Holmes County Brides


SALLEY, Mattie POSEY, R M 1905-Apr-17
SAMPLE, Rosa YARBOROUGH, George 1905-Jul-27
SANDERS, Minnie ADAMS, Wm 1897-Feb-17
SANDERS, Sudie NEVELS, R P 1903-Nov-19
SARLES, D A Mrs VICK, Turner 1904-Aug-04
SAVELL, Janie OSBORNE, W W 1903-Jun-23
SAXON, Susie FERRILL, A T 1908-Jul-17
SAXTON, Dora FERRELL, Walter 1909-Nov-12
SAXTON, Eula HOOD, J F 1917-Aug-11
SAXTON, Jesse MARTIS, Laura 1918-Jul-09
SCHWEIKIRT, Sophie SMITH, A R 1905-Dec-06
SCOTT, Anna DAY, William Jr 1898-Jan-25
SEAY, Agnes L DAVIS, Edward 1910-Feb-05
SEAY, Hattie BROWN, G T 1908-May-11
SEAY, Laura HALE, Robert L 1910-Jan-07
SEAY, Pearl CHAPMAN, Earl 1918-Jul-01
SELF, Dora SHIPP, J E 1902-Jan-02
SELF, Evie B ELLIS, Robert L 1908-Feb-29
SELF, Johnnie Edna EDWARDS, Luther 1919-Jun-29
SELF, Ruby L KEALLOFER, Joe D 1916-Jun-10
SELF, Ruth May MCBRIDE, T J 1908-Feb-03
SHACKLEFORD, Bessie BRAND, A J 1895-Jun-05
SHANKS, Bertha BYRD, George 1911-Jul-04
SHANKS, Daisy HENDERSON, R S 1906-Jan-13
SHANKS, Mattie GRANT, G D 1900-Dec-20
SHANKS, Mollie POSEY, L L 1917-Apr-05
SHANNON, Minnie STEWART, Leonard 1910-Mar-25
SHANNON, Rosa SHIPP, J 1900-Oct-21
SHARP, Mary Ella ARCHER, Edward 1913-Apr-10
SHARP, Mary R SIDES, Cue 1896-Nov-08
SHARPE, Bertha BROADAWAY, R G 1913-Nov-16
SHARPE, Winnie TOWNSEND, James 1919-Dec-07
SHEPHERD, A Emrs ROBERTS, Frank 1908-Jul-25
SHEPHERD, Dora SWINNEY, Sharkey 1918-Feb-02
SHEPHERD, Effie HARVEY, J W 1918-Aug-20
SHEPHERD, Era ELMORE, Henry 1907-Oct-09
SHEPHERD, Nellie DOTY, William 1902-Nov-19
SHEPPARD, Alice MCLELLAN, J E 1900-Dec-12
SHEPPARD, Obelia MCCALEB, James 1909-Feb-17
SHIELDS, Laura A ALEXANDER, Titus 1898-Feb-11
SHINE, Mary Allie MCCRARY, Sam 1901-Dec-24
SHINES, Grace MCCRARY, Millard 1915-Sep-05
SHIPP, Annie LONG, Joseph W 1909-Sep-11
SHIPP, Cora SONES, W A 1902-Feb-20
SHIRLEY, Mary M RUSSELL, George B 1907-Mar-12
SHOEMAKER, Clara MCDANIEL, John 1911-Dec-12
SHOEMAKER, Ella I MCDANIEL, Henry 1919-Oct-26
SHOEMAKER, Gertrude TURNER, Lester 1916-Mar-01
SHOEMAKER, Hassie SHANKS, William J 1910-Nov-30
SHUMAKER, Hattie WALDRUP, William 1905-Dec-06
SHURLDS, Katie MARKS, William 1914-Jun-10
SHURLDS, Mammie ROBERTSON, George 1912-Jun-12
SHUTER, Virginia HINES, E L 1912-Feb-28
SHUTTLESWORTH, Nora SMITH, Edwin C 1919-Jul-03
