Holmes County Brides

I - J

INGOLD, Elna DARNELL, B N 1914-Dec-06
INGOLD, Nettie WILLIAMS, J S 1918-Oct-20
INGRAM, Myrtle HOWARD, Earl 1904-Dec-25
INMON, Ida Mae BARR, Harry D 1920-Jun-28
IRBY, Dotia L LONG, Charles E 1910-Aug-06
IRBY, Lida S OSBORN, Delbert E 1907-Jul-11
IRBY, Pattie O WAITS, James H 1910-May-07
IRBY, Rosa SAMPLE, A D 1896-Nov-18
IRBY, Rosetta CASTLES, J M 1902-Mar-09
IREYS, Cora MARTIN, Duncan 1902-Jun-04
IRVIN, Anna ASH, Sam 1902-Aug-07
IRVIN, Katie TULLUS, Henry 1918-Sep-24
JACKSON, Alice JACKSON, J F 1914-Jun-23
JACKSON, Bettie STRONG, Johnrobert 1906-Feb-13
JACKSON, Frances ALEXANDER, Alex 1902-Jan-29
JACKSON, L Ethel MCBEE, Dalton 1913-Dec-03
JACKSON, Verna MCEARCHERN, Malcom 1916-Apr-23
JACOB, Lucy PORTER, T W 1901-Jun-12
JAMES, Elice WILLIAMS, Hosea 1904-Jan-13
JAMES, Ethel BUCK, Henry 1917-Nov-05
JAMES, Hettie RIFE, Arthur J Capt 1918-Oct-10
JEFCOAT, Minnie PUTMAN, J C 1907-Nov-29
JENKINS, M L Mrs MANGRUM, E E 1894-Apr-18
JENKINS, M L Mrs WILKS, John 1915-Jan-06
JENKINS, Nyshia FLY, Eugene 1909-Nov-23
JENKINS, Sallie MCFARLANE, Malcolm 1898-Apr-26
JENKINS, Willie Mrs HALCOMB, Thomas 1910-May-03
JOHNSON, A O Miss MARSHALL, J C 1902-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Abbey AUSTIN, Henry 1890-Jul-26
JOHNSON, Ada SOLOMON, George L 1918-Apr-30
JOHNSON, Alma HERRING, R L 1912-Aug-27
JOHNSON, Artria DURHAM, W O 1920-Jan-09
JOHNSON, Bessie DICKEN, John B 1911-Jun-28
JOHNSON, Bessie D GARY, Mose 1914-Jan-06
JOHNSON, Carrie SWINNEY, Charles 1898-Oct-27
JOHNSON, Edna DICKENS, Benjamin 1912-Sep-15
JOHNSON, Ellen RODGERS, C W 1910-Jul-19
JOHNSON, Elner GOSS, J H 1902-Aug-17
JOHNSON, Kittie BARGES, W E 1896-Nov-17
JOHNSON, Lena BRYANT, A F 1900-Oct-09
JOHNSON, Louise BOGGS, Alex 1914-Jan-01
JOHNSON, Louise MONTGOMERY, J W 1898-Jun-22
JOHNSON, Mabel HUNTER, John D 1908-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Maggie D HOWARD, Wm L 1896-Dec-03
JOHNSON, Mamie MELTON, Nathan 1902-Dec-24
JOHNSON, Margareta MATHERS, Chester 1902-Jan-22
JOHNSON, Mary TERRY, H S 1916-Jan-27
JOHNSON, Minnie BENNETT, A W 1902-Mar-09
JOHNSON, Nona AUSTIN, Phil 1901-Jan-01
JOHNSON, Rebecca MEEKS, J R 1897-Feb-09
JOHNSON, Ruby SMITH, Preston 1913-Dec-22
JOHNSON, Sallie ADAMS, Robert 1903-Jan-13
JOHNSON, Sallie FARR, W F 1902-Apr-17
JOHNSON, Willie E ELLIS, Spencer 1905-Apr-02
JONES, Berdie A GEARHEART, Frank 1903-Feb-24
JONES, Ida AUSTIN, Henry 1904-Feb-03
JONES, Lemma HEFFNER, A L 1898-Apr-11
JONES, Louella RIVERS, G E 1896-Jun-03
JONES, Lucy ADAMS, Edmond 1907-Apr-22
JONES, S B Mrs SWAYZE, O H Dr 1903-Nov-18
JORDAN, Celia ADAMS, Moses 1900-Jan-16
JORDAN, Cora L HOWELL, W R 1898-Feb-10
JORDAN, Dova CARMICHAEL, John 1920-Mar-10
JORDAN, Hattie MITCHELL, A W 1912-Jun-26
JORDAN, Illa WILLS, Ben 1914-Nov-16
JORDAN, Iska LONG, Loyd 1907-Aug-03
JORDAN, Lena BERNRENTER, Henry 1906-Dec-21
JOYCE, Fannie OWEN, B H 1899-Apr-12



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