Hinds County Brides

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UNDERHILL, Bettie CHAMBERS, G W 1881-Nov-02
UNDERHILL, L J Miss CLARK, W H 1860-Jul-20
UNDERWOOD, Clara CLEMENT, W W 1893-Dec-21
UPCHURCH, Rowena S KEMP, Thomas F 1882-Mar-02
VAIL, Elizabeth LOVEDAY, H M Dr 1898-Apr-30
VAN HOOK, Fannie LOWTHER, J T 1893-Jun-21
VAN HOOK, Martha A BROWN, Charles S 1883-Jan-25
VAN HOOK, Wilhemina C NIMMO, Charles 1891-Jan-13
VAN NEWMAN, R C Miss CAIN, John C 1877-Jan-17
VANBUREN, Lula TEAT, Charles 1898-Sep-06
VANCLEAVE, Lottie Ann HARDY, John W 1878-Dec-21
VANCLEAVE, Lottie Ann HARDY, John W 1878-Dec-11
VANDEFORD, A Miss HUTSON, James D 1856-Nov-26
VANDERFORD, Mary J Mrs LAND, William H 1868-Apr-26
VANDIFER, Permelia CASEY, Patrick 1856-Dec-21
VANHOOK, Hattie W HOWARD, George T 1876-Jan-13
VANHOOZER, Willie HIME, B D 1896-Apr-23
VANNESS, Rebecca Mrs MCGINNIS, Arthur 1866-May-13
VANZILL, Virginia L BOLLS, George M 1869-Nov-18
VARDAMAN, Mary J KELLY, Y D 1891-May-24
VARDAMAND, Annie CHILD, J R 1894-Aug-09
VARNELL, M M Miss WILLIAMS, James E 1858-Dec-21
VARNELL, Mollie RHODES, W T 1876-Oct-12
VAUGHAN, E A Mrs VAUGHN, H 1858-Jan-20
VAUGHAN, H C Miss COLEMAN, William W 1867-Sep-11
VAUGHAN, Margaret WALLS, Alex 1895-Jan-03
VAUGHN, Annie WILSON, Robert 1893-Jan-04
VAUGHN, Blanch MCGOWAN, D J 1891-Feb-22
VAUGHN, Mamie WHITTAKER, Edgar P 1891-Jan-15
VERDEN, Emily MORGAN, Samuel R 1854-Sep-07
VERNON, Laura Olivia BRIDGES, Albert T 1849-May-30
VICTOR, Anna MILLER, William 1858-Jan-27
VINCIN, Susan ALEXANDER, Ephriam 1876-Nov-18
VIRDEN, E T Mrs EVANS, H B 1860-Mar-21
VITZTHINE, Carrie BERBIGLIA, Nicholas 1896-Dec-30
VIRGIN, Bell JONES, Robert S 1880-Jan-05
VOGT, Luticia STAMPLEY, W A 1884-Jan-24
VOIGT, Sallie J KEMMON, Woodson H 1878-Mar-27
VOIGT, Sallie J KENNON, Woodson H 1878-Mar-27
VOSS, M F Miss ARRINGTON, W J 1867-Sep-03
VOSS, S A Miss HARDY, George W 1867-Nov-22
VOY, Myrah PARKER, Ashley 1875-Nov-06


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