, John H CRABTREE, Gertrude 1896-Feb-26
ALDRIDGE, Nathan HOLMES, Nillie 1916-Sep-28
ALEXANDER, Alex BRAUCH, Hap 1906-Sep-15
ALEXANDER, Alex JACKSON, Frances 1902-Jan-29
ALEXANDER, C B MOORE, May Bell 1895-Feb-20
ALEXANDER, Daniel LONDON, Minnie 1900-Jun-09
ALEXANDER, E A WEENES, Maria 1900-Aug-10
ALEXANDER, Floyd NOVELL, Clara 1898-Jan-20
ALEXANDER, Floyd ROBINSON, Clara 1912-Dec-13
ALEXANDER, Garfield ROBERTSON, Easter 1907-Dec-24
ALEXANDER, Garfield SMITH, Emma 1898-Dec-25
ALEXANDER, J M MOORE, Lan 1898-May-12
ALEXANDER, John HOLMES, Elnora 1908-Nov-24
ALEXANDER, John TAYLOR, Nancy 1896-Nov-05
ALEXANDER, John D GREER, Lillie 1907-Feb-27
ALEXANDER, Joseph GRIFFIN, Annie 1902-Nov-19
ALEXANDER, Marshall MCGEE, Alberta 1904-Jan-09
ALEXANDER, S R ROGERS, Grace 1908-Dec-23
ALEXANDER, Titus SHIELDS, Laura A 1898-Feb-11
ALEXANDER, Ulrice CROSS, Zulma 1906-Oct-19
ALEXANDER, William WASHINGTON, Mary 1906-Jul-16
ALEXANDER, Willis HOUSE, Neely 1907-Oct-05
ALEXANDER, Willis WEATHERLEY, Sallie 1903-Nov-27
ALFORD, Cleveland LEWIS, Mattie 1910-Nov-19
ALFORD, Clyde HOOD, Mabel 1915-Sep-27
ALFORD, James SMITH, Mary 1897-Dec-30
ALFORD, John WILSON, Minnie 1903-Sep-12
ALFORD, Oscar ALFORD, Leola 1899-Mar-26
ALFORD, Spellman ALFORD, Ola 1910-Nov-05
ALFORD, Willie TIDWELL, Lottie 1904-Feb-17
ALLEN, Albert A SIDDON, Lottie 1908-Jan-24
ALLEN, Alex CAMPBELL, Eliza 1909-Dec-29
ALLEN, Bishop J BABB, Vera 1917-Jan-06
ALLEN, David HAWKINS, Orad 1909-Jul-31
ALLEN, Ed BRISTER, Lizzie 1906-Dec-23
ALLEN, George CALDWELL, Ida 1920-Jun-20
ALLEN, Henry WALKER, Martha 1900-Feb-12
ALLEN, L B MORRIS, Ethel 1903-Sep-02
ALLEN, R P UPCHURCH, Lizzie 1904-Jan-23
ALSTON, Charles BRYANT, Anna 1898-Feb-16
AMACKER, Roy WALTON, Ethel 1920-Apr-04
AMES, W T STOUT, Laura 1895-Nov-14
AMMON, W W COLEMAN, Ora 1904-Jan-21
AMMONS, M L BARNER, S F Mrs 1902-Apr-27
ANDERSON, E R MELTON, Winnie 1915-Feb-21
ANDERSON, J R WHITE, Pearl 1895-May-19
ANDERSON, Marshall BURWELL, Esther 1916-Feb-10
ANDERSON, R E NELSON, Charlotte 1897-Jun-17
ANDERSON, S S MARKS, Willie 1905-Sep-14
ANDERSON, Silas PORTER, Lula 1905-Dec-30
ANDREWS, W H Jr HEWITT, Minnie 1907-Aug-09
ANTHONY, Edwin WILLIAMS, Daisy 1896-Aug-26
APPLEBAUM, Nathan KERN, Rosebud 1914-Jul-01
APPLEWHITE, J W BARROW, Alice 1905-Jan-25
ARCHER, Edward SHARP, Mary Ella 1913-Apr-10
ARMSTRONG, J H SPROLES, Mattie 1900-Dec-25
ARMSTRONG, James KING, Erma 1903-Dec-02
ARMSTRONG, Stanfield CHISHOLM, Annie 1917-May-10
ARNOLD, Frank R HOCUT, Rosa 1899-Oct-08
ARNOLD, Robert PRESLEY, Loula 1900-Nov-21
ARTERBERRY, Theodore HOLLY, Ethel 1915-Nov-04
ARTMAN, W H LOVE, Susie C 1898-Jul-06
ASH, Green FORTIER, Mary 1889-Oct-17
