Hinds County Grooms


KADERLE, N CLARK, Mattie 1871-Apr-06
KADERLI, Albert COKER, Annie Bell 1898-Jul-17
KADERLI, N CLARK, Mattie 1871-Apr-06
KAETING, Michael MARTIN, Kate 1871-Apr-22
KAHN, A B WALTERS, Rosa 1898-Dec-03
KAHN, Emanuel HURST, Lilly B 1878-Feb-19
KAHN, Lazaues BLOOM, Hannah 1882-May-07
KALM, Emanuel HURST, Lilly B 1878-Feb-20
KANE, Stephen STANLEY, Sarah 1867-Nov-24
KARR, T O GRAHAM, Berl 1899-Mar-01
KAUFMAN, Nathan MANNHEIMER, Sarah 1869-Jul-06
KAUSLER, Jacob A HINCKLEY, Mariah L 1890-Jun-12
KAUSLER, Jacob A HOMAMDEW, Francis E 1852-Jun-10
KAVANOUGH, Daniel MURPHY, Mary E 1853-Apr-30
KEARNEY, Michael FARRELL, Ellen 1879-Dec-27
KEARNY, Michael FARRELL, Ellen 1879-Dec-27
KEATING, Michael MARTIN, Kate 1871-Apr-22
KEEN, F M BIBB, Sallie A 1887-Dec-28
KEISTLER, Samuel A BATTINGER, M A Mrs 1859-May-08
KEITH, T F JOHNSON, L A Miss 1857-Jan-01
KELLEY, Jesse W LARY, M E Miss 1880-Nov-09
KELLEY, William FLOWERS, Mary S 1885-Jan-14
KELLY, Andrew HEAPHY, Margaret 1879-Feb-07
KELLY, Andrew MADDEN, Bridget 1888-Jan-12
KELLY, D E FITZGERALD, Kate A 1888-Aug-07
KELLY, Frost J CURLEE, Elizabeth O 1854-Feb-01
KELLY, G W ROSS, A E Miss 1890-Dec-04
KELLY, George W GOZA, Martha A 1856-Jan-08
KELLY, Henry MYRICK, Harriet L Mrs 1854-Jul-12
KELLY, J B FLYN, Mattie 1885-Oct-21
KELLY, J R TANNER, C E Miss 1873-Nov-02
KELLY, Jesse W FARRELL, Marcella 1877-Apr-14
KELLY, Jesse W FARRELL, Marcella 1877-Apr-15
KELLY, Jesse W SARY, M E 1880-Nov-11
KELLY, John M MORAND, Eliza 1853-May-25
KELLY, Robert CONGER, Ann M 1856-Jan-16
KELLY, Robert L MORRISON, Eliza A 1868-Dec-11
KELLY, T J ROBERTS, Minnie 1897-Nov-28
KELLY, William CLARK, Martha 1853-Mar-17
KELLY, William DULANEY, Elizabeth 1855-Jan-18
KELLY, William W THARP, M E Miss 1860-Dec-20
KELLY, Y D VARDAMAN, Mary J 1891-May-24
KELZER, J M PARKS, Mary A 1860-May-24
KEMMON, Woodson H VOIGT, Sallie J 1878-Mar-27
KEMP, Thomas F UPCHURCH, Rowena S 1882-Mar-02
KENDAL, R W SATTERFIELD, Barbara A Mrs 1883-Jan-11
KENDALL, B F MORRISON, M A Miss 1878-Jan-31
KENDALL, Benjamin F FOSTER, Elizabeth 1868-Jul-09
KENDALL, George W WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 1860-Aug-01
KENNEDEE, James W HUTSON, C A Mrs 1859-Jun-14
KENNON, Woodson H VOIGT, Sallie J 1878-Mar-27
KERN, James M SHEARER, Mollie C 1859-Sep-15
KERN, John T HARWELL, Sarah A 1861-Feb-06
KERR, A J LARKIN, Mary B 1858-Oct-04
KERR, T M MCGUNNIGLE, Mary 1870-Feb-23
KERR, W E BOWLES, D O 1895-Jun-28
KERSH, G T HOLLIFIELD, Asha 1900-Jun-10
KERSH, J W WATTS, C G Miss 1881-Jan-06
KERSH, J W WATTS, C S 1881-Jan-06
