Holmes County Brides


BABB, Vera ALLEN, Bishop J 1917-Jan-06
BACON, Zouella GATTIS, Fred 1915-Apr-24
BAILEY, A Belle HEARD, Thomas W 1910-Jan-21
BAILEY, B F Mrs BROCK, E R 1896-Jun-10
BAILEY, Bessie RIDDLE, Charles 1901-Feb-05
BAILEY, Callis THORNTON, T N 1914-Dec-27
BAILEY, Carrie FULLILOVE, G W 1916-Dec-22
BAILEY, Emma L ATKINSON, S E 1894-Jan-28
BAILEY, Laura TERRY, Joe 1914-Jun-30
BAILEY, Luda ROGERS, J H 1916-Jul-18
BAILEY, Mary MCNEES, James 1917-Apr-12
BAILEY, May Belle HATHCOCK, Charles 1910-Dec-18
BAILEY, Sallie MCCRARY, B 1902-Dec-24
BAILEY, Winnie EDWARDS, K B 1916-Aug-20
BAINE, Erma SHARPE, Guy P 1920-Jun-06
BAINE, Mattie TURNER, Earl 1920-Feb-22
BAIRD, Florence BUCK, George 1917-Jul-03
BAKER, Ethel DEAN, Homer 1905-Jun-21
BAKER, Gabrella JOHNSON, Lynn 1915-Jan-27
BAKER, Mary Kate HOLCOMBE, P D Dr 1899-Oct-03
BAKER, Rachael AUSTIN, Chas 1904-Dec-22
BALDRIDGE, Ledas STEVENS, William 1907-Jun-24
BANKHEAD, Minnie RAYNER, Walter 1919-Jan-23
BARENTINE, Melissa GEASLEY, W B 1900-Jan-21
BARGER, Lula MOSS, J W 1899-Jan-05
BARGER, Mabel HUTCHISON, Fred 1914-Nov-15
BARGER, Maude EVANS, W M 1905-Nov-14
BARNER, S F Mrs AMMONS, M L 1902-Apr-27
BARNES, Fannie MCMORROUGH, T J 1896-Aug-19
BARR, Emma D MOORE, Walton H 1904-Jul-20
BARR, Rerva COOPER, Leo H 1905-Dec-20
BARRENTINE, Mary FROST, Thomas 1911-Dec-20
BARRENTINE, Mattie HOOKS, R M 1901-Dec-18
BARROW, Alice APPLEWHITE, J W 1905-Jan-25
BARRY, Edith Viola MCCULLA, Alfred 1898-Dec-25
BARTH, M M Mrs LIGHTFOOT, J W 1896-Oct-12
BATES, Alice ELMORE, William 1897-Sep-09
BATES, E J Mrs PIERCE, W H 1895-Nov-21
BATES, Ethel L MCGLAWN, L R 1904-Jul-03
BATES, Myrtle WALLACE, T W 1896-Jan-08
BAUGHNS, Lou I GOSS, J W 1898-Aug-25
BAYNE, M F Miss WAGNER, W A 1897-Sep-27
BEALL, Amy BAKER, E G 1915-Oct-20
BEALL, Clara WATSON, John S 1899-Apr-26
BEALL, Jennie CHANDLER, J M 1904-Apr-27
BEALL, Julia WALTON, Jesse B 1914-Nov-25
BEALL, Katherine MOORE, Charles J 1908-Feb-14
BEALL, Mary NICHOLS, Hugh L 1912-Apr-25
BEALL, Necie S GWIN, J S 1902-Oct-15
BEARD, Emmie WITTSHIRE, David 1905-Jan-04
BEARD, Stella POPE, J E 1895-Oct-23
BEASTER, Burdette POLLARD, M L Dr 1917-Nov-12
BECKLEME, Philomena SAFIE, Frank 1916-Apr-14
BELFORD, Sue Ella DONOLD, I M 1912-Mar-27
BELL, Lida NALL, J T 1894-Jan-10
BELL, Linnie RUSSELL, James 1898-Nov-24
BELL, N L Mrs NALL, R B 1894-Nov-28
BERRY, Anna E WATSON, James F 1904-Aug-10
BEULEY, Esther AUSTIN, Cleveland 1912-Dec-20
