Hinds County Brides


TABB, Ida CAUGHT, W A 1881-Jan-10
TABB, Ida GAUGH, W A 1881-Jan-11
TABBUTT, Iua E W HAMPTON, John J 1880-Jul-18
TABOR, Ann MCDOWALL, John T 1869-Oct-05
TABOR, T E Miss SANDIDGE, C R 1878-Jan-17
TANNER, C E Miss KELLY, J R 1873-Nov-02
TANNER, Fannie V RIGGAN, I N 1864-Oct-31
TANNER, Hattie BARREMORE, James R 1870-Feb-03
TAPER, Florence ADAMS, Robert 1900-May-10
TAPLEY, Alice May FRYANT, H T 1897-Jun-18
TAPLEY, Eudora BAXTER, John J 1885-Sep-23
TAPLEY, Fannie STRAUDER, S C 1893-Nov-30
TAPLEY, Ida TAYLOR, Henry 1893-Mar-23
TAPLEY, Lizzie HARDY, Minor F 1890-Nov-16
TAPLEY, M J Miss MOORE, Alex V 1871-Nov-29
TAPLEY, S F Miss HARRIS, John T 1870-Sep-04
TAPLEY, Willie Leonora SIMMONS, Joseph S 1879-Nov-08
TAPLEY, Willie Leonora SIMMONS, Joseph S 1879-Nov-12
TARPHLEY, Sue CARTER, T M 1891-Jun-25
TARPLEY, Anna V SIMMS, J T 1853-Nov-29
TARPLEY, Mary E HULL, Isaac 1850-Nov-29
TARRELL, Emma CROFTIN, Thomas E 1893-Jul-26
TATOM, Ada FISHER, E A 1896-Dec-22
TATOM, Emily Hh COOK, Lafayette 1868-Jul-16
TATOM, Ermissenda Rebecca BROOKS, T A 1870-Dec-29
TATOM, H N Miss BROWN, W J 1875-Dec-29
TATOM, M F Miss WILLIAMS, J P Rev 1899-Apr-26
TATOM, Mary Mrs FORD, Preserved 1859-May-29
TAYLER, M L Miss FARR, D D 1865-Sep-14
TAYLOR, Cora E ANDERSON, James A 1858-Feb-14
TAYLOR, Ella R JOHNSON, M D 1893-May-28
TAYLOR, Ella W CHAMBERS, Henry E 1883-Dec-27
TAYLOR, Eula SHAW, Jacob M 1900-Feb-11
TAYLOR, Florence YOUNG, John A 1887-Mar-05
TAYLOR, Frances ALEXANDER, John 1893-Oct-26
TAYLOR, Gussie PIPPIN, J M 1887-Oct-16
TAYLOR, Ida FRANKLIN, Benjamin 1882-Nov-25
TAYLOR, Ida WILLIAMS, E H 1887-Dec-21
TAYLOR, Ida Tapley SHACKLEFORD, W D 1897-Feb-14
TAYLOR, Janie L TYLER, E P 1887-Apr-28
TAYLOR, Lizzia A MULLEN, W S Jr 1874-Sep-05
TAYLOR, Lizzie BEAULLIEN, B G 1879-Dec-22
TAYLOR, Lizzie BEAULLIESS, B G 1879-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Lizzie GOUGH, W J 1889-Dec-26
TAYLOR, Lizzie PRICE, T W 1881-Aug-21
TAYLOR, Lottie C WALTON, Timothy O 1871-Apr-05
TAYLOR, Lucy L HARTMAN, H C 1896-May-11
TAYLOR, Lula SHYLIE, J Watson 1880-Dec-13
TAYLOR, Lula SONGLIE, J Watson 1880-Dec-13
TAYLOR, M C Miss WILLIAMS, W R 1877-Dec-05
TAYLOR, M M MORGAN, John W 1888-May-09
TAYLOR, Melissa WHITE, J S 1897-Aug-31
TAYLOR, Minnie B WILSON, S U 1893-Jan-11
