Hinds County Brides


EAGER, A J Miss MOSELEY, J C 1869-Nov-24
EARL, Elizabeth TAYLOR, Henry M 1857-Dec-24
EARL, Mary J HEATH, L G 1875-Apr-22
EASTERLING, Minnie L GRUBER, Walter C 1897-Aug-11
ECHOLS, M M Miss COWAN, J J 1865-Oct-26
ECHOLS, M M Miss COWAN, J J 1866-Oct-26
ECHOLS, Una C FELTON, William J 1869-Aug-03
ECKLES, Mary WATSON, W M 1893-Sep-01
ECKLES, Mary A SATCHER, Watson S 1858-Nov-18
EDDINGS, Emma BROWN, W A 1890-Jul-21
EDDINGS, Mattie BROWN, R L 1890-Jul-21
EDINGS, Ann BERBER, J W 1876-Dec-27
EDMONDSON, Eddie Miss GRANBERRY, A M 1870-May-31
EDMONDSON, Jennie S Mrs OWEN, T F 1867-Mar-03
EDMONDSON, Minnie CASPER, Hezekiah 1866-Sep-04
EDMONDSON, Mollie E CROCKETT, H B 1865-Jan-21
EDMONDSON, Sarah O PEYTON, Jerome 1857-Aug-21
EDWARD, Drucilla NICHOLS, O F 1865-Apr-03
EDWARDS, Bettie E LOWE, M B 1874-Nov-18
EDWARDS, Caroline Mrs BRISCOE, John 1854-Feb-08
EDWARDS, Catharine A MCGUIRE, Wesley 1853-Aug-15
EDWARDS, Cornelia P ROBINSON, Thomas 1871-Mar-22
EDWARDS, E G Miss UNDERHILL, J T 1898-Mar-03
EDWARDS, Elizabeth Jane GRIFFING, Asa M 1850-May-01
EDWARDS, Etta MCGOWEN, Burt L 1890-May-26
EDWARDS, Eva B COOK, Thomas A 1881-Apr-14
EDWARDS, Eva B COOK, Thomas A 1881-Apr-20
EDWARDS, F O Miss SLATER, L P 1884-Dec-17
EDWARDS, Hattie R LEE, J W 1879-May-28
EDWARDS, Maggie A WHIDDEN, J C 1893-Dec-14
EDWARDS, Mary HARRELL, A F 1894-Oct-04
EDWARDS, Mary E COLEMAN, James M 1854-Jan-11
EDWARDS, Mary J MCALPIN, J T 1858-Sep-09
EDWARDS, Mathilda ADAMS, Isaac 1875-Oct-01
EDWARDS, Sarah Ann JORDAN, James B 1849-Jul-09
EDWARDS, Sarah M WOHNER, John R 1883-Mar-27
EDWARDS, Susan G GARY, James A 1869-Feb-10
EHS, Anna Marie HAME, Christian 1853-Nov-16
EHS, Elizabeth DAVIS, George Alvin 1868-Apr-22
EHS, Kuney RICE, William V 1873-Feb-03
ELASSER, Mamie M STEPHENS, F M 1892-Oct-24
ELDER, Elles L GIBBS, Charles H 1855-May-10
ELDER, Pennina BULLOCK, J L W 1857-Jun-25
ELENDER, Julia Frank WRAY, Levi 1852-Sep-24
ELLESON, E E Miss BREEDEN, H B 1871-Dec-12
ELLINGTON, Ellen HEBRON, John L 1861-Jan-23
ELLINGTON, Flonda ROBERTSON, George 1864-Nov-09
ELLINGTON, Mary BULLOCK, William M 1857-Jun-04
ELLIOT, Alice YOUNG, E Bright Dr 1882-Apr-02
ELLIOT, Ann Mrs SMITH, John S 1858-Jul-02
ELLIOT, Julia ROSS, J B 1872-Jan-25
ELLIOT, S J Miss SIMMONS, H E 1854-Jan-11
ELLIOTT, Carrie May FALK, Carl G W 1895-Jun-12
ELLIOTT, Florence DAUPHIN, L 1889-Dec-24
ELLIOTT, Frank Miss HERREN, D W 1887-Feb-03
ELLIOTT, Lillie F EVANS, D W 1889-Apr-18
ELLIOTT, Martha Mrs HERRON, B F 1868-Aug-29
ELLIOTT, Mary E SANDIFER, John T 1866-Sep-11