BEVILL, Queen GRANTHAM, Jesse 1919-Nov-01
BEW, Alice BAKER, Robert Dr 1901-Feb-09
BINFORD, Emma ADAMS, Emanuel 1901-Dec-15
BLACK, Annie WELCH, W T 1918-Oct-21
BLACK, Maude KNOTT, R F 1897-Feb-04
BLACK, Pearl TAYLOR, M O 1915-May-09
BLACKWELL, Mamie TURNER, John 1910-Dec-27
BLANCHARD, Mary HENRY, Wm M 1896-Dec-04
BLANKENSHIP, Katie PITTS, John 1899-May-13
BLOOM, Maggie MORGAN, Elmer 1903-Aug-24
BLUE, Ida ADAMS, Peter 1901-Jan-13
BOATWRIGHT, Alma SIDES, William 1908-Mar-11
BOATWRIGHT, Lou F ELLIS, W A Dr 1897-Dec-21
BOATWRIGHT, Millie SMITH, William 1910-Jan-11
BODKER, Lovie FERRILL, B F 1903-Feb-04
BODKER, Mary MARSHALL, J E 1902-Dec-24
BOOTHE, Maude FORTNER, Charles 1917-Jan-01
BORDEN, Fannie E SPROLES, L L 1898-Mar-23
BOSWELL, Daisy WORTON, Alfred 1901-Dec-19
BOSWELL, Gladys SMITH, Bill 1919-Mar-19
BOWIE, Maggie ADAMS, Lee 1900-May-26
BOWLING, Celess AUSTIN, James 1900-Oct-23
BOWLING, Cless AUSTIN, James 1900-Dec-23
BOYD, Janie AIKINS, Joe 1902-Jun-11
BOYD, Lena AUSTIN, William 1903-Dec-19
BOYD, Ruth CROWDER, Willie 1919-Aug-03
BOYDES, Lena AUSTIN, William 1903-Dec-19
BOYETT, Lela GLINES, Fred 1912-Jan-05
BOYETT, Lizzie ADAMS, William 1899-Jan-20
BOYLE, Lila KING, Floyd H 1898-Apr-11
BRADFORD, Minnie CLANTON, Robert 1911-Aug-06
BRADY, Daisy WATSON, Pelham 1900-Dec-26
BRADY, Rosa May RUSSUM, J F 1919-Sep-27
BRANDT, Louise JOHNSON, Earl 1919-Nov-02
BRASFIELD, Maggie EDWARDS, J R 1907-Apr-06
BRASWELL, Sidney WENTWORTH, Marion 1902-Nov-30
BREWER, Hellen ELLISON, J E 1897-Jan-06
BREWER, Vira BEAMON, R E 1897-Feb-09
BRICKLEY, Corinne WINSTEAD, R L 1904-Feb-28
BRIDGES, Docia WATSON, Joe Jr 1909-Dec-31
BRIDGES, Ethel ABLES, J C 1910-Dec-28
BRISTER, Ida Sue FORBES, Gilden 1905-Jan-08
BRISTER, Lillian HOLMES, Walter Jr 1913-Feb-06
BRISTER, Lizzie ALLEN, Ed 1906-Dec-23
BRISTER, Loula MCNEES, Vernon 1912-Sep-30
BRISTER, Louvenia ELLARD, Irvin 1916-Aug-07
BRISTOR, Perry Mrs FOWLER, J H 1908-Sep-11
BRITTIAN, Essie AYUS, W R 1914-Nov-30
BRITTIAN, Willie Mrs SLOSS, E B Dr 1913-Nov-28
BROCK, Corriene V WRIGHT, W L 1914-Mar-11
BROCK, E L Mrs BROWN, J A 1895-Sep-29
BROOKE, Mary Walker HUNTER, E W 1896-Aug-13
BROOKS, Carla Mrs MAUDLIN, Mark 1914-Nov-08
BROOKS, Jessie PARKER, C S 1919-Feb-10
BROOKS, Nebraska STROWD, T J 1896-Dec-22
BROOKS, Nell BROWN, Clyde 1916-Jun-25
BROOKS, Virgie MCMORROUGH, B N 1897-Apr-25
BROUGH, D P Mrs ELLINGTON, D J 1894-Mar-11
BROWN, Alice HELM, Ruben 1911-Dec-24
BROWN, Annie RUSSELL, W E 1900-Jul-25
