Holmes County Brides


ABBOTT, B T Mrs JONES, P T 1896-Apr-30
ABEL, Ada ABEL, J S 1900-Feb-21
ABEL, Augusta ABEL, Joseph H 1900-Feb-14
ABELS, Annie NEVELS, E L 1894-Feb-01
ABELS, Celia WINSTEAD, James 1917-Jan-20
ABELS, Dollie BURRELL, James 1920-Aug-04
ABELS, Jennie WADE, Preslan 1909-Jan-09
ABELS, Lena WOODARD, C R 1896-Nov-25
ABELS, Louise ASHLEY, Nathan 1910-Aug-13
ABELS, Willie BURELL, J E 1904-Nov-16
ABLEES, Purity PRITCHARD, W A 1898-Feb-03
ABLES, Adell KILLEBREW, Bennie 1919-Dec-28
ABLES, Adell MCGINTRY, Ernest 1919-May-18
ABLES, Eula MALONE, T B 1915-Dec-26
ABLES, Eula PUTMAN, W D 1907-Dec-07
ABLES, Lillian MCGINTY, J W 1916-Apr-09
ABLES, Mary Ann HOCUT, Wm H 1912-Nov-03
ABLES, Mary Jane PORTER, Oren 1914-Sep-25
ABLES, Minnie Lee MARSHALL, Henry 1908-Dec-10
ABLES, Nannie DURHAM, J D 1904-Dec-04
ADAMS, Evie CUMMEENS, Wm L 1904-Apr-10
ADAMS, Inez HAYS, William 1920-Sep-05
ADAMS, Lela WALLACE, Luther 1916-Aug-28
ADAMS, Lize Wm LORD, Polly 1890-Apr-02
ADAMS, Pinkey ADAMS, George 1898-Mar-02
ALBINS, Ethel DAVIS, Edward 1912-Aug-08
ALDRIDGE, Delia ELLINGTON, S J 1899-Feb-05
ALDRIDGE, Ida B SMITH, Dwight 1908-Jun-29
ALDRIDGE, Lisie SHINE, J H 1903-Dec-24
ALEXANDER, Bessie BROCK, Richard 1909-Feb-19
ALEXANDER, Hattie MORGAN, G L 1920-Feb-03
ALEXANDER, Lillie NEWMAN, A J Dr 1897-Nov-17
ALEXANDER, Lula AUSTIN, William 1909-Dec-24
ALEXANDER, Mary GILMORE, T A 1910-Mar-03
ALFORD, Leola ALFORD, Oscar 1899-Mar-26
ALFORD, Minnie BROWN, Cash 1917-Feb-03
ALFORD, Ola ALFORD, Spellman 1910-Nov-05
ALLEN, Annie TATE, Jeff 1913-Feb-06
ALLEN, Clyde Mrs YOUNG, David 1911-Dec-03
ALLEN, Eva ELLIS, W L 1900-Dec-05
ALLEN, Hattie GRANTHAM, Henry 1906-Jan-04
ALLEN, Maggie TATE, Josephus 1905-Feb-05
ALLEN, Venora JOHNSON, John H 1907-Aug-18
AMACKER, Josie BUCK, Robert 1911-Dec-13
AMMONS, B C Miss BROOKS, T M 1903-Dec-21
AMMONS, Belle HOGAN, Lee 1907-Jul-01
AMMONS, Bessie SANDERS, W A 1909-Jan-25
AMMONS, C L Mrs BROOKS, R L 1915-Jul-19
AMMONS, Lillian HOLMES, T A 1894-Nov-04
AMMONS, Lizzie E BROCK, W R 1901-Dec-24
AMMONS, Pet YEAGER, R H 1895-Nov-14
ANDERSON, Cora HAYS, W A 1895-Aug-29
ANDERSON, Irma ASHLEY, Cooper 1901-Mar-01
ANDERSON, Julia BRIDGEFORTH, Lewis 1905-May-09
ANDERSON, L G Miss OLDHAM, Y F 1897-Aug-18
ANDERSON, Lucy M YOUNG, Tom L 1913-Mar-21
ANDERSON, Mary PHILLIPS, James 1914-Apr-16
ANDERSON, Minnie WILKINS, J O 1910-Nov-15
ANDERSON, Minnie E WAITS, Joseph N 1894-Feb-07
ANDERSON, Nellie B MINYARD, Ben J 1916-May-28
ANDERSON, Retta STAKLE, Robert 1916-May-04
ANDERSON, Willie ADAMS, Oscar 1903-Jan-07
ANDREWS, Mabel MELTON, Robert 1909-May-16
ANGLE, Bessie J EASTERBROOK, Earl 1914-Jul-22
ANGLE, Onie L BETTY, Rupert 1906-Dec-22
ARCHER, Ann E BRANTLEY, John C 1897-Jun-03
ARCHER, Jane R CHARLES, Cuddy Thomas 1897-Jan-27
ARICKSON, Lillie PACE, Thomas F 1902-Mar-12
ARMSTRONG, Bessie WIMBERLEY, Rufus 1918-Dec-23
ARMSTRONG, Dora LEWIS, R F 1914-Nov-18
ARMSTRONG, Minnie GIDENS, George 1918-May-01
ARMSTRONG, Olivia KEITH, Sanders 1910-Aug-11
ARNOLD, Ora MUNGER, Thomas G 1913-Jan-21
ARNOLD, Rosa BANGS, Iver H 1909-Feb-20
ARSDIL, Willie V Mrs HOOVER, J R 1895-May-29
ASHCROFT, Fedora BOWLING, James 1898-Dec-14
ASHLEY, Dida EAKIN, Wesley 1901-Nov-24
ASHLEY, E G Mrs JACKSON, A 1894-Apr-24
ASHLEY, Erid SMITH, Robert H 1910-Aug-02
AUSTIN, Annie HUNT, Homer 1906-May-23
AUTREY, Fannie MCCRARY, J C 1909-Mar-04



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