Hinds County Grooms

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NAGLE, J S DEWYER, Emma Mrs 1872-Mar-12
NAHRGANY, Antane MOLER, Rosina 1854-May-31
NAIL, J H BERRY, S J 1880-Feb-29
NAIL, J H BERRY, S J Miss 1880-Feb-27
NAIL, John H HAWKINS, Nora 1897-Dec-22
NAIL, M H RANEY, Marcia Ann 1889-Jan-10
NAIL, W W SUTTERFIELD, Helen B 1900-Dec-23
NAMAN, Wyman Van CALLOWAY, C Ann 1858-Sep-05
NAPIER, Thomas T ABRAHAM, Ella 1853-Jan-25
NASH, Charles E Dr MOSELEY, Fannie R 1881-Sep-29
NASH, Charles E Dr MOSELY, Fannie R 1881-Sep-29
NASH, D A CARAWAY, Lizzie M 1886-Jan-27
NASH, John CAVANAUGH, Mary Mrs 1867-Dec-26
NAUDOCK, R B BERRYHILL, Mollie 1886-Dec-29
NEAL, E E WALKER, E R Miss 1894-Mar-11
NEAL, Frank SIVLEY, A H 1896-Jan-08
NEAL, Frank B BASKIN, Nancy 1888-Oct-31
NEAL, J W O HEMPHILL, Josephine 1865-Sep-06
NEAL, S L SEALE, Mary E 1858-Jan-14
NEAL, W S STOKES, Charlotte 1874-Feb-16
NEAL, W S STOKES, Charlotte 1874-Feb-18
NEEL, J W YATES, Edward S 1881-Feb-01
NEELY, I E CLARK, Lula 1893-Dec-14
NEILL, H C HERRING, Addie 1888-Jan-04
NELSON, C C HARRIS, Cora L 1895-Apr-03
NELSON, F C BRITT, Jennie L 1894-Nov-14
NELSON, Frank C LANGLEY, Ida L 1881-Jun-08
NELSON, Frank C LANGLEY, Ida S 1881-Jun-08
NELSON, George ELLIOTT, Sallie 1890-May-08
NELSON, Haden M NIXON, Jennie 1886-Dec-23
NELSON, N T NASH, Bettie 1865-May-05
NELSON, Peter BOWMAN, Jennie M 1876-Mar-27
NELSON, Peter DOWMAN, Jennie M 1876-Mar-25
NELSON, T Y Dr ROBINETTE, A B Miss 1890-May-16
NESMITH, T B FUNCHES, Fannie 1894-Jan-24
NEWBERRY, James G BUCK, Ella R 1886-Jan-28
NEWELL, C D FUNCHES, Lola 1895-Jan-01
NEWELL, R N DORTCH, Annie Mrs 1857-Jan-01
NEWMAN, A B MOSS, Carrie 1891-Oct-20
NEWMAN, C C CATCHINGS, Mary W 1876-Dec-20
NEWMAN, C C CATCHINGS, Mary W 1877-Dec-21
NEWMAN, C D SMART, O C Miss 1876-Nov-09
NEWMAN, Charles C HUGHES, Allenia 1899-Dec-31
NEWMAN, D A STANDEFER, Dreanah 1860-Oct-25
NEWMAN, Edgar M GOODE, F T Miss 1856-Jan-07
NEWMAN, Frank M FLOOD, Josephine L 1881-Dec-27
NEWMAN, James P JONES, Mary N 1867-Dec-14
NEWMAN, P M M COOK, E J Miss 1872-Mar-28
NEWMAN, Simon B ADAMS, Mary B 1854-Oct-24
NEWMAN, T J MCAUTHER, Laura Florence 1898-Sep-14
NEWMAN, W R PURYEAR, Lina 1890-Jan-28
NEWSOM, A D WILLIAMS, M E Miss 1877-Dec-13
NEWSOM, E H SARETT, Martha E 1873-Aug-04
