Holmes County Brides

P - Q

PACE, Janie BARTH, W W 1900-Sep-09
PACE, Lillie PETERS, M J 1903-Aug-26
PACE, Myrtia BROWN, John H 1913-Jul-18
PACE, Virginia DAVIS, James 1916-Jan-11
PAKLEN, Mary E MCREE, Ernest 1917-Aug-29
PALMER, Nina MCLEMORE, D W 1904-Jan-05
PARKIN, Mayme PERCE, Henry H 1905-Jan-31
PARKINSON, Annie GRANTHAM, J F 1917-Jan-10
PARKINSON, Arra STOUT, S L 1899-Jan-25
PARKINSON, Lucy SPROLES, G R 1894-Jan-31
PARKINSON, Lutie DODD, J E 1906-Sep-04
PARRISH, M F Mrs HOBBS, L L 1898-Jan-05
PARRISH, Marie BROWN, William 1910-Dec-30
PARRISH, N E Miss HENLEY, J A 1901-Dec-25
PATTON, Marthia HARDISON, Frank 1897-Jan-04
PAUL, Mary V WHITEHEAD, C A 1902-Jul-17
PAXTON, Myrtle WIGLEY, W E 1908-Oct-21
PAYNE, Lenora NETHERLAND, Leroy 1915-Aug-08
PAYNE, Lula PETTERS, W E 1900-Dec-19
PAYNE, Pearlie DIVINE, J M 1900-Nov-18
PEARSON, Eva R BRIDGES, Robert 1916-Sep-23
PEASTER, Daisy BENNETT, Charlie 1910-Feb-17
PEASTER, Lillian SLEDGE, J D 1908-Dec-20
PEASTER, Susie THOMPSON, William 1917-Feb-14
PEE, Eula Ann DODD, J R 1913-Nov-28
PEEPLES, Alice WATTS, W H 1896-Mar-05
PEETS, Leda REYNOLDS, D E 1916-Jul-09
PEOPLES, Martha FARR, James 1902-Dec-31
PEPPER, Alice COUNTS, Charles 1917-Jun-14
PEPPER, E E Miss GIBSON, Davis L 1899-Oct-31
PERKINS, C N Miss HESTER, A B 1902-Dec-18
PERRY, Annie HENRY, W M Jr 1920-Jul-16
PERRY, Dura COOKSEY, Thomas 1905-Dec-20
PERRY, Hollie WOODS, James P 1903-Nov-05
PERRY, Kathrine RHYNE, Robert 1912-Jan-06
PERRY, Leda RAMSER, A F 1908-Apr-20
PERRY, Lillie RAY, Bija 1897-Jul-08
PERRY, Minnie SEAY, Willie 1902-Jul-29
PERRY, Sallie HALE, J H 1911-Jan-20
PETTEGREW, Annie MARKS, Robert E 1919-Sep-30
PETTIGREW, Emma SHURLEY, W R 1902-Feb-02
PETTUCE, Alice SCOTT, G H 1894-Sep-16
PETTUS, Evie ABEL, James 1916-Jan-12
PETTUS, Mattie CHISOLM, Robert 1920-Dec-29
PHILLIPS, A Alice SHURLDS, Henry 1918-Dec-24
PHILLIPS, Cornelia SMITH, Joseph 1904-Oct-19
PHILLIPS, Mattie EDWARDS, W L 1903-Oct-01
PICKENS, Bessie MCLEORY, Frank 1898-Dec-21
PICKLE, Daisy WYNN, James 1906-Aug-21
PICKLE, Ruth KIRSH, J L Jr 1902-Jul-27
PIERCE, Anna W DUBORD, F S 1897-Jan-27
PIERCE, Mattie WIGLEY, J M Jr 1897-Jan-06
PIERCE, Nannie BROWN, S J 1894-Jan-31
PIERCE, Nell DAVIDSON, J W 1903-Aug-25
PIERCE, Nina TYE, John F Jr 1903-May-06
PIERCE, Valley EDWARDS, T J 1898-Dec-05
PINKSTON, Montie M DICKEN, Charles Jr 1899-Jun-14
PIPPIN, Callie WALDRUP, B Mack 1919-Dec-24
PITCHFORD, Annie SMITH, Tillman B 1907-Dec-12
PITTMAN, C E Miss FONVILLE, L H 1899-Jan-12
PITTMAN, Louisa MCPHEARSON, M H 1914-Aug-06
PLEASANT, Margaret GROFTON, Thomas 1917-Aug-02
PLYER, Glena M LEWIS, Thomas E 1913-Sep-30
PORTER, Alice MALVEY, H J Dr 1900-Dec-19
PORTER, Alice NEVILS, Joseph 1918-Jun-17
PORTER, Bettie Sue MOSS, Henry H 1920-Apr-18
PORTER, Lula ABELS, Henry 1900-Mar-19
PORTER, Lula ANDERSON, Silas 1905-Dec-30
POSEY, Nina LIPSEY, Leonard 1896-Dec-16
POWERS, A E Mrs WARNER, R M 1896-Mar-19
POWERS, Mabel MCCLURE, Paul L 1913-Sep-10
PRESLEY, Loula ARNOLD, Robert 1900-Nov-21
PRESTON, Ada ADAIR, James C 1898-Feb-09
PRITCHARD, Katie WILLIAMS, J H 1902-Feb-23
PRITCHARD, Myrtle JOHNSON, Paul 1910-Oct-22
PRUITT, Edna EUBANKS, Baxter 1908-Jan-21
PUGH, C E Mrs BARENTINE, C E 1901-Dec-22
PUGH, Hattie HOBBS, B M 1900-Dec-19
PURCELL, Eunice REID, Duress W 1920-May-01
PURDY, Violet C BOSSE, Henry W 1916-Jun-01
PURVIS, Mattie HORNE, J Robert 1902-Feb-09
PUTMAN, Maggie FONVILLE, Earl M 1903-Mar-12
PUTNAM, Annie P BUTLER, A D 1904-Oct-16
PUTNAM, Ella DURHAM, I C 1903-Nov-15
PUTNAM, Florence RUSSELL, R T 1912-Dec-22
QUEEN, Lillie B BOONE, W C 1904-Jun-26



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