SHUTTLEWORTH, Ethel ROACH, John H 1902-Mar-22
SIBLEY, Alice HARRIS, Samuel 1907-Jul-29
SIDDON, Lizzie PRITCHARD, Thomas 1902-Mar-01
SIDDON, Lottie ALLEN, Albert A 1908-Jan-24
SIDDON, Lottie AUTRY, J P 1903-Dec-15
SIDDON, Loula AUTRY, J D 1900-Dec-23
SIDDON, Loula PRITCHARD, J V 1898-Dec-14
SIDDON, Marguritte TRUITT, Robert 1911-Nov-14
SIDDON, May UPCHURCH, Walter 1911-Nov-14
SIDDON, Pearl WATSON, B D 1918-Jun-14
SIFERT, Ruth M GARNETT, Robert 1908-Nov-15
SIMMONS, Alice KEMP, Charles 1895-Nov-05
SIMMONS, Maggie DOUTHAR, Robert 1898-Feb-28
SIMMS, Annie SIDDON, Thomas 1906-Aug-30
SIMMS, Viola ADAMS, James 1906-Sep-02
SIMPSON, Ethel SHANKS, Ira E 1917-Mar-04
SIMS, A L Mrs MAYO, J J 1895-Mar-27
SIMS, Clara TOOMBS, R E 1912-Jul-11
SIMS, Fannie Lou WILSON, C M 1900-Jul-08
SIMS, Maggie SIMS, Eligie 1919-Jan-15
SIMS, Mary M FOWLER, Thomas 1901-Oct-05
SIMS, Othela WAITS, J H 1913-Nov-27
SISSAN, Julia SMITH, G A 1908-Mar-05
SMITH, Ada WADDELL, J V 1898-Jul-06
SMITH, Annie RUDEMAN, J H 1909-Nov-30
SMITH, Annie Lee CONGER, A Craig 1913-Jun-29
SMITH, Beatrice MALONE, John 1913-Jan-28
SMITH, Clara M DOTY, Glenn A 1897-Jan-29
SMITH, Cora PARKER, J E 1896-Dec-08
SMITH, Ellie SHUTTLEWORTH, Charles 1904-Dec-07
SMITH, Emma ALEXANDER, Garfield 1898-Dec-25
SMITH, Emma RYAN, L M 1911-Feb-20
SMITH, Ethel CARTER, Regel 1900-May-12
SMITH, Eva MILLWOOD, Jessie 1916-Dec-05
SMITH, Fannie ZEIGLER, W O Jr 1905-Jun-08
SMITH, Florence DANIEL, I A 1915-Jul-28
SMITH, Georgia HERCOT, James 1910-Jan-30
SMITH, Hallie AUSTIN, Lee 1906-Dec-02
SMITH, Ida WOODS, John W 1898-Jun-28
SMITH, Katie STROWD, George 1912-Mar-30
SMITH, Lennie MELTON, William 1897-Mar-11
SMITH, Lulie E HOLMES, John A 1907-May-30
SMITH, Mary ALFORD, James 1897-Dec-30
SMITH, Mary HERBERT, William C 1913-Jan-23
SMITH, Mattie MELTON, W T 1907-Apr-20
SMITH, Minnie MALONE, John 1918-Dec-23
SMITH, Minnie A MCDONALD, John A 1894-Apr-25
SMITH, Myrtice SELF, Ben 1911-May-20
SMITH, Ora SMITH, Daniel 1899-Dec-24
SMITH, Sallie WYNN, J T 1896-Dec-26
SMITH, Susie SMITH, C E 1909-Jan-02
SMITH, Virda HARPER, Henry 1915-Nov-04
SOMMERVILLE, Belle GROUT, Henry 1895-Nov-24
SONG, Mary SHANNON, W J 1906-Mar-05
SOUTHERNER, Bettie FISHER, Simon 1901-Jan-23
