Holmes County Brides


CADE, Pattie MELTON, B M 1904-Jun-22
CAESAR, Mary ADAMS, Willie 1907-Feb-20
CAGLE, A M Miss PUGH, A B 1903-Oct-21
CAIRS, Jane BURELL, J W 1916-Nov-07
CALDWELL, Ida ALLEN, George 1920-Jun-20
CALHOUN, Erma JUNKER, Joseph 1910-Dec-05
CALLEHAM, Susan MORTON, Harry S 1904-Nov-07
CALLIHAN, Alena MOORE, Lee 1908-Dec-19
CALLIHAN, Georgia SMITH, G W 1900-Nov-18
CALLIHAN, Pauline SPELL, Kyrt 1917-May-14
CAMPBELL, Bell GULLEDGE, James 1898-Apr-27
CAMPBELL, Eliza ALLEN, Alex 1909-Dec-29
CAMPBELL, Hollie OSBORNE, Letha Mrs 1896-Dec-28
CAMPBELL, Pearl LARKIN, John F 1898-May-04
CANNON, Mildred NEWIROIR, Joe 1897-Aug-17
CARDWELL, Vivian SPELL, Clyde 1915-Feb-28
CARGILL, Lucille SWEANY, Jessie 1906-Jan-03
CARGILL, Modena HOWARD, John 1916-Jul-20
CARLTON, Emily CONGER, Joseph C 1913-Mar-17
CARN, Lulie ENGLAND, J L 1903-Nov-27
CARPENTER, Carrie SIMMS, J M 1913-Mar-19
CARROLL, Georgia WILKES, R S 1903-Mar-08
CARSON, Birdie ADAMS, Bank 1905-Sep-24
CARSON, Bonnie KILBY, John W 1896-Aug-11
CARSON, Mattie MAXWELL, S W 1904-Mar-13
CARTER, Jennie HARTHCOCK, James 1897-Jan-17
CARTER, Mary BUIL, George 1920-Sep-05
CARTER, Vivian DRAKE, F M 1913-Jul-30
CARTER, Vivian HAZZELRIGG, Edward 1919-Feb-17
CASEY, Julia Mae LOGUE, Joseph 1919-Sep-24
CASWELL, Agnes CASWELL, W A 1908-Aug-08
CASWELL, W A CASWELL, Agnes 1908-Aug-08
CATO, Elizabeth PEASTER, Walter 1913-Jul-23
CATRON, Hollie ELLISON, W H 1905-Feb-22
CATRON, May NEWSOME, J W 1901-Dec-24
CAUSEY, Lillie MCLELLAN, J O 1899-Jun-20
CAUSEY, Mattie RUBY, J F 1898-Apr-17
CAUSEY, Willie L Mrs EVANS, E G 1903-Dec-24
CEAY, Mary JORDAN, J B 1894-Apr-24
CHANEY, Lula GRAY, George 1910-Jun-27
CHANIE, Maggie CONNER, Mark 1906-May-02
CHARLES, Cuddy Thomas ARCHER, Jane R 1897-Jan-27
CHATHAM, Mary MARSHALL, Samuel 1904-Nov-23
CHATMAN, Carrie WOODWARD, Raiford 1913-Jan-11
CHATMAN, Deta HARRELL, R C 1913-Aug-24
CHATMAN, Fannie SMITH, John 1916-Apr-16
CHATMAN, Ida DAVIS, T R 1897-Sep-06
CHILDRESS, Annie ENOCKS, F B 1917-Jan-17
CHISHOLM, Annie ARMSTRONG, Stanfield 1917-May-10
CHISHOLM, Richie Mrs WALDRUP, Birdie 1912-Jan-20
CHISHOLMS, Georgia ROGERS, Robert O 1909-Dec-18
CHISOLM, Ella MCBRIDE, Ernest 1918-Jan-05
CHISOLM, Mollie WADE, W 1905-Dec-22
CHISOM, Hattie HARTHCOCK, Joseph 1913-Jan-15
CHUNN, Beddie HOCUT, R H 1894-Dec-24
CLACK, P S Mrs GLOVER, Harold 1910-Mar-05
CLARK, A S Miss STEVENS, A L 1903-Feb-17
CLARK, Fannie MONTAGUE, W E 1897-Dec-15
CLARK, Fannie TRENCH, T W 1905-Jul-21
CLARK, Francis HUDSON, W M 1901-Apr-28
CLOWER, Annie HARTHCOCK, B F 1920-Jul-28
CLOWER, Susie MOORE, B A 1902-Oct-12
