Hinds County Brides

P - Q

PACHI, Lizzie WILLOUGHEY, W C 1882-Oct-23
PAGE, Bessie LANCASTER, W A 1898-Dec-27
PAGE, Emily T HIRDEN, Thomas 1849-May-15
PAGE, Eunice LANCASTER, W D 1898-Jun-26
PALMER, Annie B SMALLWOOD, C H 1899-Dec-14
PALMER, Emaline WINKLEY, Charles 1857-Jan-08
PANKEY, Katie E CREEL, Martin I 1883-Apr-04
PARDER, L E Mrs HAYES, P Q 1892-Sep-17
PARKER, Angeline PARKER, William T 1874-Aug-27
PARKER, Dorthea L HANELL, W C 1841-Jul-31
PARKER, E M Miss GRIMMU, John 1866-Sep-11
PARKER, L A Mrs SANDS, W H 1867-Aug-25
PARKER, Mamie W WATTS, A D 1894-Jul-17
PARKER, Martha E RUTHERFORD, James L 1860-May-01
PARKER, Mary Ann BLACK, Jesse W 1852-Jun-29
PARKER, Mary J OVERMAN, James 1858-Apr-09
PARKER, Minnie M LARSON, A 1888-Sep-20
PARKER, Nancy SLAY, Nathan G 1854-Sep-06
PARKER, Rhoda SOFARENER, Sylvester D 1849-Jan-09
PARKER, Rose LAUMAN, Charles 1873-Aug-09
PARKER, Rose LAUMAN, Charles H 1873-Aug-10
PARKER, Sallie ADAMS, William 1872-Dec-12
PARKER, Sarah J HURT, William 1854-Oct-12
PARKMAN, Ann Mrs ROBBINS, W J 1865-Oct-22
PARKMAN, Ann Mrs ROBBINS, W J 1867-Oct-22
PARKMAN, Emma A YOUNG, Samuel H 1872-Jan-11
PARKMAN, Francis D ALLEN, James D 1852-Jan-22
PARKMAN, Lizzie STUART, G W 1882-Apr-27
PARKMAN, Lova M BOLLS, J W 1867-Jan-17
PARKMAN, Martha FEATHERLY, Edward 1859-Dec-22
PARKMAN, Mattie RUCKER, R B Jr 1897-Sep-11
PARKMAN, Melissa A HARRIS, Charles C 1861-Jan-15
PARKMAN, Mollie O GINNANE, James 1881-Aug-30
PARKMAN, Serena A TERRELL, P A 1854-Nov-27
PARKS, M E Miss MCINTYRE, John P 1861-May-14
PARKS, Mary A KELZER, J M 1860-May-24
PARSONS, Josie G WILLOUGHBY, C W 1893-May-04
PARSONS, Mary A ROSE, R 1866-Feb-08
PASSONS, Mary HOWELL, W D 1877-Apr-26
PASSONS, T Etta WILLIS, Solon 1887-Feb-08
PATMAN, Henrietta ALLEN, Charles 1870-Feb-14
PATMAN, Henrietta ALLEN, Chas 1870-Feb-17
PATRICK, Emma STOCKTON, Thos T 1871-Jan-23
PATRICK, Emma STOCTON, Thomas T 1871-Jan-24
PATRICK, Minerva DANIEL, D F E 1863-Jun-30
PATRICK, Minerva DANIEL, Fred E 1859-Jun-30
PATRICK, Seralda J LIGON, William H 1892-Jan-13
PATTERSON, Agnes E HARDING, R J 1867-Jan-15
PATTERSON, Fannie BEESLEY, J P 1860-Oct-04
PATTERSON, J C Miss SUMMERS, P B 1881-Apr-27
PATTERSON, L G Mrs WALTON, C H 1866-Mar-20
PATTERSON, S A Miss WELLS, William 1857-Mar-05
PATTISON, Ella H WELLS, N P 1859-Jan-13
PATTON, A E Miss WILLIAMS, S R 1877-Nov-02
PATTON, Angil CRYMES, J D 1894-Dec-11