SPAIN, Maggie HARRISON, Clifton 1906-Jan-08
SPATES, Rosa ADDISON, Jessie 1911-Dec-09
SPELL, Catherine COVINGTON, J G 1915-Dec-27
SPELL, Gladys M SHIPP, V H 1913-Jan-21
SPELL, Maggie MOSES, Garland 1906-Oct-17
SPELL, May ELLISON, T L 1898-Mar-03
SPELL, Ruby HOOVER, Russell 1909-Feb-22
SPELL, Tannie MALONE, Vernan 1908-Dec-21
SPRINGS, Katie ASH, Jeff 1896-Dec-24
SPROLES, Georgia PARRISH, William 1907-Feb-20
SPROLES, Mary STAINBACK, Charles 1899-Dec-26
SPROLES, Mattie ARMSTRONG, J H 1900-Dec-25
SPROLES, Ninnie PARRISH, J T 1910-Feb-16
SPROLES, Thelma SANDERS, William 1915-Mar-12
SQUIRE, Marilyn FOSTER, Oates C 1919-Aug-20
ST JOHN, Grace MCCLESKEY, David 1905-Oct-28
STANFIELD, Betrice HERBERT, Wm B 1908-Nov-05
STANLEY, May WHITMAN, S Jr 1896-Dec-18
STANSBURG, Carrie BAKER, John 1896-Oct-29
STANSBURG, Mary SWINNEY, Alexander 1907-Dec-31
STANSBURY, Mary AUSTIN, John 1899-Mar-06
STARKS, Ella M ROGERS, Albert S 1919-Nov-09
STATEN, Lena MCDOWELL, E P 1897-Jan-14
STAUGER, Scottie Mrs CHANDLER, Mm 1901-Aug-11
STEVENS, Annie MOONEY, R E 1905-Jul-27
STEVENS, Edna HOLMES, Henry P 1913-Jan-15
STEVENS, Hattie E COOPER, C F 1898-Apr-24
STEVENS, Mattie DIVINE, R M 1901-Oct-03
STEWART, Lula TERRY, J M 1900-Feb-18
STIGLER, Annie LEWIS, W P 1920-Aug-03
STIGLER, E S Mrs GILLIAM, Hal 1897-Feb-18
STIGLER, Gulie LOFSTROM, Charles 1903-Dec-30
STIGLER, Mamie DYSON, John 1910-Dec-26
STIGLER, Maude SHADDOCK, Edwards 1901-Oct-16
STOUT, Bettie COLE, Samuel C 1902-Feb-08
STOUT, Laura AMES, W T 1895-Nov-14
STRAND, Mattie NOLAN, William O 1902-Mar-05
STRAND, Pink HURCHERN, Pat 1906-Dec-14
STREETMAN, Lou SIDDON, Samuel 1912-Mar-10
STROUD, Madge E KELLY, William 1902-Oct-02
SUMMERLIN, Dannie Mrs SUMMERLIN, Vollie 1909-Oct-08
SUMMERLIN, Josephine WELLS, W L 1903-Jan-11
SUMMERLIN, Mary MCBRIDE, W E 1896-Dec-03
SUMMERLIN, Nannie HOWARD, John H 1902-Jun-29
SUTGLER, Arrena WILKINS, William 1903-Jul-28
SUTTON, Laura SHACKELFORD, Arthur 1920-Oct-20
SWINNEY, Ada CAGLE, O E 1900-Mar-07
SWINNEY, Bula CARNATHAN, Walter 1916-Nov-30
SWINNEY, Ida GUESS, Benjamin 1900-Feb-15
SWINNEY, Jenit RATHELL, W A 1915-Dec-22
SWINNEY, Nackey RHYNE, Vernon T 1898-Apr-10
SWINNEY, Ophelia ALBERTIN, George 1907-Aug-11



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