Holmes County Brides

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NABERS, Bidy WILLIAMSON, Singleton 1907-Dec-06
NABERS, Mary FRITZ, William 1900-Oct-10
NABERS, Mary D MCCRORY, Walton 1906-Dec-05
NABERS, Zelma FOWLER, Alex 1911-Mar-22
NABORS, Kate LUNDY, W B 1895-May-08
NALLS, Harriet BREWER, Dred 1919-Jan-18
NALLS, Viola ASHLEY, Charley 1913-Dec-30
NANCE, Johnnie Mrs LOTT, Walter 1896-Feb-03
NANCE, Mattie HAGAN, F M 1894-Mar-25
NANCE, Nancy B BURWELL, J W 1895-Jan-15
NEAL, Ida SMITH, J W 1898-Jun-29
NEAL, Minnie A CHRISTMAS, James 1898-Aug-17
NEATHERLAND, Cenie STEWART, Je 1908-Jan-25
NEATHERLAND, Jessie ZEIGLER, W L 1909-Jan-06
NEATHERLAND, Laura HOOVER, Britton 1906-Jul-12
NEILSON, Alice NOEL, Edmond 1905-Sep-11
NELSON, Charlotte ANDERSON, R E 1897-Jun-17
NELSON, Dimple D HEMINGWAY, W S 1904-Apr-10
NELSON, M A Mrs HENDERSON, James 1897-Feb-01
NELSON, Texanna ADAMS, Lee 1898-Feb-04
NETHERLAND, Nina RODGERS, James 1914-Jan-27
NETTLES, Marion RANDLE, John 1905-May-23
NEVELS, Fannie CRABTREE, J W 1896-May-19
NEVELS, May LESTER, John 1904-Dec-21
NEVIL, Eunice SWINNEY, Armstead 1918-Sep-03
NEVILLE, Annie Claire BRUMBY, Robert 1901-Jun-19
NEWER, Mattie WILLOUGHBY, John 1915-Nov-25
NEWSOM, Annie MATHEWS, Charles 1899-Mar-21
NEWSOM, Bessie HALL, George 1906-Oct-30
NEWSOM, Daisy GRIFFING, H M 1899-May-02
NEWSOM, Eppie FRANCIS, Sydney L 1901-Oct-03
NEWSOM, Leta BOZEMAN, W C 1902-Jul-14
NEWSOM, Lucy SHARPLIN, J E 1902-Dec-12
NEWSOM, R M Mrs GREEN, R L 1896-Jan-17
NICHOLS, Edna MCCARTY, Joe C 1918-Nov-02
NICHOLSON, Emmie TERRY, J E 1896-Dec-18
NICHOLSON, Georgie MILLER, D M 1897-Dec-22
NICHOLSON, Laura TULL, Silus 1904-Dec-08
NIXON, Ada ASHLEY, M R 1899-Jan-06
NIXON, Anna ROBERTSON, E H 1915-Feb-07
NIXON, Annie THRAILKILL, Robt 1911-Dec-20
NIXON, Gertrude BEACHMAN, Wm M 1908-Dec-14
NIXON, Ida FORD, W D 1897-Dec-29
NIXON, Lucy FICKLIN, C C 1903-Dec-01
NIXON, Martha MALONE, L 1895-Oct-29
NIXON, Nora DRAKE, C S 1899-Jan-18
NIXON, Pauline PITCHFORD, Sam T 1899-Nov-23
NIXON, Sallie JONES, Ira 1914-Jan-01
NOEL, Alice BROWN, T H R 1900-Nov-28
NOEL, Annie PEIRCE, Henry F 1899-Sep-06
NOEL, Mattie J LIPSEY, Richard 1902-Feb-26
NORWOOD, Nora DEMENT, Wm C 1912-Aug-15
NOVELL, Clara ALEXANDER, Floyd 1898-Jan-20
NUNN, Lena WOODS, R S 1910-Nov-23
O'BRYANT, Lotta MCRAE, J W Jr 1897-Feb-24
O'HENDERSON, Fannie NELSON, W H 1897-Mar-14
OATES, Gussie WILKES, J E 1896-Dec-23
OATES, Jessie B WILKES, M C 1895-Mar-06
ODOM, Annie BROWN, E W 1918-Jun-17
ODOM, Annie REMAKER, George 1916-Feb-19
ODOM, Martha ELLINGTON, Whitten 1918-Aug-01
OLDHOUR, Lillian WEBB, J G 1911-Jan-20
OLIVE, Jane AVERYHART, Hardy 1899-Dec-13
OLTENBURG, Gretchen POVALL, R A 1895-Oct-16
OLTENBURG, Mary GINN, Hilary Kitrell 1901-Feb-27
OSBORNE, Letha Mrs CAMPBELL, Hollie 1896-Dec-28
OTT, Minnie STUART, N T 1916-Jan-26
OVERSTREET, Mildred SALE, William 1917-Jun-20
OWEN, Annie L THOMAS, Joseph K 1911-Jan-07
OWEN, Bessie HORTON, T J 1898-Dec-07
OWEN, Emaris Mima GUYTON, Joseph D 1907-Aug-07
OWEN, Emma JOHNSON, J T 1900-Dec-17
OWEN, Essie TATE, J E 1897-Jun-27
OWEN, Eva BUFORD, Eugene 1908-Nov-02
OWEN, Lillie L BARGER, Henry C 1902-Feb-12
OWEN, Mamie MINYARD, T B 1894-Dec-10



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