Hinds County Brides


KAHN, Jeanette BLOCK, D 1875-Feb-01
KAIN, Sarah C REED, C A 1880-Jan-07
KANE, Maggie TODD, A M 1887-Dec-08
KATE, M E Mrs POWELL, Edward 1855-Sep-16
KAUFMAN, Sarah Mrs COHEN, Isaac 1891-Apr-02
KAUGHMAN, Mary SCHWARTZ, Myers 1841-Dec-02
KAUSLER, Fannie WHITE, Z T Capt 1887-Jun-22
KAUSLER, Harriett WHITE, John H Jr 1900-Apr-25
KAVANAUGH, Annie ELLIOTT, G W 1897-Sep-13
KAVANAUGH, Hettie MCNEILL, Patrick 1877-Dec-17
KAVANAUGH, Hettie MCNEILL, Patrick 1877-Dec-19
KAVANAUGH, Mary MONAHAN, James D 1875-Dec-06
KAVANAUGH, Mary MONOHAN, James D 1875-Dec-08
KAVANAUGH, Minnie CUMMINGS, T P 1893-Jun-13
KEANE, Anna BENGOON, Francis 1863-Dec-20
KEATLEY, Lizzie ROLLISON, Joseph 1887-Jun-22
KEITH, Laura A Mrs MOORE, James H 1868-Jul-30
KELKER, Mary E CHENNAULT, C C 1883-Jun-12
KELLER, Francis GRUBER, Joseph 1854-Apr-04
KELLER, Jane L LEIGHTON, Charles 1868-Mar-05
KELLER, Mary GRAVES, William Henry 1885-Jan-18
KELLER, Mollie BROOKS, Thomas 1884-Jun-01
KELLY, Ada E WARD, C H 1878-Jun-11
KELLY, Adelia Mrs FLETCHER, L F 1841-Dec-18
KELLY, Alamande DEFUNK, Charles 1875-Mar-03
KELLY, Alamande DEFUNKE, Charles 1875-Mar-02
KELLY, Alice GRAY, R L 1894-Mar-25
KELLY, Catharine RAFTAY, Patrick 1855-Sep-25
KELLY, E A Miss STEWART, T M 1871-Jun-13
KELLY, E E Miss ROSS, T S 1874-Dec-17
KELLY, Elizabeth J MYRICK, R A 1850-Jan-31
KELLY, Flora E NOBLE, F E 1897-Sep-22
KELLY, Julia O STUBBS, S D 1879-Nov-26
KELLY, Kate ESHLEMAN, Daniel 1859-Mar-06
KELLY, M E Mrs FATHEREE, A L 1867-May-16
KELLY, Maria LANIGAN, Thomas 1857-Jan-04
KELLY, Mary CHILDERS, A L 1885-Dec-08
KELLY, Mary A MCDOWELL, Joseph R 1868-Jun-29
KELLY, Mary D BOGGS, J T 1880-Mar-24
KELLY, Mary D BOGGS, J T 1880-Mar-23
KELLY, Nancy ROGERS, Willis 1873-Dec-11
KELLY, Sophrania C WILLIAM, John 1850-Jun-13
KENNEDOR, C V Miss GOVMAN, P O 1858-Mar-20
KENNEDY, E H Miss DOWNING, T A 1888-Feb-07
KENNEDY, Elizabeth CARTER, J S 1861-Jan-30
KENNEDY, Elizabeth ROBINSON, J R 1859-Dec-22
KENNEDY, Mary CASEY, Thomas 1854-Jan-17
KENNEDY, Mary Mrs DOLAN, P J 1873-Sep-01
KENNON, Mary EVANS, Samuel W 1841-Dec-23
KENT, Elizabeth D ALLEN, M M 1858-Sep-23
KENT, P J Miss PRINCE, Hamilton M 1856-Oct-10
KERN, M E Miss MCGILL, John 1864-May-31
KERN, Mary GUPTILL, J B 1866-Feb-27
KERR, Eliza C WELLS, W S 1869-Sep-23
KERR, Elizabeth E SPENCER, E H 1872-Dec-04