PATTON, Belle E MCNAIR, Stephen D 1882-Feb-23
PATTON, Belle E MCNAIR, Stephen D 1882-Mar-02
PATTON, Connie L BRENT, William F 1897-Apr-24
PATTON, E J Miss MARTIN, B F 1877-Jun-12
PATTON, Margaret Mrs BRADY, P H 1884-Feb-24
PATTON, Mary E DOTSON, J W R 1866-Feb-13
PATTON, Sallie EAST, George E 1899-Nov-22
PATTON, Virginia HARTFIELD, John Mccallum 1898-Sep-24
PAUL, Margaret L TANNER, E J 1895-Feb-24
PAUL, Mary Jane HERREN, A 1862-Jun-26
PAYNE, Katie A SIVLEY, A B 1871-Jun-14
PAYNE, Mabel L CAMPBELL, H A 1899-Jan-30
PAYNE, Maude MARTIN, T M 1900-Aug-26
PAYNE, Rosalie POATES, William L 1890-Oct-13
PEACHER, E M WATSON, H A 1897-Dec-23
PEALE, Matt Mrs MANION, John 1870-Feb-03
PEATROSS, Bettie D SAUNDERS, Reuben 1877-Dec-18
PEATROSS, Emma E STOVALL, H A 1897-Dec-22
PEATROSS, Laura E WILLIAMS, C K 1897-Apr-28
PEATROSS, S D Miss ROSS, W B 1881-Sep-28
PEDEN, Navey E INGRAHAM, Samuel 1852-Jan-08
PEMILTON, Luvin ADAMS, Louis 1900-Jun-14
PENDERGRAST, Lucy Franklin LOWRY, Patrick H 1886-Feb-02
PENYMAN, Martha E MIMS, Livingston 1841-Jan-08
PERGUSON, Martha BRYANT, W R 1871-Dec-23
PERKINS, E M Mrs BALEY, Pinckney T Dr 1859-Jan-12
PERKINS, Eliza J PARKER, Robert P 1868-Jan-12
PERKINS, Jessie F Miss THOMAS, James H 1898-Mar-14
PERRY, Addie J BUSH, J Frank Sr 1896-Apr-17
PERRY, Elizabeth TALBOT, P H 1852-Jun-20
PERRY, Emma LOTT, H F 1890-Dec-17
PERRY, Joyse E BUSH, J T Jr 1894-Nov-14
PERRY, L L Miss DOWNING, E M 1895-Sep-11
PERRY, Mary C REDDEN, Harmon 1853-Jan-20
PERRY, S A Miss WILLIAMS, S F 1860-Nov-22
PERRYMAN, Fannie Mrs COKER, Henry B 1866-Jan-24
PERVIS, Laura POWELL, J P 1892-Mar-10
PETRIE, Alice WATKINS, Erskine 1875-Nov-23
PETRIE, Eva HAMILTON, W S 1876-Jan-18
PETRIE, Eva HAMILTON, W T 1876-Jan-13
PEW, Irene E Mrs THARP, Jacob B 1857-Oct-29
PEYTAN, Mary E SMEDES, George 1854-Jun-15
PEYTON, Iris C CLINT, George H 1875-Feb-09
PEYTON, L J Miss JACOB, S S 1882-Dec-07
PEYTON, Mary S WITHERS, J P 1876-Jun-06
PEYTON, Minnie D BLACK, T M 1882-Jan-05
PEYTON, S O Mrs PURGEAR, A 1865-Dec-06
PHELPS, Beatrice BARBOUR, J S 1896-May-12
PHELPS, Elcie M FARR, G W 1874-Jan-13
PHELPS, Inez BASYE, Jessie 1882-Jan-14
PHELPS, Inez BASYE, Jessie 1882-Jan-15
PHELPS, Mary PERKINS, J P 1888-Jan-01
PHELPS, Theresa HILZIM, O B 1887-Feb-01
PHILIPS, Lucy SCOTT, Franklin 1878-Oct-24
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth A CRESSWELL, Rayford 1875-Jan-14