NEWSOM, George POWERS, Susie 1887-Dec-19
NEWSOME, A D FLOWERS, L H Mrs 1886-Dec-28
NEWSOME, T O WEAVER, Katie 1893-Jan-24
NEWTON, O COTTEN, S M Miss 1857-Aug-05
NICE, E J ALFORD, Sallie 1895-Dec-11
NICHALOUS, Christian FORD, Ophelia J 1874-Apr-15
NICHOLS, L R SIMMONS, M H Miss 1855-Sep-12
NICHOLS, O F EDWARD, Drucilla 1865-Apr-03
NICHOLS, W E BARTON, Mattie 1890-Oct-15
NICHOLSON, Daniel COOK, Hattie L 1879-Dec-27
NICHOLSON, Daniel COOK, Hattie L 1879-Dec-28
NICHOLSON, Daniel COOK, Mattie M C 1865-Aug-13
NICHOLSON, Daniel WHITE, C Miss 1856-Sep-08
NICHOLSON, M M LEWIS, N L Miss 1881-Nov-16
NIEOLS, W B MOORE, Clara B 1893-Jan-11
NIMMO, Charles VAN HOOK, Wilhemina C 1891-Jan-13
NIXON, G L WINNINGHAM, Elizabeth 1870-Feb-19
NIXON, Thomas C ROBERTSON, M A Miss 1866-Nov-21
NOBLE, E P COOK, Margaret J 1868-Jun-15
NOBLE, F E KELLY, Flora E 1897-Sep-22
NOBLE, P H Jr TILLOTSON, Laura E Mrs 1893-Oct-26
NOBLE, Sammuel B NOBLE, Emma C 1867-Mar-14
NOBLE, W A SMITH, M J Miss 1900-Dec-09
NOBLE, W A SMITH, Vivia 1889-Dec-18
NOBLIN, Ottis BARBER, E A Miss 1895-Dec-18
NOBLIN, W E Dr BIRDSONG, Edna A 1897-Mar-19
NOLAN, Patrick MCKNIGHT, Emeline 1852-   -
NORMAN, Silas HOLMES, Eliza 1868-Oct-22
NORRIS, G W BURNETT, Sallie 1866-Jan-17
NORRIS, L C HARVEY, Nettie 1890-Dec-22
NORRIS, Will GUESS, Minnie 1893-Jul-03
NORSWORTHY, Stephen COKER, Lula 1898-Oct-23
NORTHERN, William E BERRYHILL, Angeline 1852-Apr-29
NORTON, J H MILLER, Edith 1892-Jan-07
NOSSIF, Amen MIKE, Debey Miss 1898-Jan-10
NUEL, T D HOLLIDAY, Alice 1886-Nov-24
NULL, Walter P MCELROY, Bessie E 1895-Jul-01
NUNDAY, Isaac F HALEY, Amanda Narcissa 1841-Apr-30
NUTT, Rush YERBY, Mariah C 1863-Dec-19
OBRIAN, John R STAMPS, S H Mrs 1856-Dec-17
OBRIEN, A E RAWLES, Mattie C 1882-Nov-30
OBRIEN, Michael GUINAND, Euphrasie 1871-Apr-27
OBRIEN, R E GRANBERRY, M J Miss 1876-Sep-20
OBRINE, John T LAPSLEY, Anna 1865-Jan-31
OCONNELL, William HUNDLEY, Emma 1893-Sep-05
OCONNER, James FITZGERALD, Anna Mrs 1852-Oct-26
OCONNOR, Michael HENDRICK, Annie 1883-Apr-01
ODNEAL, John H HELM, Anna 1867-Apr-10
ODOHERTY, John CLARK, Ella 1881-Aug-16
ODOM, James W HARDY, Mary J 1854-Jun-14
ODOM, S N LEOPARD, Sudie 1898-Jun-19
ODOM, T H HUTCHINS, Emily 1865-Oct-24
ODOM, T H HUTCHINS, Emily 1867-Oct-24
OGLESBY, S R BARR, E A 1874-May-01
OGLESBY, S R BARR, E A Miss 1874-Apr-30
