Hinds County Brides

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NAIL, J A Miss HIGHLANDER, J M 1879-Dec-17
NAIL, Lula A MURPHY, Dennis 1889-Feb-07
NAILE, Mary F RIPLEY, Joseph 1870-Dec-15
NAPIER, Mary E VAUGHN, J W Dr 1866-Oct-11
NARGANG, Rosina ZEHADER, Sebastian 1858-Apr-26
NASH, Bettie NELSON, N T 1865-May-05
NASH, Evie HAND, W F 1898-Sep-07
NASH, Maggie R ARCHER, W H 1872-Jun-04
NASH, Maggie R ARCHER, W H 1872-Jun-06
NASH, Mary PARISH, Robert P 1869-Feb-02
NASH, Mary R HORNE, I R 1856-Apr-10
NASON, Maude ANDERSON, W H 1896-Apr-08
NAUMAN, Henrietta STRAUSS, H 1862-Oct-03
NAWMANN, Isabella ROSER, Simon 1853-Jun-14
NEAGLE, Mary A JONES, Thomas 1863-Apr-20
NEAL, Annie O HEMPHILL, James M 1867-Jan-16
NEEL, Anna ARMISTEAD, C H 1888-Jan-05
NEELY, Florence S KLEIN, Julius M 1882-Jun-28
NEIGLE, Margaret MCNABB, T J 1871-Apr-12
NELSON, Celia BURRY, Frank 1879-Jan-08
NELSON, Mary Anna MARTIN, B W 1880-Jan-13
NELSON, Susie H FLOWERS, G B 1893-May-18
NESBET, Lizzie Lee FRENCH, Edward 1900-Mar-05
NETTERVILLE, Fannie C HUNSTOCK, Frances Mccloud 1868-Dec-23
NETTERVILLE, Mary E GOODE, Thomas A 1870-Jan-09
NEWCOMER, Mary E RAWLINS, J M 1859-Oct-12
NEWMAN, C G Miss LOWRY, A D 1881-Oct-26
NEWMAN, Lena FINK, Henry 1894-Sep-26
NEWMAN, Rachel S JENKINS, James 1880-Mar-03
NEWMAN, Rachel S JERKENS, James 1880-Mar-04
NEWMAN, Virginia E STEWART, George B 1857-Feb-28
NEWMON, Adaline STRAUSS, Isydore 1853-Feb-17
NEWSOM, Anna E VAUGHAN, C P 1865-Jul-29
NEWSOM, Emma Mrs BENTON, W H 1884-Sep-11
NEWSOME, Maggie POWERS, R S 1895-Sep-22
NEWSOME, Mary Belle STUFF, Elon 1899-Dec-20
NEWSOME, Pheobe HAMAKER, J E 1895-Nov-05
NEWSON, H M Miss JONES, E E 1874-Aug-20
NEWTON, L F Mrs CLARK, J S 1857-Jun-09
NEWTON, Sue E WESTBROOK, W A 1876-Jan-11
NEWTON, Sue E WESTBROOK, W A 1876-Jan-13
NEWTZ, N E WEBB, H F 1896-Nov-09
NICHOLS, Eva BARDIN, W M 1896-Jan-08
NICHOLS, Gracey PICKETT, Robert 1894-Dec-23
NICHOLS, Harriet MARTIN, Andy 1870-Feb-19
NICHOLS, Ida GAYLE, Eugene 1900-Aug-02
NICHOLS, Indiana J BRIGHT, Henry J 1866-Feb-27
NICHOLS, Julie Ann PACE, Thomas 1849-Dec-20
NICHOLS, Lemmie GILBERT, J A 1897-Dec-29
NICHOLS, Mary J HARWOOD, Edward F 1856-Dec-24
NICHOLS, Minerva J FITZGERALD, A C 1867-Apr-18
NICHOLS, S E Miss DAWSON, H V 1883-Feb-14
NICHOLSON, Catherine SPROULE, Johnson 1876-Feb-08