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth A CRESWELL, Rayford W 1875-Jan-12
PHILLIPS, Linnie SCOTT, Norris 1900-Oct-22
PHILLIPS, Ollie A MORRIS, M M 1894-Dec-23
PHILLIPS, Sarah E COX, Jno F 1871-Mar-14
PHIPPS, Massye LOURY, W C 1900-Dec-12
PICKETT, Amanda DEAN, Thomas W 1883-Dec-06
PICKETT, S J Miss LANDERS, M A 1890-Jan-15
PIERCE, Lizzie WALL, Henry V 1885-Dec-09
PIERSON, Inez TALBERT, W W 1895-Feb-05
PIERSON, Lizzie BELL, Harry 1879-Dec-19
PIERSON, Lizzie BELL, Harry 1879-Dec-20
PIERSON, Maggie SHEPARD, J H 1878-Mar-03
PIERSON, Martha E BONEY, G L 1856-Dec-31
PIPPIN, Mattie FRAZIER, A H 1895-Feb-13
PITTMAN, Amanda R MOORE, A G 1866-Feb-22
PITTMAN, Anna M SIMS, William H 1857-Apr-30
PITTMAN, Carrie GRAFTON, G H 1882-Dec-07
PITTMAN, Emma V BIGGS, T C 1880-Nov-14
PITTMAN, Fanny RIGGIN, T B 1873-Apr-29
PITTMAN, Missouri A MCCLELLAND, William A 1868-Nov-17
PITTMAN, Nannie E ANTHONY, William F 1865-Feb-25
PITTMAN, O S Miss BUFORD, T D 1875-Dec-21
PITTMAN, Rosa ANDERSON, Jesse H 1870-Mar-15
PITTS, Dolly WILLIAMSON, J M 1889-Nov-06
PITTS, Mary GRAHAM, T D 1853-Jan-20
PLATT, Augusta E CAMPBELL, Thomas W 1872-Aug-03
PLATT, E F Miss BOX, J P 1859-Dec-11
PLEASANT, Ella JOHNSON, W 1878-Jan-07
PLEASANT, Ella JOHNSTON, W H 1878-Jan-07
PLEASANT, Mattie A STEWART, James R 1876-Feb-09
PLEASANT, Rachael A CALLENDER, Joseph E 1867-Feb-13
PLEASANTS, Anna Mrs WHALEY, Thomas 1852-Oct-12
PLEASENTS, Amanda BARCLAY, John 1854-Jan-04
POATES, Jennie S HARDING, W O Jr 1880-Jan-10
POATES, Jennie S HARDING, W O Jr 1880-Jan-15
POATS, Caroline CASSEY, James T 1853-Jul-28
POESY, Susan P Mrs BLACK, William F 1841-Dec-28
POINDERTER, Ellen S Mrs MOORE, John Sidney Dr 1882-Jun-17
POINDEXTER, Fannie Q SIMS, Gordon G 1867-Oct-31
POLICAN, Amanda MAHONEY, Thomas O 1886-Jul-24
POLLIKIN, Mary HENRY, Williamson 1892-Feb-05
POOL, Mollie V BRENT, A M 1899-Mar-30
POOLE, Addie R ANDERSON, E H 1899-Dec-17
POOLE, Nannie FLETCHER, J P 1899-Dec-04
POPE, Hannah BURST, Samuel 1870-Feb-19
POPE, Harriet C CRUM, Emmett W 1860-Nov-01
POPE, L A Miss SCOTT, T F 1867-Nov-16
POPE, M E Mrs HEARD, George C 1894-Nov-15
POPE, Olivia A SNODGRASS, D F 1856-Apr-08
POPE, Virginia D CRUM, W E 1867-May-01
PORTER, A E Mrs SATTERFIELD, William P 1856-Dec-24
PORTER, E D Miss BUTLER, H J 1894-Nov-04
PORTER, Ellen E SPANN, Charles Stewart Jr 1850-May-23
