Hinds County Brides

I - J

INABENETT, M C Miss SLATER, V T 1870-Jan-11
INABERET, Ruth ALLEN, O C 1898-Jul-17
INABINETT, Juanita BERRYHILL, C M 1889-Nov-27
INABINETT, Sulaker ADAMS, T A 1889-Jan-28
IRISH, Mary Mrs CHRISTMAS, William D 1867-Dec-21
ISLY, Mary B FRIZELL, B B 1853-Jun-16
ISOM, Cornelia KING, Dennis 1867-Jan-30
ISON, Alice MAHON, W H 1893-Jan-05
ISRAEL, Delphine D Mrs BLACK, James 1855-Feb-01
ISRAEL, Elizabeth SMITH, J W 1859-Feb-08
ISRAEL, Julia DEGMAN, Jerome 1871-Oct-25
IVEY, Amanda Mrs STONE, Luther 1885-Aug-27
IVY, Ann Mrs GODWIN, Clarence 1892-Jan-10
JACKSON, Katie HALL, David 1880-May-29
JACKSON, Katie HALL, David 1880-May-30
JACKSON, Laura J CLARK, Thomas A 1868-Jan-29
JACKSON, Mamie W WARREN, John F Jr 1883-Dec-13
JACKSON, Margaret CLARK, Aleck 1870-Jan-19
JACKSON, Minnie CESSNA, J L 1892-Aug-10
JACKSON, Missouri SINGLEY, James M 1883-Oct-07
JACKSON, Nancy MOWER, William B 1850-Mar-31
JACKSON, S V Mrs WRIGHT, Charley 1887-Jan-09
JACOB, Emeline MCPHERSON, W R 1869-Nov-07
JACOB, J P Miss BRIDGES, E T 1871-Sep-20
JACOB, S H Miss ANDERSON, Thomas J 1871-Dec-06
JACOBS, Lydia Mrs EDMONDSON, Joseph 1887-Jul-12
JACOBS, Martha J Mrs ROBERTS, George W 1867-Feb-21
JACOBS, Sarah E MCNAIR, Robert H 1860-Sep-13
JAMES, Melinda AUSTIN, Henderson 1873-Jan-08
JAMES, Melinda AUSTIN, Henderson 1876-Jan-08
JAMES, Sallie A FONDREN, John D 1859-Feb-09
JAMESON, Anna MULLEN, T H 1875-Dec-23
JAMESON, Kate W MULLEN, W S Jr 1875-Nov-11
JAMISON, A L Miss LEOCK, H A 1894-Dec-29
JARBLINSKI, Carolina DUXEL, Andrew 1872-Aug-19
JARVIS, Rebecca ELLIS, T M 1856-Nov-11
JASPER, Annie Mrs CORBIN, W A 1882-Nov-30
JASPER, Mollie G JOHNSON, W J 1877-Jan-14
JASPER, S E Miss WEAVER, J W 1885-Dec-06
JASPER, S J Miss BARNES, E J M 1873-Jan-14
JEFFERSON, Ann SIMS, Jack 1870-Feb-05
JEFFERSON, Bettie H CABELL, W A 1871-Sep-13
JEFFERSON, Bettie H CABELL, W A 1871-Sep-14
JEFFERSON, M F Miss CHARLES, L L 1867-Dec-21
JEFFERSON, Mary E J ZEHLER, Frank M 1882-Nov-08
JEFFERSON, Mary H THOMAS, Cuddy 1857-Mar-09
JEFFERSON, Octavia MOORE, J P 1866-Feb-07
JENKINS, A M Mrs MATHEWS, William F 1854-Dec-20
JENKINS, Alice BATES, Ollie 1896-Nov-02
JENKINS, Delphy Ann JOHNSON, Gabriel 1870-Apr-25
JENKINS, R A Miss BOGGS, J T 1878-Jan-06
JENNINGS, Ella CANNON, J N Dr 1864-Dec-27
JENNINGS, Mollie WOMACK, H F 1891-Dec-11
JESSUP, Mary E STEPHENS, William 1853-Dec-14
JOHNS, Luella JONES, Preston Day 1869-Nov-14
JOHNS, Nannie LEE, R J 1865-Oct-31
JOHNS, Nannie LEE, R J 1867-Oct-31
JOHNS, Nellie PRICE, Jacob 1891-May-17
JOHNSON, Addie MIDDLETON, Laughlin 1870-Mar-01
JOHNSON, Adele FONTAINE, J E 1888-Oct-23
JOHNSON, Ann E HEWES, Jesse 1853-Jan-19