ELLIOTT, Sallie NELSON, George 1890-May-08
ELLIS, Cornelia FARR, G B 1894-Apr-02
ELLIS, Elizabeth A LOWE, Thomas 1855-Dec-13
ELLIS, H J Miss MATHEWS, N A 1867-Nov-15
ELLIS, Katie DOTSON, A A 1892-Sep-06
ELLIS, M F Miss WHITE, J R 1858-Oct-14
ELLIS, Mary ALEXANDER, Divid 1868-Nov-28
ELLISON, Nannie HARRIS, William Hawes 1869-Jun-02
ELY, Susan Emma STUBBLEFIELD, Robert W 1854-Nov-06
EMBERSON, Emily CARLYLE, W H B 1863-Sep-10
EMLAR, Elizabeth HATTER, Jacob 1856-Jan-13
EMMANUEL, Lelia DONELLAN, George 1863-Sep-01
ENDERS, Birdie BILBRO, J C 1884-Jun-15
ENDERS, Loulie CAROTHERS, T L 1882-Sep-24
ENDERS, Mary B CRANE, William H 1871-Apr-08
ENDERS, Mary B CRANE, William H 1871-Apr-09
ENGLAND, M F Miss POWELL, W B 1886-Dec-09
ENGLEHARD, R Miss WINTER, Rice H 1855-Dec-27
ENGLEHARD, Sarah Mrs SHOTWELL, Robert 1855-Feb-22
ENOCHS, Cora J WHITE, Walter A 1890-Oct-26
ENOCHS, Julia Hattie WHITE, W A 1877-Feb-13
ENOCKS, Julia Hattie WHITE, W A 1877-Feb-15
ENVOLDREN, Emma CLIFTON, D L 1897-Jul-09
EPPERSON, Amanda BROWN, James S 1863-Mar-03
EPPERSON, C S Miss HUNTLY, George W 1856-Jul-24
ERNST, M Miss MOSALL, M 1860-Feb-06
ERVIN, A D Miss QUIN, G M 1875-Nov-22
ERVIN, Ada A FERGUSON, J W 1882-Dec-13
ERVIN, Beatina Mrs AUSTIN, J G 1881-Jul-07
ERVIN, Cora E FERGUSON, R A 1884-Dec-24
ERVIN, Helen E RUMPLE, J T 1878-Jul-31
ERWIN, Helen E RUMPH, J T 1878-Jul-24
ERWIN, Sarah Jane GLENN, John W 1841-Dec-18
ESH, Margaret GIRTEN, John 1898-Jun-23
ESKRIDGE, Emma ADAMS, Willie 1897-May-01
ESKS, Kuney RICE, William V 1873-Feb-03
ESTELL, Emma C SUTTAN, Joseph 1853-Nov-29
ESTERLIN, Laura A Mrs HUTCHINGS, James E 1867-Dec-24
EUBANKS, Cornelia S DORTCH, C W 1856-Jan-17
EUBANKS, Levenia HARDY, F M 1862-Mar-01
EUBANKS, Mary D PHELPS, Orlando 1853-Jan-31
EUBANKS, Salina MARR, Daniel P 1852-Jun-23
EVANS, Anna LONG, W 1897-Jul-13
EVANS, Ed Miss PINFIELD, William 1899-Dec-06
EVANS, Emma PENN, William H 1868-Jan-08
EVANS, Fannie T MORGAN, R P 1874-Dec-30
EVANS, Ida Lee FITZPATRICK, Bernard D 1887-Feb-10
EVANS, Lottie EDWARDS, F C 1891-Nov-25
EVANS, M V Miss WELLS, N Alex 1858-Dec-07
EVANS, Maggie BASYE, A 1887-Dec-15
EVANS, Mary COVINGTON, J W 1895-Jan-23
EVANS, Mary J MAYBIN, W H 1896-Feb-25
EVANS, Sallie F LAWSHE, L M Jr 1881-Feb-24
EWING, Ann Mrs HUGHES, James 1868-Apr-16
EWING, Eliza RIGGAN, J J 1884-Feb-14
EWING, Fannie GORDIN, James A 1882-Oct-31
EWING, Margaret WILLIS, Bryant E 1849-Nov-16
EWING, Mary Jane COUNCIL, Frank S 1883-Nov-15
EYRICH, Alma REMBERT, K B Dr 1888-Nov-15


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