TAYLOR, Mollie GALLOWAY, A D 1884-Dec-18
TAYLOR, Nannie PRIDGEN, S B 1882-Sep-19
TAYLOR, Sallie DILLARD, C J 1874-Dec-12
TAYLOR, Sarah DURR, George 1878-Jan-01
TAYLOR, Sarah READ, Charles W 1850-Oct-17
TAYLOR, Sarah E WELDON, James E 1867-Aug-29
TAYLOR, Susan AUTREY, Jim 1884-Feb-18
TEHADER, Emma MILLER, A H 1881-May-07
TEMPLETON, Fannie M GIBSON, B P 1900-Dec-14
TENNISON, Amanda LORANCE, R H 1881-Jan-20
TERRALL, Margaret MCMILLEN, Alexander 1860-Apr-10
TERRELL, E Mrs MARTIN, Harvey 1868-Mar-19
TERRELL, Edith ONEILL, R M 1898-Dec-24
TERRELL, Elizabeth POWERS, G W 1871-Aug-29
TERRELL, Elizabeth M BYRNE, John S 1841-Jun-18
TERRELL, Emma HUTCHINS, S W 1893-Mar-22
TERRELL, Lou E HALBERT, Eugene 1881-Jun-29
TERRELL, Mary Mrs SCOTT, W S 1897-Nov-09
TERRELL, Minnie E BROCK, T J 1887-Aug-29
TERRELL, Mira BUFORD, L A 1897-Dec-22
TERRELL, Sindy SMITH, Laudon 1898-Dec-11
TERRELL, Texie DAVIS, W J 1874-Nov-25
TERRETT, Julia C MOORE, James F 1868-Jul-15
TERRETT, Mattie V GUNNING, H M 1883-Jan-29
TERRY, Emma A TERRY, R C 1881-Dec-15
TERRY, Martha M BAIN, Richmond 1852-Feb-12
TESSIT, Rose ALFRED, Charlie 1885-Jan-24
THARP, M E Miss KELLY, William W 1860-Dec-20
THIGPEN, A J Miss WISE, A J 1857-Dec-23
THIGPEN, Abbie SIBLEY, S W 1880-Aug-29
THIGPEN, Annie M AINSWORTH, W M 1883-Dec-20
THIGPEN, Ella GIBBS, E C 1876-Jan-09
THIGPEN, H C Miss OSBORN, J S 1870-Jan-13
THIGPEN, Hattie SOLMON, J E 1899-Dec-21
THIGPEN, Izzie DEIS, D E 1900-Jul-19
THIGPEN, L M Mrs BARCLAY, W F 1886-Apr-25
THIGPEN, Lillian BACOT, T R 1884-Dec-23
THIGPEN, Lula SALMON, J C 1892-Dec-04
THIGPEN, M C Miss WILLIAMS, D W C 1857-Aug-04
THIGPEN, Mahala SANDERS, John 1856-Nov-11
THIGPEN, Sallie E Mrs WRIGHT, D C 1887-Mar-15
THIGPEN, Susan J Mrs BRENT, J A Sr 1885-Mar-04
THOMAS, Bertha HENDRICKS, Montgomery 1897-Mar-17
THOMAS, Bettie B Mrs WELLS, E M 1877-Oct-11
THOMAS, Effie CHILTON, H R 1879-Feb-25
THOMAS, Eliza J SWAYZE, V M 1853-Dec-23
THOMAS, Elizabeth Mrs STATHAM, John B 1854-Jul-09
THOMAS, Ida Lee LEA, Elam E 1899-Sep-11
THOMAS, Lucinda JACKSON, Racy 1870-Feb-19
THOMAS, Martha R WHITEHURST, John 1853-Jun-28
THOMAS, Mary ATKINSON, Steward 1896-Feb-26
THOMAS, Nancy M HOWELL, James 1876-Sep-06
THOMAS, Ophelia C RIMES, John F 1869-Jan-05
THOMAS, Patsey ADAMS, Philip 1885-Dec-12