OHLEGER, John RUXEL, Sophia 1857-May-07
OLDHAM, William H OBANNON, Martha D 1867-Dec-30
OLIN, F W ROBBINS, Malvina 1872-Feb-26
OLIN, F W ROBBINS, Malvina 1872-Feb-29
OLIPHANT, James M BAUKHEAD, Lula E 1890-Jun-11
OLIPHANT, John HARVEY, Fannie 1875-Aug-08
OLIVER, Jesse C JONES, Jennie C 1874-Jan-15
OLSON, George CARR, Ann 1862-Feb-04
ONEAL, Henry BURNS, Bridgett Mrs 1870-Feb-22
ONEAL, Henry HERBERT, Jane 1868-Jul-20
ONEAL, J H WILLIAMS, L B Miss 1895-Jan-03
ONEAL, John C HARRALSON, Ferwby 1849-Jul-07
ONEALL, E V DUPREE, Emma R 1897-Jun-09
ONEILL, R M TERRELL, Edith 1898-Dec-24
OPIE, S D HAWKINS, Meda 1890-Dec-24
ORDENEAL, E P Dr STONE, Annie 1896-Mar-26
ORTON, D S BUHNELL, Georgianna 1898-Apr-09
ORYAN, Stephen SAVEY, Catherine 1880-Sep-03
OSBORN, Frank W FERGUSON, Carrie D 1897-Oct-06
OSBORN, J S THIGPEN, H C Miss 1870-Jan-13
OSBORN, L M YONGUE, Rosa P Mrs 1881-Dec-06
OSBORN, L M YONGUE, Rosa P Mrs 1881-Dec-07
OSBORN, R D SUMMERS, Linnie 1872-Mar-05
OSBORN, William BROWN, Adela F 1867-Dec-18
OSBORNE, Hampden MERRILL, Helen S 1874-Apr-02
OSBORNE, Hampden MERRITT, Helen S 1874-Apr-02
OSBURN, Ozeus HERRING, Emma J Mrs 1860-Dec-18
OSTEIN, Thomas B SAND, Martha E 1841-Mar-05
OSULLIVAN, J F DEGNAN, Ellen 1859-Dec-25
OSULLIVAN, P D HAYES, Annie Louise 1876-Sep-09
OSULLIVAN, P D HAYES, Annie Louise 1876-Sep-10
OUTLAW, D S HALEY, S M Miss 1874-Sep-03
OVERBY, S CRAWFORD, Mamie 1891-Dec-16
OVERBY, Willis L BARRETT, Sophronia 1841-May-05
OVERMAN, James PARKER, Mary J 1858-Apr-09
OWEN, David MCGOWEN, Gabrilla 1855-Nov-29
OWEN, Dougall A SMITH, Mary H 1883-Nov-15
OWEN, J L MCGEHEE, Katie L 1891-Dec-03
OWEN, P A MURPHY, Margaret S 1852-Dec-28
OWEN, T F EDMONDSON, Jennie S Mrs 1867-Mar-03
OWENS, Absolom BOND, Martha J 1841-Jun-05
OWENS, C D BIGGS, Mary Addie 1870-Dec-22
OWENS, D W RIEVES, Bettie 1892-Apr-06
OWENS, George HERRIN, Susan 1864-Jan-18
OWENS, H S LEE, Lucinda 1869-Dec-09
OWENS, J M FORTNER, Nelly 1892-Nov-07
OWENS, R B WILLIAMS, Hattie L 1892-Feb-16
OWENS, Robert MCGOWAN, Sarah 1850-Dec-10
OWENS, T J MCGOWAN, Brinda R 1888-Jan-10
OWENS, W A MCGOWEN, Hattie 1890-Nov-19
OWENS, W T WELLS, Mattie E 1873-Nov-11
OWENS, W Y HAWKINS, Mittie 1890-Jun-27
OWENS, William HERREN, Matilda 1859-Feb-18



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