Holmes County Brides

K - L

KEACHOFER, Cora TRUITT, J E 1907-Jan-01
KEALHAFER, Fannie FEICHER, John 1908-Feb-10
KEALHOPER, Mary MOORE, Toby 1911-Jul-04
KEIRN, Maude L JAMES, Thomas G 1902-Oct-15
KELLEBREW, Allie REYNOLDS, W T 1914-Jan-02
KELLEY, Eva MERRIWETHER, Gideon 1920-Oct-31
KELLEY, Stella ROGERS, J C 1917-May-01
KELVIN, Charlotte THOMAS, Gordan 1905-Dec-05
KEMP, Alice PATTERSEE, J W 1912-Nov-10
KENNEDY, Mamie NABERS, John 1900-Feb-14
KENNEY, Alice PAXTON, James T 1913-Mar-27
KENNEY, Alice O CHUN, Samuel H 1912-Jul-31
KERN, Rosebud APPLEBAUM, Nathan 1914-Jul-01
KEZER, Kate OVERSTREET, W J 1900-Sep-05
KIERN, Ethel JONES, W B 1905-Oct-18
KILBY, Fannie CARSON, Robert 1895-Sep-19
KILBY, Julia COGHLEN, H M 1896-Dec-19
KILLEBREW, Annie HARTHCOCK, Thomas 1898-Nov-16
KILLEBREW, Bessie CRAW, Charles 1908-Apr-28
KILLEBREW, Francis LOVE, Herbert 1903-Mar-01
KILLEBREW, Martha TOLAR, D W 1909-Dec-20
KILLEBREW, Mattie BURELL, Lee V 1912-Nov-14
KILLEBREW, Mollie PRITCHARD, B L 1901-Feb-23
KILLEBREW, Nannie KINNEY, James 1900-Oct-24
KILLEBREW, Pattie CROW, B W 1904-Feb-22
KILLEBREW, Rosa KILLEBREW, James 1908-Jan-08
KING, Ammie CLAIR, John J 1911-Dec-28
KING, Eliza CASTLEBERRY, Charles 1905-Jan-25
KING, Emma J SANDERS, H Grady 1919-Mar-22
KING, Erma ARMSTRONG, James 1903-Dec-02
KING, Lula GANTT, G D 1904-Nov-27
KING, Mattie ELMORE, Will F 1913-Jun-26
KING, Mollie CRONE, Alfred 1913-Dec-09
KINNEY, Biddie TOLAR, J C 1902-Nov-23
KINNEY, Ellen DEVINE, Alex 1900-Dec-25
KINNEY, Mattie IVY, William 1904-Feb-21
KINNY, Mollie TRIGHTH, G W 1896-Feb-23
KITCHENS, Harriett BREAZEALE, E B 1905-Apr-08
KITCHENS, Ola WAITS, Ward T 1897-Dec-22
KITCHENS, Zora FRANKLIN, John W 1912-Jan-31
KIZER, Ludie RAY, Wade 1914-Jul-01
KNIGHTON, Leila AVERHART, Menis C 1909-Mar-09
KNOTT, Mollie CARSON, S H 1896-Feb-20
KNOTT, Susie E DAVIS, J H 1897-Sep-26
KNOTT, Susie E MCMULLEN, 1895-Aug-30
KYZER, Mary GRANTHAM, Joseph 1900-Nov-09
LAGRONE, Mary WEST, V R 1902-Aug-23
LANDFAIR, Leila GRESHAM, W F Dr 1898-Sep-14
LANGFORD, Annie SMITH, Johnie 1918-Dec-04
LANGFORD, Belle BARTON, I G 1894-Oct-28
LAUSHE, Era Irene LAWSHE, W H 1909-Dec-20
LAVENDER, Ruth ELLIS, Elton 1915-May-02
LAWRANCE, Lizzie BENFORD, John A 1895-Nov-20
LEACH, Ethel ATTNEAVE, Frank 1906-Feb-22