BROWN, Cornelia WEEKS, Norman 1920-Nov-27
BROWN, Hattie MCLELLAN, Walter 1905-Dec-21
BROWN, Ida BROWN, Johnnie 1919-Sep-01
BROWN, Josephine MIXON, R T 1908-Mar-30
BROWN, Lee PARKINSON, J F 1904-Dec-03
BROWN, Lucy DARNELL, F C 1902-Dec-21
BROWN, Lucy WEBB, J T 1910-Nov-06
BROWN, Mary DOTY, Walton 1913-Feb-05
BROWN, Mary PARKINSON, John T 1903-Feb-25
BROWN, Mary Alma SMITH, Ralph 1913-Dec-24
BROWN, Mollie GORRARD, C M 1898-Dec-21
BROWN, Sarah MALONE, W M Jr 1908-Sep-19
BROWN, T V Mrs CALLIHAN, J H 1897-Jan-19
BROWNING, Allie DICKENS, Vernon 1917-Aug-26
BROWNING, Edna MASON, Rufus C 1907-Oct-28
BRUCE, Mattie PETERSON, A C 1909-Oct-23
BRYANT, Anna ALSTON, Charles 1898-Feb-16
BRYON, Mary MCCAHILL, Hugh 1903-May-02
BUCHANAN, Julia AUSTIN, James 1906-Sep-01
BUCHANON, Julia AUSTIN, James 1906-Sep-01
BUCK, Annie ROBERTSON, John G 1920-Dec-27
BUCKLEY, Allie M BERNARD, Ernest G 1903-Jun-24
BUFORD, Fannie WILLIS, J H 1902-Apr-16
BUFORD, Irene ROGERS, James 1901-Nov-12
BUFORD, Minnie ATKINSON, William 1900-Apr-25
BURELL, Julia MALONE, Ivy 1903-Dec-30
BURGE, Bertie COBB, Erastus 1897-Feb-04
BURGE, Bulah MILLER, W W 1895-Feb-14
BURGE, Lida SMITH, T M 1897-Jan-17
BURKES, Bettie HARGROVE, C L 1903-May-31
BURKES, Ludie DURHAM, J D 1903-Jul-14
BURKS, Alice DURHAM, J D 1894-May-06
BURKS, Martha COTTON, William 1902-Aug-10
BURLEYSON, Bertie HARRIS, J V 1902-Jun-28
BURNS, Callie FORBS, A J 1911-Feb-08
BURNS, Sallie GOSS, B F 1905-Mar-07
BURTON, Bessie ATKINSON, Edward 1905-Apr-17
BURTON, Mary FORD, William 1901-Feb-14
BURWELL, Esther ANDERSON, Marshall 1916-Feb-10
BURWELL, Mattie KILEBREW, William 1909-Jan-11
BURWELL, Patty MCDONALD, John Dr 1899-Feb-08
BURWELL, Rachael BARRETT, William 1898-Oct-26
BUSH, Ella KYZER, W H 1896-Feb-02
BUSHART, Sallie LUNSFORD, W W 1915-Dec-21
BUSSEY, Annie EUBANKS, Frank 1904-Apr-27
BUSSEY, Loula HOWARD, J W 1900-Jun-27
BUSSEY, Maude HOLMES, Clarence 1907-Mar-27
BUTLER, Katie BRIDGES, H H 1909-Mar-23
BYRD, Annie BRADLEY, T H 1898-Jun-26
BYRD, Bessie NABORS, Robert 1920-Apr-04
BYRD, Cora WILKES, R A 1896-Dec-27
BYRD, Edna SHANKS, Ford 1903-Apr-03
BYRD, Julia WEEMS, E H 1894-Oct-28
BYRD, Mabel LANDRUM, W J 1910-Jun-03
BYRD, Mattie May WILKS, R H 1910-Jan-10
BYRD, Rebecca LUNSFORD, L W 1897-Dec-05
BYRD, Sallie B UPSHAW, Sam 1911-Dec-06
BYRNE, Lena MITTEREITER, Mike 1904-Nov-31
BYRON, Nellie MCDADE, Patrick 1896-Aug-17



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