NICHOLSON, Catherine Mrs SPROULE, Johnson 1876-Feb-07
NICHOLSON, Margarit MORRISON, Patrick 1856-Jan-08
NICHOLSON, Maria ALFORD, George 1891-Oct-16
NINWORTHY, Maggie GURLEY, F A 1885-Apr-21
NIVON, Mary E HATCHINS, 1897-Apr-15
NIX, Mary DENNEY, Ebenezer 1867-Nov-04
NIXON, B Miss ERVIN, John 1863-Dec-23
NIXON, Beulah SMITH, J B 1892-Apr-03
NIXON, Eliza Ann HUTCHINS, William M 1849-Oct-09
NIXON, Jennie NELSON, Haden M 1886-Dec-23
NIXON, Julia V AUSTIN, T C 1880-Nov-05
NIXON, M J Miss PARRONS, S W 1865-Jul-13
NIXON, Martha J HEARN, David R 1867-Jul-30
NIXON, Miriam DIXON, R L 1898-May-01
NIXON, Pattie FONTAINE, Thomas 1900-Mar-04
NIXON, Sallie A HEARD, S S 1880-Jan-27
NOBLE, Carrie P ANDERSON, W D 1882-Dec-21
NOBLE, Emma C NOBLE, Sammuel B 1867-Mar-14
NOBLE, L D Miss SANDERFORD, K 1888-Apr-05
NOBLE, Margaret Jane STERLING, Josiah 1872-Jan-23
NOBLE, Myra L WATT, John W 1869-Aug-26
NOBLE, Sallie C FERGUSON, W J 1874-Dec-03
NOBLE, Susie R HORTON, W P 1898-Jun-29
NOBLIN, Ada B WHITE, Frank O 1896-Jan-16
NOBLIN, Eldora ALFORD, Jeff 1883-Dec-30
NOBLIN, Florence ALFORD, W B 1880-Feb-20
NOBLIN, Mattye MONTGOMERY, Pat H 1893-Oct-04
NOLAN, Lucy AUSTIN, Fred 1879-Mar-05
NOLAND, Vicey JOHNSON, Willis 1870-Mar-05
NORMAN, E Josie SELTON, Luther V 1893-Jan-12
NORMAN, Fannie O HERREN, B F 1871-Sep-02
NORMAN, L A Miss BROWN, Thomas H 1858-Jun-29
NORMAN, Martha Ann SLATER, James F 1853-Jun-23
NORMAN, Mary Mrs CARTER, Joshua 1867-Mar-31
NORTH, Mary MOORE, Thomas J 1899-Aug-23
NORTH, Mollie COBB, C P 1894-Mar-08
NORWOOD, Jessie SPANN, Charles S 1880-Nov-21
NORWOOD, Jessie SPANN, Charles S 1880-Dec-01
NORWOOD, Kate SMITH, S M 1882-Apr-09
NUGENT, Anne GIBBS, W S 1900-Jun-26
NUGENT, Cecile HARRIS, George C Jr 1896-Nov-18
NUGENT, Nellie SOMERVILLE, Robert 1885-Sep-16
NUSHERN, May SHEFFIELD, Joseph H 1890-Oct-02
NUTT, Biddy SPENCER, G R 1881-Sep-21
NUTT, Ellen WHITAKER, Isaac R 1864-May-16
OAKLY, Fannie BARRASSE, B A 1863-Apr-15
OAKLY, Mary SMITH, H C 1855-Dec-10
OAKS, Mary A LUNDSFORD, Nicholas 1867-Mar-31
OBANION, Susan HARE, Leonard 1855-Sep-16
OBANNON, Martha D OLDHAM, William H 1867-Dec-30
OBANNON, Mary A CHERRY, Francis A 1868-Sep-22
OBRIEN, I M Mrs MCNEILL, J C 1885-Nov-18
OCARROLL, Melissa SORGE, Theodore 1877-May-15
OCONNELL, Catharine ANDERSON, Benjamin 1859-Jun-15
OCONNELL, H Mrs MARSHALL, William 1865-Mar-23