THOMAS, Rebecca S MASON, James A T 1841-May-29
THOMAS, Rosa HAYNES, C P 1897-Jan-07
THOMAS, Stella E JONES, H 1890-Jul-14
THOMPKINS, Carrie V MALLEN, T A 1878-Mar-17
THOMPKINS, Martha A M HERREN, Owen G 1874-May-06
THOMPSON, Brenda CRISLER, J W 1853-Feb-17
THOMPSON, Ellen S CRISLER, John W 1872-Jun-27
THOMPSON, Flora M BROUGH, Charles M 1875-Apr-03
THOMPSON, Francis Elizabeth HOPPER, David 1852-Jun-15
THOMPSON, Ivy AUSTIN, Florence M 1880-Dec-14
THOMPSON, Ivy AUSTIN, Florence M 1880-Dec-15
THOMPSON, Letta DEMARCHI, John 1892-Apr-20
THOMPSON, Manerva SHIELDS, James 1853-Aug-18
THOMPSON, Mary E RICE, D W 1878-Nov-30
THOMPSON, Mary E RICE, D W 1878-Dec-01
THOMPSON, Mary Jennette ANDERSON, Mills T 1849-Sep-20
THOMPSON, N J Miss ROLLINSON, Joseph 1873-Sep-01
THORNTON, Amelia M WHITE, Richard H 1887-Dec-21
THORNTON, Charity HERRING, John H 1865-Aug-14
THORNTON, Elizabeth D CANELL, Samuel 1852-Aug-20
THORNTON, Jane CROCKETT, Anthony 1865-Aug-09
THORNTON, Judith A FLOWERS, O L 1858-Aug-08
THORNTON, Laura J MARTIN, N G 1873-Oct-28
THORNTON, M E Miss ANDERSON, J M 1857-Dec-11
THORNTON, Maggie I EWELL, C L 1890-Aug-21
THORNTON, Mary Ann CHATHAM, William M 1858-Feb-25
THORNTON, Mary F PORTER, James W 1867-Nov-21
THORNTON, N E Miss BROME, D W 1894-Aug-26
THORNTON, Nancy BROOM, William 1866-Oct-18
THORNTON, Nancy HUTCHINS, Anthony J 1853-May-21
THORNTON, S W Miss PRINCE, S L 1856-Nov-14
THORNTON, Sophronia S ROSS, John D 1856-Oct-08
THORNTON, V M Miss SCOTT, Samuel F 1860-Dec-13
THROGMORTON, Elizabeth CURRIE, J A 1859-Dec-22
THURMAN, Elmira ALDRIDGE, Alfred 1882-Mar-05
TIDWELL, Larina S JOHNSON, Jason W 1854-Nov-01
TILLMAN, Anna THORNTON, T M 1893-May-24
TILLMAN, Nancy A BARCLAY, Archibald 1853-Dec-22
TILLOTSON, Laura E Mrs NOBLE, P H Jr 1893-Oct-26
TILLOTSON, M J Miss MOSELEY, R L 1879-Nov-27
TINDALL, Mai Bird Mrs WARE, Joseph S 1890-Sep-30
TINNEN, Diza A MCRAVEN, John W 1850-Aug-06
TINNIN, Bettie RATLIFF, Charles 1887-Jun-13
TINNIN, Margaret A WEST, C S 1862-Jul-15
TINNIN, Minnie B HALL, J A 1883-Nov-07
TINNIN, Nancy PRICE, Robert S 1852-Aug-26
TIPSEY, Lizzie BASGE, John 1885-Feb-18
TISDALE, Belle PASSONS, Willie 1895-May-23
TODD, Bertha ROBERTS, Isaac 1855-Nov-26
TODD, Fannie RUBUSH, E S 1891-Dec-16
TODD, Gracey ALLEN, Allen 1885-Aug-06