KETCHAM, J T BRUTON, Millie 1892-Apr-01
KETHLEY, R B HOLTS, Ida 1896-May-22
KEY, Joseph W DAVIS, Sallie 1877-Feb-06
KIBBU, George W WAUGH, Rebecca 1849-Dec-25
KICK, David KICK, Louisa 1853-Jan-04
KIDWELL, F H HANSBERRY, Victoria 1891-Sep-15
KIMBALL, A Newton REDDEN, Mary C 1862-Mar-11
KIMBALL, Horatio CADE, Estelle S 1891-Dec-22
KIMBALL, L R G GARLAND, Daisy May 1900-Jul-18
KIMBALL, Walter D MCLEMORE, Mamie K 1891-May-23
KING, Addison DAVIS, Annie 1889-May-02
KING, Charles RIGGIN, Jane 1850-Mar-28
KING, Dennis ISOM, Cornelia 1867-Jan-30
KING, Erwin L HOLMES, Nannie R 1897-Oct-03
KING, H E Dr WEBB, Lula 1894-Dec-26
KING, J D SIX, Ophelia 1871-Nov-07
KING, M F ODUM, Anna 1887-Jul-18
KING, M F SORSBY, Lula 1875-Dec-23
KING, S H ELLIS, A E 1896-Oct-17
KING, T W ROY, E F 1849-Oct-18
KING, W T LINDSLEY, N V Mrs 1892-Mar-24
KING, W T SHARP, Maudalina 1890-Dec-17
KIRBY, William R COLLINS, Mary J 1859-Oct-27
KIRKLAND, A H DIXON, Emily M 1849-Nov-22
KIRKLAND, A H Jr BOWLES, Olga 1896-Jun-06
KIRKLAND, William STEPHENS, Sallie 1885-Jul-02
KIRSCHNER, Henry DILWORTH, Sallie 1869-Aug-09
KITCHEN, Frank JOHNSON, Sarah H 1887-Nov-16
KITCHEN, G J WHITEHEAD, Altamina 1889-Aug-04
KITCHENS, G W KIRKLAND, Sarah Mrs 1887-Apr-19
KITTELMEGER, William F CAVANAUGH, Angela 1896-Nov-04
KLAMI, H L WILDY, Annie 1894-Jun-14
KLEIN, Julius M NEELY, Florence S 1882-Jun-28
KLINKER, Ambrose E CALLAHAN, Maggie E 1889-Mar-04
KLINKER, C E BARR, Maurie E 1887-Nov-03
KNIGHT, John R WILLIAMS, Ann 1852-Jun-09
KLIVER, Ann WILLIAMS, Alonzo 1870-Feb-10
KNAPP, D M Miss MYRICK, E K 1875-Nov-30
KNAPP, N L Miss MYRICK, S K 1877-Nov-22
KNIGHT, M C Miss JONES, J H 1859-Nov-24
KNOWLAND, Thomas K TRACY, Adaline 1860-Sep-21
KNOX, C R ANDERSON, C T 1875-Jan-11
KNOX, C R ANDERSON, C T Miss 1875-Jan-11
KNOX, C R FEATHERSTONE, E R Miss 1890-Jul-18
KNOX, Clyde AUSTIN, F L 1900-Feb-15
KNOX, J H ASKEW, M E Miss 1878-Jan-14
KOERNER, Charles HILL, Julia 1890-Feb-11
KOONS, Albert BAKER, Judy 1868-Nov-08
KORNEGAY, J T MCRAE, Laura Mrs 1870-Sep-25
KORNIGAY, William G JOYNER, Francis 1852-Jul-07
KOSSMANN, Albert DREGFUS, Tina 1885-Oct-08
KRAMER, Mathew MURRELL, Joerena 1886-May-21
KRETSCHMAN, Frederick GREEN, Ada 1889-Nov-19
KREYSSIG, Charles Otto KOLB, Margaret 1880-May-21
KUNTZ, Alfred J MARION, Katie A 1880-Sep-04
KYGER, A F MORGAN, Mamye 1896-Nov-11
KYLE, C B FARISS, A V Miss 1875-Sep-15
KYLE, William D LEE, Nancy A 1860-Dec-16
KYLES, J O CURRIE, Mary 1870-Feb-10
KYLES, P HANLAN, Redman 1841-Nov-07



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