KERR, Mary A MARTZ, A S J 1898-Oct-19
KERR, N M Miss AUSTIN, J G 1869-Sep-07
KETTWELL, Margaret WHEAT, James O 1853-Feb-18
KEY, Mary C HUNTER, T J 1874-Oct-04
KEY, Mattie A MONROE, J D 1870-Nov-01
KEYS, Clara BELL, Madison 1879-May-08
KEYS, Frances BANGE, August 1879-Apr-15
KEYS, Francis BANGE, August 1879-Apr-17
KIBBIE, Fannie RUBY, Levi 1866-Sep-10
KIBODO, Cezille MAITRE, Joseph 1870-Dec-19
KICK, Louisa KICK, David 1853-Jan-04
KIDD, Lizzie CRANFORD, Horace 1872-Apr-05
KIDD, Lizzie CRAWFORD, Horace 1872-Apr-05
KIMBALL, Carrie BUCKLEY, J M 1894-Feb-13
KIMBALL, Lula WILLIS, James 1888-Dec-20
KIMBALL, Mary SANDERS, Rufus 1880-May-20
KIMBERELL, Susie RICHARDSON, Johnathan 1882-Dec-27
KIMBROUGH, Bonnie May WODDILL, Winkler Jr 1895-Sep-10
KINARD, Drucilla PRISOCK, H W 1891-Jul-27
KINARD, Mollie PRISOCK, D A 1884-Sep-18
KINDLAY, Eva HODGES, A M 1900-Sep-03
KING, E M Miss MCDOWELL, J R 1873-Sep-29
KING, Ellen HAYS, W A 1871-Dec-07
KING, Emma J MOORE, William G 1849-Feb-22
KING, Harriet FARE, Charles J 1858-Apr-22
KING, J C Miss ROBERTSON, M L 1858-Feb-18
KING, Jane Mrs BROCK, W R 1861-Jul-24
KING, Josey C MCGOWEN, H A 1881-Jan-12
KING, Josey C MCGOWEN, H A 1881-Jan-13
KING, Loula E MCGOWEN, James H 1880-Dec-22
KING, Loula E MCGOWEN, James H 1880-Dec-23
KING, Jane BOON, Emile 1894-Nov-19
KING, Mary Eliza WARD, John W 1853-Mar-10
KING, Nancy Mrs MCCANN, Thomas 1856-Jun-23
KING, Nobia HARRISON, W H 1893-Jan-15
KING, Serena FORBES, Madison 1891-Oct-18
KIRBY, E C Miss MIMMS, S D 1881-Nov-24
KIRHLEY, Francis R RODGERS, T D Mrs 1857-May-03
KIRKLAND, Jane AUSTIN, Robert 1880-Oct-23
KIRKLAND, Sarah Mrs KITCHENS, G W 1887-Apr-19
KIRKPATRICK, Julia C DILLON, J F 1872-Jan-11
KIRKPATRICK, Lalla R MAGEE, A B Jr 1881-Apr-14
KIRKPATRICK, Lizzie SMITH, S P 1876-Dec-20
KIRKPATRICK, Lizzie SMITH, S P 1877-Dec-20
KIRKPATRICK, Mattie E DILLON, Charles T 1866-Sep-20
KITCHINGS, Belle AUSTIN, A G 1885-Dec-01
KNOX, Mimmie HENRY, R W 1895-Apr-03
KOHN, Jeanette BLOCK, D 1875-Jan-25
KOLB, Margaret KREYSSIG, Charles Otto 1880-May-21
KOLB, Mary BYRNE, Stephen Lawerence 1884-Jul-24
KORNEGAY, M C Miss TERRELL, W C 1855-Sep-04
KRANS, Fredrika ACKERMAN, Frederick 1841-May-03
KYLE, Eva HAND, Charlie 1895-May-30
KYLE, Sarah Jane ALLEN, Dick 1876-Feb-10
KYLE, W D Miss MARTIN, E 1879-Jan-16



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