COATS, Malissa TOLBERT, Abraham 1919-Nov-01
COBB, Virginia E TRUCKS, William E 1901-Sep-25
COBBINS, Annie AUTREY, Frank 1898-Dec-25
COCHRAN, Dollie MCBRIDE, M H 1909-Dec-20
COCHRAN, Hallie SHELTON, R J 1894-Jan-18
COCHRAN, Lula R MCMILLAN, John H 1898-Jun-01
COCKRELL, Josephine SWINNEY, S P 1904-Aug-25
COGGINS, Eula FOWLER, W C 1900-Feb-21
COHEN, Era Ray MILLER, David 1908-Jul-14
COHEN, Julia FLOWERS, Abram 1915-Jan-19
COLE, Eulalie FERRELL, Eddie 1904-Jul-06
COLE, George Miss DURDEN, W K 1896-Jul-07
COLEMAN, Eulalie JOHNSON, Henry C 1916-Jun-01
COLEMAN, Ora AMMON, W W 1904-Jan-21
COLLIER, Bessie COBB, S C 1904-Aug-27
COLLIER, Evlyn RACINE, John S 1904-Aug-24
COLLIHAM, Jean SMITH, Forrest L 1908-Jun-19
COLLIHAN, Nora HOLLAND, James D 1907-Jul-09
COLLINS, Lula TIDWELL, Gus 1905-Jan-16
COLLUM, Carri CARTER, S J 1907-May-28
CONN, Hattie BROWN, J P 1903-Dec-23
CONNELLY, Nellie FRAZIER, W L 1902-Dec-23
CONNELLY, Sadie HIGHTOWER, S D 1901-Nov-06
CONNER, Claude LOVE, Mark 1902-Jul-16
COOK, Melissa SOWELL, Thomas 1900-Sep-11
COOPER, Patsy AUSTIN, Greeley 1910-Jun-04
COOPER, Signora WILLIAMSON, Ewell 1910-Aug-29
CORNES, Velma BENNETT, Arnold 1919-Jun-18
CORY, Katie PEARSON, R E 1897-May-02
COTTON, Evie COTTON, Hal 1913-Dec-08
COTTON, Hattie A WILLIAMS, A B 1904-Oct-12
COVINGTON, Bertha BYRD, J H 1895-Mar-21
COVINGTON, Erma TAGGART, J Q 1903-Apr-06
COWSERT, Edna DERRICK, R K 1911-Jun-02
COWSERT, Lou MOORE, Josephus 1897-Apr-21
COX, Ida FOOSE, Sam 1914-Jun-16
COX, Winford MANUEL, Bessie 1911-Dec-27
CRABTREE, Alice MOORE, E M 1899-Aug-23
CRABTREE, Annie BOYD, T W 1896-Jan-01
CRABTREE, Gertrude ALBIN, John H 1896-Feb-26
CRAIN, Mary MCMURTRY, J L 1898-Feb-02
CRAW, Pottie WILSON, A C 1909-Jan-08
CRAWFORD, Bessie AVERY, John T Jr 1903-Dec-26
CRAWFORD, Ida Lou GRAY, Isaac S 1898-Apr-20
CREEL, Mary MARTIN, Samuel 1914-Mar-02
CREEL, Pearley ELDRIDGE, George 1917-Aug-22
CRESSWELL, C D Miss DUTHER, J L 1899-Feb-10
CRIPPER, Cora WALTON, Jessie H 1910-Mar-15
CROSBY, Birtie JOYCE, W R 1918-Jan-28
CROSS, Allie BRISTER, Ebb 1912-Jul-07
CROSS, Zulma ALEXANDER, Ulrice 1906-Oct-19
CULLEY, Lena CRIDER, Carl S 1914-Aug-23
CULLEY, Lillie B BOYETT, Walter 1912-Jan-17
CULLIFER, Minnie RICHARDS, Robert 1909-Aug-14
CUNNINGHAM, Inez PURVIS, Calvin 1905-Sep-04
CUNNINGHAM, Laura JOHNSON, Leslie 1913-Nov-19
CUNNINGHAM, Mabel PEASTER, Robert L 1901-Jun-25
CUNNINGHAM, N V Mrs PEASTER, John 1905-Dec-06
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah GWIN, Robert M 1906-Feb-21



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