TODD, Mollie WHITTINGTON, Luther 1898-Aug-17
TODD, Mollie E CHARLTON, Richard 1859-Dec-01
TOLBERT, Rebecca E DUPREE, J W 1864-Feb-01
TOLES, Nancy A HENRY, H M 1850-Aug-05
TOMLINSON, Caroline A BAIRD, James B 1841-Apr-26
TOMPKINS, Kristen LESSNA, C W 1900-Sep-02
TOMPKINS, Ollie BROWN, Walter 1889-Jun-27
TOMPKINS, S B Miss SUMRALL, E Z 1884-Oct-19
TOOL, Mary E MCGOWEN, John W 1855-Jan-07
TOUT, Catharine PARTHESIUS, Henry 1867-Nov-14
TOWNS, Rebecca E COCKE, John J 1856-Dec-18
TRACEY, Alice LEDINGHAM, W E 1893-Nov-12
TRACEY, E M Miss JONES, J A 1857-Nov-26
TRACEY, Missouri L N WHITE, Robert 1849-Nov-15
TRACY, Adaline KNOWLAND, Thomas K 1860-Sep-21
TRACY, Ellenn A WILLIAMS, A L 1861-Dec-23
TRAINER, Joanna POWERS, John Francis 1871-Oct-02
TRAINER, Joanna POWERS, John Francis 1871-Oct-08
TRALAN, Annie H CHAPMAN, A B 1898-Jan-16
TRAVIS, Eunice L MCGOVIN, James 1865-Aug-02
TREDWELL, Carrie M Mrs HUTCHINS, Thomas J 1892-May-04
TRESCOTT, Ruby HUME, R A 1900-Sep-22
TRICHELL, Narcissa Mrs GRANT, Francis M 1870-Oct-25
TRIMBLE, Mary O CARPENTER, M T 1856-Feb-21
TRIMBLE, Nelly C RANDALL, J M 1895-Dec-15
TRISK, Caroline BROOKS, C L 1872-Mar-07
TROTTER, Elizabeth ELKINS, Winthrop S 1859-Jan-12
TROTTER, Lula BIRDSONG, Jesse 1895-Jan-16
TROTTER, M A Miss WHITEHEAD, John C 1873-Mar-18
TROTTER, Mamie SATCHER, S W 1891-Oct-28
TROTTER, R A Miss LEAVELL, David N 1856-Dec-24
TROTTER, Susie GAPPS, G T 1894-Jun-13
TUBERVILLE, Pearl MURRAY, R R 1900-Sep-09
TUCK, Millie M SMITH, Charles 1872-Mar-16
TUCK, Mollie M SMITH, Charles 1872-Mar-18
TUCKER, Frances E CALHOON, John E 1868-Nov-29
TULLOS, Sallie JOHNSON, H H 1892-Jul-28
TUMEY, Belle PATE, W 1890-Apr-02
TUMEY, Lucy LANDERS, Charles W 1883-Jul-19
TURNER, Allie WESTBROOK, John M 1883-May-30
TURNER, Annie A BATES, Elijah 1892-Aug-04
TURNER, Caroline ALFORD, Green 1871-Aug-13
TURNER, Evelyn M SHEPPARD, J Avery Rev 1854-May-06
TURNER, Mary A RANDOLPH, T D 1863-Sep-09
TURNER, Millie BOSTIAN, W M 1872-Sep-23
TURNER, W H FULKS, Lessie M 1889-Sep-05
TURNEY, I S STRONG, Mollie 1899-Feb-14
TURNIPSEED, Mary E BOWE, Daniel 1874-Jul-21
TYLER, Katie BUATT, S P 1887-Dec-17
TYNES, A J Miss HARVEY, Thomas C 1874-Sep-16
TYNES, Alice M DOWNING, William W 1876-Feb-09



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