JOHNSON, Britanna JAMES, Robert H 1867-Apr-05
JOHNSON, Brittania GORDON, E S 1873-Dec-03
JOHNSON, Brittania GORDON, E S 1873-Dec-04
JOHNSON, D L O Miss HODGES, Noah 1868-Sep-24
JOHNSON, Eliza M MALLETT, William E 1858-Oct-14
JOHNSON, Emma YATES, I C 1890-Jan-17
JOHNSON, Francis ASKEW, Joe 1880-Jan-09
JOHNSON, Helen F ARMSTRONG, Robert 1876-Nov-24
JOHNSON, Julia AUSTIN, Bishop 1885-Mar-24
JOHNSON, L A Miss KEITH, T F 1857-Jan-01
JOHNSON, L W M Mrs HANNUM, A B 1859-Apr-14
JOHNSON, Lelia JEFFREGS, M E 1886-Feb-16
JOHNSON, Lizzie WHITE, J S 1878-Jun-18
JOHNSON, Lizzie Mrs WHITE, J S 1878-Jun-28
JOHNSON, Louisa A STEWART, W W 1855-Feb-27
JOHNSON, Margey DAVIS, John 1870-Mar-02
JOHNSON, Mary A TERRELL, J W 1852-May-13
JOHNSON, Mary E COUCH, George W 1866-Oct-11
JOHNSON, Melissa M CLOUTZ, L J 1896-Apr-01
JOHNSON, Myrtle L COOK, E L 1890-Apr-10
JOHNSON, N C LESTER, R J 1877-Mar-18
JOHNSON, Nancy A STEWART, William B 1853-Dec-05
JOHNSON, Ollie ALFORD, Edmond 1898-May-23
JOHNSON, Ophra DUVAL, Joseph S 1889-Aug-08
JOHNSON, Rebecca COGBURN, T J 1864-Dec-30
JOHNSON, Sarah H KITCHEN, Frank 1887-Nov-16
JOHNSTON, Aggie LEWIS, George B 1879-Jun-14
JOHNSTON, C E Miss MORRIS, John E 1875-Feb-04
JOHNSTON, Carrie B GILLESPIE, C D 1883-Sep-05
JOHNSTON, Catharine WARNACH, John H 1861-Feb-16
JOHNSTON, Dixie D WHITHERS, W E 1888-Sep-13
JOHNSTON, Etta GOODRUM, Levi 1883-Jan-04
JOHNSTON, Fannie JULIENNE, A L 1884-Jun-12
JOHNSTON, Harriet CALKINS, Fred C 1890-Nov-27
JOHNSTON, Isadore D LANIER, Robert D 1855-Feb-27
JOHNSTON, J A Miss ANDERSON, W D 1869-Jul-22
JOHNSTON, Louisa H M Mrs COCKE, John J 1852-Jan-20
JOHNSTON, M E Miss COORPENDER, Robert B 1857-Feb-04
JOHNSTON, M Louise BAILEY, R W 1900-Jul-05
JOHNSTON, Mattie A WEEKS, R G 1888-Jun-06
JOHNSTON, Nellie LEVY, R J 1896-Feb-17
JOHNSTON, Sally ADAMS, Nelson 1870-May-08
JONES, Amelia MCDANIEL, Hugh 1854-Mar-21
JONES, Ann RIPLEY, Hiram D 1858-Aug-29
JONES, Anna MILLER, W E 1889-Feb-27
JONES, Anna T CHAPMAN, W C 1888-Oct-24
JONES, Annie WHITE, J B 1890-Jun-22
JONES, Annie E BENTON, W S 1884-Dec-23
JONES, B F Miss STRINGER, J E 1898-Jan-02
JONES, Belinda LUCKIN, John I 1849-Jan-08
JONES, Bettie ADDISON, John 1888-May-26
JONES, Bettie ALEXANDER, W H 1892-Apr-03
JONES, Carrie M FORTNER, A A 1872-Dec-31
JONES, Celia Ann RIVES, William H 1855-Jun-07
JONES, Delia ALLEN, Andrew 1896-Oct-07
JONES, E A Mrs HOLLIDAY, Z L 1899-Apr-12
JONES, Effie E JACKSON, Walter 1898-Apr-27
JONES, Elisha D REED, Yancie W 1900-Dec-18
JONES, Eliza HOLMES, Joshua 1870-Mar-14
JONES, Emma T HENDERSON, J T 1880-Dec-03
JONES, Emma T HENDERSON, J T 1880-Dec-05
JONES, Fanny T HAWKINS, E C 1870-Nov-24
JONES, Gussie CONNELL, John T 1896-Dec-26