PORTER, Minnie CLEVELAND, Henry 1880-Jan-27
PORTER, Sarah E JOHNSON, George W 1872-Nov-23
POTTER, Fannie M THOMSON, Ruffin 1873-Apr-16
POTTER, Fannie M THORNSON, Ruffin 1873-Apr-17
POWELL, Carrie BUCKNEN, Beverly C 1900-Oct-24
POWELL, Clara J MOSS, W R 1873-Jan-23
POWELL, Eliza AUSTIN, Amos 1867-Jul-17
POWELL, Ellen L BEDARD, Peter 1872-Jan-06
POWELL, Jennie ADAMS, James 1870-Feb-13
POWELL, L M Miss WALDROP, J H 1876-Dec-05
POWELL, Mary MULLAN, Robert 1854-Sep-16
POWELL, Mary WINTERS, J C 1892-Nov-28
POWELL, Minnie L MCMASTER, J A 1887-Feb-09
POWELL, Sallie ALLEN, George 1887-Apr-07
POWELL, Sarah Ann PATTERSON, James 1852-Mar-05
POWELL, Theadosia WHITTINGTON, C H 1890-Jan-26
POWERS, Cora L PEDDEN, W L 1863-Sep-30
POWERS, E P Miss BROCK, C R 1900-Feb-25
POWERS, Eliza J FOSTER, Henry F 1867-Dec-23
POWERS, Ida CARROLL, J J 1887-Dec-19
POWERS, Lattie POWERS, C B 1884-Jul-29
POWERS, Lonese L MCKEE, James M 1872-Mar-25
POWERS, Louese L MCKEE, James N 1872-Mar-27
POWERS, Susie NEWSOM, George 1887-Dec-19
PRESOCK, Puss STEDMAN, J W 1879-Nov-14
PRICE, Elizabeth JOHNSON, J C 1861-Feb-09
PRICE, Ellen WILLIAMS, Samuel 1890-Jan-20
PRICE, Laura TODD, Cabb D 1877-Apr-28
PRICE, Laura TODD, Caleb D 1877-Apr-28
PRICE, Lulla WHITTINGTON, M A 1883-Mar-01
PRICE, Martha A MCGRATH, James 1859-Feb-01
PRICE, Nora HARVEY, James 1885-Jul-13
PRICE, Sarah W TRAWICK, M W 1858-Apr-14
PRICHETT, Ann J THOMAS, M E 1857-Nov-01
PRIDGEN, Julia LANE, Robert L 1887-Nov-23
PRIDGEN, Katie GUNN, J S 1892-Jan-26
PRISOCK, Fenia PENNINGTON, P E 1897-Dec-27
PRISOCK, Katie BUCKNELL, Luther 1898-Dec-20
PRITCHARD, Martha HARRELL, David J 1849-Mar-06
PUCKETT, Annie SIMS, M A 1896-Oct-20
PUCKETT, Matilda GOODMAN, W P 1852-Jan-08
PUGH, Mattie E DOYLE, Robert 1889-Oct-09
PUGH, Sarah E HARRELL, W J 1880-Nov-17
PURGSON, Mary A ROBINSON, Stephen W 1868-Jan-21
PURSER, Anna Irene PARR, Paul W 1889-Feb-27
PURSER, Ida May HARRELL, Joseph P 1888-Jan-11
PURVIS, Nancy Mrs HODGE, J E 1882-Nov-29
PURYEAR, Annie V RISER, J S 1883-Jan-04
PURYEAR, Lina NEWMAN, W R 1890-Jan-28
QUAIL, M E Mrs SHULTZ, Charles H 1868-Jan-02
QUARLES, E J Miss TAYLOR, G N 1881-Sep-06
QUILTER, Hannah CUSMANIC, Constantino 1875-May-09
QUILTER, Hannah E CUSMANIC, Constantino 1875-May-09
QUINLIN, M E Miss HOLLIDAY, J F 1869-Nov-04
QUINN, Eliza MIAZZO, Angelo 1852-Jul-08



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