OCONNELL, Joanna BUCKLEY, Daniel J 1865-Aug-31
OCONNER, Amanda Mrs GUIDER, John 1860-Dec-23
ODEWEAL, Mamie SHINGLEUR, F A 1895-Dec-05
ODOM, Nancy LORANCE, Martin 1865-Feb-15
ODON, Mattie CARSLEY, W T 1876-Feb-16
ODUM, Anna KING, M F 1887-Jul-18
OGORMAN, A L Mrs BOYD, Thomas J 1871-Jul-04
OGRADY, Honoria HESTER, C A 1864-Mar-31
OHARA, Katie F BAAS, John 1898-Apr-10
OLEARY, Catherine MURPHY, J H 1889-May-22
OLEARY, Maggie HAGER, O G 1900-Apr-30
OLIN, Ella CADWALLADER, J P 1896-Oct-25
OLIN, Martha Ann FRENCH, Alexander 1867-Nov-02
OLIVER, Mattie J BOLLS, J W 1865-May-23
OLIVER, Rena ADAMS, Solomon 1870-Jan-18
OLIVER, Sarah A PITTMAN, James O 1866-Dec-26
OLSON, Annie HANSBERRY, William 1874-Oct-20
ONEAL, Abbie D BANKSTON, J M 1886-Nov-28
ONEAL, Catherine GARY, W J 1871-May-11
ONEAL, Ellen R ROBERT, R R 1890-Dec-17
ONEAL, Josephine P COOK, W W 1876-Nov-30
ONEAL, Lula HAWKINS, A L 1896-Nov-12
ONEAL, Mary T CAMPBELL, W T 1874-Jul-19
ONEAL, Mary V RATLIFF, James R 1888-Jan-13
ONEAL, Maud A ZEIGLER, Edgar L 1900-May-16
ONEILL, Katie E SMITH, J P 1897-Aug-20
OSBORN, C L Miss SIMMONS, B 1898-Sep-28
OSBORN, E A Miss BARBER, C W 1872-Sep-05
OSBORN, Fannie A REDDES, Walter A 1889-Dec-18
OSBORN, Nora CLEMENT, W A 1900-Dec-09
OSBORN, Ola I BRIDGES, Thomas 1892-Nov-17
OSBORN, Susan M COTTON, C D 1870-Mar-14
OSTEEN, E M Miss STAMPLEY, R J 1858-Dec-05
OSTEEN, Hannah PUCHETT, William 1860-Sep-06
OSULLIVAN, Eliza FLANERY, David 1857-Sep-28
OSULLIVAN, Julia SEALLY, Terrance 1859-Jul-30
OSULLIVAN, Mary SMITH, Samuel C 1841-Feb-01
OVERBY, E J Miss MAXWELL, S 1873-Nov-12
OVERBY, Ida Mrs BOLLS, J B 1891-May-06
OVERBY, M E PAGE, Fred W 1871-Nov-10
OVERBY, M E Miss PAGE, Fred W 1871-Dec-09
OVERBY, Ora LEESE, R E 1900-Dec-27
OVERLY, W B BEAULAH, Barnes 1891-Dec-09
OVERSTREET, Eliza J MCRAVEN, Stewart 1856-Dec-18
OWEN, Alice M HERREN, Henry B 1882-Nov-15
OWEN, Martha E PORTER, George W 1866-Aug-17
OWEN, Susana PARKER, John 1859-Dec-27
OWENS, Anna L GIBBS, H D 1883-Jan-04
OWENS, M A E Miss ECHOLS, Davis E 1867-Dec-27
OWENS, M E Miss WATSON, E D 1876-Dec-20
OWENS, Martha ROSS, G W 1857-Aug-04
OWENS, Mollie H HUDSON, Lemuel Jr 1876-Dec-16
OWENS, Mollie H HUDSON, Samuel Jr 1877-Dec-21
OWENS, S A Mrs WATSON, W H 1869-May-06
OWENS, Sallie J LOWRY, J B 1882-Jan-12



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