Holmes County Brides


RAINER, Bettie ROSS, D H 1917-Aug-25
RAINER, Katie JOHNSON, Chester 1912-Aug-07
RAINOR, Nina WILLIAMS, Wirt 1917-May-06
RAMSEY, Marjorie MONTGOMERY, J G Jr 1916-Sep-23
RANDALL, Jessie POLLARD, James 1914-Dec-08
RANDLE, Susan AUSTIN, Six 1889-Dec-31
RANEY, Ida COOKSEY, J D 1908-Jan-16
RATHELL, Mary LYON, R M 1897-Dec-15
RAWLEN, Euphenia WADLINGTON, J W 1900-Jun-24
RAY, Hallie M SAULS, D W 1901-Dec-22
RAY, India CARTER, J C 1899-Dec-05
RAY, Sarah L PIERCE, R S 1920-Mar-14
RAYNER, Ida RUFF, David 1917-Nov-08
RAYNER, Jennie CARPENTER, R E 1913-Nov-25
RAYNER, Katie MOTHERSHED, J A 1918-Oct-22
RED, Birdie ELLIS, J N 1904-Dec-04
RED, Kate BREWER, L D 1913-Oct-13
RED, Margaret DUNLAP, James 1909-Mar-10
REDDETT, M E Mrs LEE, W S 1899-Sep-14
REDMOND, Mazie SMITH, J R 1902-Nov-12
REED, Ada THOMAS, W R 1919-Jan-22
REED, Mary Cora CASTLEBERRY, W C 1901-May-29
REED, Ruby CHESNUT, Robert 1911-Nov-21
REESE, Edith M RICH, Wm T 1897-Nov-25
REEVES, Hollie MELTON, J H 1904-Mar-23
REEVES, Ida DANIELS, Robert 1918-Apr-02
REEVES, Sarah NABORS, George 1919-Mar-19
REGISTER, Dolly MILLWOOD, Johnie 1918-Jan-29
REID, Olivia JONES, William 1905-Dec-19
REYNOLDS, Alma SKINN, William 1918-Nov-18
REYNOLDS, Anna E REYNOLDS, Anderson 1897-Jan-12
REYNOLDS, Minnie FARRELL, Robert 1897-Apr-22
REYNOLDS, W R WEEKS, Johnnie May 1901-Dec-17
REYNOLDS, W T KELLEBREW, Allie 1914-Jan-02
RHYNE, Adeline KELLEY, Thomas 1919-Nov-21
RHYNE, Bessie HUGHES, Jesse G 1920-Jun-03
RHYNE, Celestia CHISLER, George 1920-Feb-09
RHYNE, E E Mrs MCCLELLON, B E 1894-Sep-25
RHYNE, Lallah BURWELL, Edwin 1913-Nov-28
RHYNE, Mabel KINCAID, Marshall 1917-Jan-01
RHYNE, Mary L ELLINGTON, Joseph H 1902-Oct-29
RHYNER, Ruth JONES, John 1910-Feb-14
RICHARD, Mabel BROWN, W J 1920-Aug-21
RICKETTS, T A Mrs COWSERT, John B 1895-Jun-01
RIMSON, Virginia SMITH, James 1919-Oct-18
RIVERS, Nettie KEALHOPER, S T 1904-May-17
ROBERTS, Finnie SCHNELL, George 1914-Aug-01
ROBERTS, M A Miss PARRISH, T C 1894-Jan-11
ROBERTSON, Bettie MARSHALL, R E 1903-Mar-16
ROBERTSON, Dessie TIDWELL, E E 1901-Jan-23
ROBERTSON, Easter ALEXANDER, Garfield 1907-Dec-24
ROBERTSON, Estha DAVIS, Eddie B 1918-Mar-11
ROBERTSON, Martha BAILEY, H E 1899-Aug-13
ROBERTSON, Omie WOODARD, Henry 1912-Feb-25
ROBERTSON, Sallie BEARD, Boss 1912-Oct-27
ROBERTSON, Sue E SONG, Jonas 1907-Apr-27
ROBINSON, Blanche GREGORY, John E 1920-Mar-28
ROBINSON, Clara ALEXANDER, Floyd 1912-Dec-13
ROBINSON, Lovie WILLIAMS, Isaac 1919-Oct-24
ROBINSON, Willie TOWNSEND, Charles Jr 1911-Jan-26
ROBY, Etta ACKERMAN, Leo A 1920-Jan-08
ROBY, Ida WHERRY, Clyde 1915-Jul-22
ROBY, Lucy ADAMS, Alfred 1899-Jan-01
ROBY, Miriam OWEN, Thomas S 1905-Jul-19
RODGERS, Annie THRASHER, Sam 1913-Oct-31
RODGERS, Annie Lou NEAL, R M 1920-Oct-17
RODGERS, Lee Ethel EDWARDS, David 1919-Jun-27
RODGERS, Lillie MCLELLAN, Madison 1916-Jan-12
RODGERS, Lillie MCNEES, James 1915-Dec-25
RODGERS, Nettie WADDELL, Albert 1906-Dec-14
ROGERS, Belle THRASHER, Lonie 1910-Feb-09
ROGERS, Bessie HAWKINS, S L 1907-Feb-27
ROGERS, Daisy LIVINGSTON, Joseph 1912-Dec-22
ROGERS, Eula WALLACE, B J 1905-Feb-21
ROGERS, Fannie R FROST, W Vernon 1903-Feb-23
ROGERS, Georgia WEEKS, John F 1904-Sep-08
ROGERS, Grace ALEXANDER, S R 1908-Dec-23
ROGERS, Grover Mrs MOSS, L D 1910-May-15
ROGERS, Joanna WARRELL, E C 1915-Jun-24
ROGERS, Kittie Joe WILKES, D L 1903-Jun-02
ROGERS, Lillian MARTIN, W C 1910-May-28
ROGERS, Lukie E DARNELL, George 1919-Sep-17
ROGERS, Marion S MOORE, Nellie 1910-Apr-09
ROGERS, Sallie TATE, Edwin 1906-Feb-07
ROGERS, Susie E STEWART, C J 1918-Jul-28
ROOK, Annie WHITE, F M 1903-Apr-02
ROSAMOND, Hattie RHODES, J R 1918-Jul-03
ROSAMOND, Willie Miss MEADOWS, W A 1918-Sep-08
ROSCOE, Minnie DICKENS, Charles 1915-Aug-08
ROSE, Maud RAYNER, Walter 1920-Oct-10
ROSS, Dora Belle HILL, M H 1904-Nov-27
ROSSOM, Margaret MONTGOMERY, Charles 1920-Sep-18
ROUSSELOT, Marie BROWN, Edgar 1902-Mar-19
ROWE, Evaline AYLES, M C 1895-Feb-04
ROY, Burnett Mrs DOTY, Earnest 1911-Oct-05
RUBY, Lora Alta BOGUE, Thomas 1915-Aug-26
RUCKER, Ida May WEEMS, Willie 1903-Jul-06
RULE, Mary J AUSTIN, Charles 1898-Sep-25
RUSHING, Flora LOPER, L R 1918-Jul-05
RUSSELL, Maggie JOHNSON, R L 1901-Feb-04
RUSSELL, Nannie M PACE, William 1902-Jan-01
RUSSELL, S R Mrs TRUIT, E B 1894-Feb-06
RUSSELL, Susie KEALNOPER, Grover 1902-Dec-21



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