LEE, Ada BUCK, Dewitt 1912-Jul-25
LEE, Annie Loyd PEACOCK, W B 1909-Dec-31
LEE, Mary L DOZIER, John B 1906-Mar-20
LEE, Minnie ROBERTSON, John 1908-May-02
LEE, Talulah HERRING, M F 1904-Apr-24
LEE, Wina May PERRY, Claude 1908-Dec-23
LENARD, Carrie HOLMES, Charles 1900-Feb-15
LENARD, Cinthia May JONES, Ed 1920-Dec-02
LEOY, Annette ROBERTS, Edward 1907-Dec-30
LEWIS, Emma ADAMS, George 1899-Sep-20
LEWIS, Mattie ALFORD, Cleveland 1910-Nov-19
LIGHTFOOT, Erra STEELE, John W 1906-Jan-24
LIGHTFOOT, Eva CALQUEHOUR, Robert 1895-Jun-26
LIGHTFOOT, Nora BARHAM, Benjamin 1903-Dec-23
LINDSAY, Elmore LANDFAIR, Tom 1915-Oct-09
LIPSCOMB, Anna GLICK, H R 1896-Feb-15
LIPSEY, Ellie WOODRUFF, Chivers 1905-Nov-07
LIPSEY, Elyne WIGLEY, J A 1918-Sep-20
LIPSEY, Lucy GODFRY, Sam S 1907-Aug-02
LIPSEY, Pearl BARTH, Benjamin 1906-Jul-06
LIPSEY, Rosa CAMERON, Wm D 1896-Dec-30
LIPSEY, Theo Mrs RIPLEY, H D 1918-Jun-23
LIVELY, Clara Lee WEEMS, B T 1900-Jul-01
LLOYD, India HOCUT, Henry 1905-Dec-13
LLOYD, Julia ADAMS, Chas 1907-Dec-18
LOCKHART, Minnie BEALL, George S 1902-Jun-04
LOMAX, Mary GRUITT, Warren 1906-Jan-02
LOMAX, Sallie TRUITT, J E 1904-Nov-30
LONDON, Minnie ALEXANDER, Daniel 1900-Jun-09
LONG, Georgia Lee LUNSFORD, M W 1902-Apr-03
LONG, Lauretta FIELDS, S C 1903-Nov-19
LONG, Tennie Lee PETTUS, C 1903-Nov-29
LORD, Polly ADAMS, Lize Wm 1890-Apr-02
LOTT, Bille KEITH, Robert M 1908-Jun-17
LOVAN, Alice HARRIS, J P 1913-Jul-27
LOVE, Susie C ARTMAN, W H 1898-Jul-06
LOVELAND, Annie Anthony AUSTIN, Albert Percy 1898-Jan-27
LUCAS, Eva BURWELL, William 1919-Apr-29
LUCAS, Georgia May WADELLE, R L 1913-Sep-07
LUNDY, Addie HOWELL, G B 1900-Feb-06
LUNDY, Effie D MOORE, Joseph H 1913-Dec-10
LUNDY, Ruby RANCH, William 1919-Jun-25
LUNSFORD, Alice NIXON, John T 1901-Dec-08
LUNSFORD, Allie MOORE, S R 1914-Jan-28
LUNSFORD, Alma WHITE, Edward 1900-Jun-05
LUNSFORD, Annie WIGLEY, Robert 1915-Feb-20
LUNSFORD, Bessie PINKE, Burley 1916-May-17
LUNSFORD, Rosa INGOLD, Oscar 1898-Jan-05
LYNN, Norma CLARK, Grover 1916-Dec-03
LYON, Bettie A WHITTINGTON, Ed J 1912-Jan-14
LYON, Cordelia FOOSE, Edward 1908-Jun-06
LYON, Ella STIGLER, Edward S 1909-Oct-20
LYON, India FONVILLE, M J 1897-Mar-18



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