ASH, Jeff SPRINGS, Katie 1896-Dec-24
ASH, Sam IRVIN, Anna 1902-Aug-07
ASHFORD, Hays MOORE, Belima 1910-Sep-22
ASHLEY, Andrew HARRIS, Dollie 1910-Feb-03
ASHLEY, Andrew WILDER, Susie 1896-May-06
ASHLEY, Charley NALLS, Viola 1913-Dec-30
ASHLEY, Cooper ANDERSON, Irma 1901-Mar-01
ASHLEY, Hooker H EAKIN, Zeilah 1905-Dec-10
ASHLEY, Juliess FINCHER, Josephine 1918-Feb-09
ASHLEY, M R NIXON, Ada 1899-Jan-06
ASHLEY, Nathan ABELS, Louise 1910-Aug-13
ASHLEY, W J WHITE, Eliza 1896-May-12
ASTON, Henry UPCHURCH, Maude 1895-Jan-03
ATKINSON, Edward BURTON, Bessie 1905-Apr-17
ATKINSON, S E BAILEY, Emma L 1894-Jan-28
ATKINSON, William BUFORD, Minnie 1900-Apr-25
ATTNEAVE, Frank LEACH, Ethel 1906-Feb-22
AUSTIN, Albert MURPHY, Francis 1895-May-10
AUSTIN, Albert Percy LOVELADY, Annie Anthony 1898-Jan-27
AUSTIN, Albert Percy LOVELAND, Annie Anthony 1898-Jan-27
AUSTIN, Berry DAVIS, Artesia 1911-Oct-14
AUSTIN, Charles RULE, Mary J 1898-Sep-25
AUSTIN, Chas BAKER, Rachael 1904-Dec-22
AUSTIN, Cleveland BEULEY, Esther 1912-Dec-20
AUSTIN, Greeley COOPER, Patsy 1910-Jun-04
AUSTIN, Henry ELLIS, Mimmie Ann 1905-Dec-16
AUSTIN, Henry ELLIS, Minnie A 1905-Dec-16
AUSTIN, Henry JOHNSON, Abbey 1890-Jul-26
AUSTIN, Henry JONES, Ida 1904-Feb-03
AUSTIN, Horace FREEMAN, Mary 1909-Jan-11
AUSTIN, J A WRIGHT, Bam 1903-Jan-04
AUSTIN, J A WRIGHT, Barn 1903-Jan-04
AUSTIN, James BOWLING, Celess 1900-Oct-23
AUSTIN, James BOWLING, Cless 1900-Dec-23
AUSTIN, James BUCHANAN, Julia 1906-Sep-01
AUSTIN, James BUCHANON, Julia 1906-Sep-01
AUSTIN, John STANSBURY, Mary 1899-Mar-06
AUSTIN, Lee OWENS, Seggie 1904-Nov-15
AUSTIN, Lee SMITH, Hallie 1906-Dec-02
AUSTIN, Melvin TAYLOR, Mary 1897-Mar-11
AUSTIN, Milan GRSIER, Georgia Ann 1889-Dec-18
AUSTIN, Phil JOHNSON, Nona 1901-Jan-01
AUSTIN, Plummer WILLIAMS, Limmie 1911-Feb-08
AUSTIN, Plummer WILLIAMS, Lonnie 1911-Feb-08
AUSTIN, Plunner WALTON, Sarah 1890-Jan-02
AUSTIN, Six RANDLE, Susan 1889-Dec-31
AUSTIN, William ALEXANDER, Lula 1909-Dec-24
AUSTIN, William BOYD, Lena 1903-Dec-19
AUSTIN, William BOYDES, Lena 1903-Dec-19
AUSTIN, William GREEN, Hattie 1902-May-03
AUSTIN, Wm MOREHEAD, Luberta 1904-Apr-15
AUSTIN, Wm MOREHEAD, Lubertha 1904-Apr-15
AUTREY, Frank COBBINS, Annie 1898-Dec-25
AUTRY, J D SIDDON, Loula 1900-Dec-23
AUTRY, J P SIDDON, Lottie 1903-Dec-15
AVERHART, Menis C KNIGHTON, Leila 1909-Mar-09
AVERHURT, Henry D HICKS, Rosa E 1911-Nov-01
AVERHURTR, Henry D HICKS, Rosa E 1911-Nov-01
AVERY, John T Jr CRAWFORD, Bessie 1903-Dec-26
AVERYHART, Hardy OLIVE, Jane 1899-Dec-13
AYLES, M C ROWE, Evaline 1895-Feb-04
AYUS, W R BRITTIAN, Essie 1914-Nov-30



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