JONES, Helen Mrs MCELVEE, J D 1889-Sep-01
JONES, I E Miss THORNTON, A J 1895-Jan-30
JONES, Ida ADAMS, Nathan 1890-Dec-04
JONES, Ida E MCCOLLUM, J D 1887-Aug-14
JONES, Ida J ASHLEY, W F 1897-Jan-27
JONES, Ida R JONES, J D 1898-Jun-17
JONES, Jackey Mrs HACKEY, George T 1869-Jan-20
JONES, Jennie C OLIVER, Jesse C 1874-Jan-15
JONES, Jennie C OLIVER, Jessie C 1874-Jan-15
JONES, Jennie Mrs BROCK, C 1887-Nov-10
JONES, Julia ALEXANDER, Wm E 1883-Jul-11
JONES, Julia Belle HOLLINGSWORTH, J O 1894-May-04
JONES, Julia M HARDY, John D 1853-Mar-23
JONES, Katie E DIXON, R L 1881-Nov-21
JONES, Katie E DIXON, R S 1881-Nov-23
JONES, L J Miss HOLLIDAY, John E 1878-Dec-23
JONES, L R Miss ALEXANDER, B D 1890-Dec-24
JONES, Lettie M GEISELBRETH, Lawerence 1854-Dec-10
JONES, Lizzie R WADE, R T 1895-Dec-24
JONES, Lou M DULANEY, W J Dr 1866-Sep-04
JONES, Louise A FITZZERALD, Charles 1882-Apr-18
JONES, M A Miss MCDANIEL, Irvin 1856-Jan-06
JONES, M K Mrs SHAW, A C 1878-Jan-06
JONES, Maggie ASKEW, Daniel 1879-Aug-24
JONES, Maggie Mrs DUPREE, J H 1897-Dec-29
JONES, Maria H SYKES, Thomas B 1865-Feb-10
JONES, Martha C MCRAVEN, James S 1857-Dec-15
JONES, Martha H DAMERAN, Robert C 1854-Mar-01
JONES, Martha L LONG, J I 1896-Sep-23
JONES, Mary STOKES, J W 1892-Oct-02
JONES, Mary D MCLAURIN, Cornelius 1861-Jan-03
JONES, Mary E DAMERON, J T 1896-Jul-21
JONES, Mary E ESTER, H 1860-Dec-04
JONES, Mary E HOLLOWAY, William H 1854-Feb-27
JONES, Mary E LEWIS, David 1877-Jan-03
JONES, Mary E LEWIS, David L 1877-Jan-02
JONES, Mary E SMITH, W C 1880-Dec-23
JONES, Mary J ROBBIN, Cornelius W 1853-Feb-10
JONES, Mary J SHARP, William J 1876-Jul-05
JONES, Mary J SHARPS, Wm J 1876-Jul-05
JONES, Mary N NEWMAN, James P 1867-Dec-14
JONES, Mary Rena VAN BUREN, C W 1892-Feb-01
JONES, Mattie BAILEY, J D 1893-Jun-02
JONES, Mollie COTTEN, Ed O 1887-Jun-28
JONES, Mollie F DONAHUE, A J 1865-Sep-
JONES, Nancy GLOVER, John A 1854-Jun-28
JONES, Narcissa MORRISON, John 1868-Sep-29
JONES, Nettie C WILLIAMS, Mims 1900-Jun-20
JONES, Nettie Lee HAWKINS, S L 1898-Feb-23
JONES, Oma STANDIFER, A G 1890-Dec-21
JONES, Pattie P POND, Thomas E 1869-Dec-16
JONES, Pet THORNTON, W J 1895-Mar-24
JONES, R H Miss PRITCHARD, B L 1855-Aug-16
JONES, Rebecca DAVIS, Thomas R 1861-May-23
JONES, Sallie E FLEWELLEN, James H 1869-Feb-03
JONES, Sallie E WILLIAMSON, E C 1866-May-16
JONES, Sarah A MCCOY, W E 1870-Jul-07
JONES, Siva A LOPER, W F 1875-Dec-26
JONES, Susan F BURCH, D S 1858-Mar-11
JONES, Susan V LOFTON, D L 1882-Feb-01
JOYNER, Francis KORNIGAY, William G 1852-Jul-07
JULIENNE, Mary J SCOTT, Edward M 1867-Nov-14



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