Hinds County Brides


ABRAHAM, Ella NAPIER, Thomas T 1853-Jan-25
ADAIR, Louisa TULLIS, James 1877-Feb-01
ADAMS, Annie GREENWOOD, J D 1887-Sep-30
ADAMS, Ellen V ALLEN, A C 1858-Nov-25
ADAMS, Emeline M PERKINS, Charles S 1853-Dec-22
ADAMS, Kate E STEVENS, W L 1886-Jan-26
ADAMS, Katie CURTIS, J W 1887-Mar-15
ADAMS, Lizzie ROBINSON, George 1868-Apr-26
ADAMS, M A Miss CHASE, F C 1856-Oct-31
ADAMS, Mary B NEWMAN, Simon B 1854-Oct-24
ADAMS, Victoria BROOKS, J R 1856-Nov-30
ADDKINSON, Hattie L BULLARD, R W 1898-Jan-20
AGNEW, Helen HAWKINS, J Hardy 1890-Nov-27
AGNEW, Mattie DIXON, T L 1892-Oct-22
AILLS, Matilda C BREWER, John 1854-Oct-05
AINSWORTH, Alice BIGGS, W A 1899-Apr-12
AINSWORTH, Mary B BRENT, J D 1891-Apr-23
AINSWORTH, Mary C Mrs MCPHERSON, George F 1869-Jan-19
ALDMAN, Barbara SATTERFIELD, J S 1873-Jan-29
ALDRIDGE, Fannie V BERESFORD, W R 1877-Feb-05
ALDRIDGE, Jane THOMAS, Samuel 1897-Mar-27
ALEXANDER, A Kate WASHINGTON, Reade H 1885-Nov-18
ALEXANDER, Emma ADAMS, Elzy 1900-Dec-23
ALEXANDER, Emma P GONIA, T F 1892-Sep-25
ALEXANDER, F V Miss LACEY, W R 1877-Jul-19
ALEXANDER, Flora HARDY, J A 1898-Dec-25
ALEXANDER, Florence BLANTON, William W 1887-Oct-26
ALEXANDER, Henrietta HARRISON, A J 1873-Aug-06
ALEXANDER, Ida R PEOPLES, Thomas M 1873-Nov-05
ALEXANDER, Laura B JONES, W A 1882-Sep-19
ALEXANDER, Maggie D PEYTON, Harry 1881-Nov-03
ALEXANDER, Nancy D VARNELL, J K 1852-Sep-29
ALEXANDER, Nettie WATSON, C L 1892-Sep-08
ALEXANDRE, Bettie Mrs HILTON, George T 1897-Nov-17
ALFORD, Cora HALEY, James 1860-Sep-12
ALFORD, M A Miss WISE, F C 1858-May-14
ALFORD, Mary J MONROE, Elijah A 1859-Oct-13
ALFORD, Minnie LANCASTER, E E 1899-Apr-27
ALFORD, Pattie F MOSELY, L B 1884-Feb-24
ALFORD, Sallie NICE, E J 1895-Dec-11
ALFORD, Sallie J M WILSON, E J 1868-Feb-01
ALLEN, Ada JONES, I R 1897-Feb-10
ALLEN, Ann A CROOK, Martin D 1841-Jan-02
ALLEN, C M Miss LEWIS, G M 1858-Oct-01
ALLEN, E R Mrs HOGG, Hatten M 1850-May-26
ALLEN, Emily M BIGGS, E W 1861-Jan-12
ALLEN, F M Miss GRAY, James M 1877-Feb-07
ALLEN, Fannie EDWARDS, A M 1893-Feb-05
ALLEN, Jessie PATE, R H 1899-Sep-06
ALLEN, L A Miss WISE, R A 1871-Dec-26
ALLEN, Lilly C SHIPWORTH, R T 1898-Jul-16
ALLEN, Lucinda Jane BLENNES, Henry O 1852-Sep-22
ALLEN, Lucy C GARDNER, A H 1885-Dec-10
ALLEN, Mary E BOYD, N H 1872-Jan-10
ALLEN, Mary Mrs BULLOCK, Edward 1854-Jul-27
ALLEN, Mattie ROBERTS, W 1891-Nov-24
ALLEN, Mollie K HUNDLEY, C T 1882-Jan-18
ALLEN, Nora LOWE, W J 1875-Jan-14
ALLEN, Rebecca E HERREN, David 1856-Dec-10
ALLEN, Rosanna V ZINN, Charles H 1874-Feb-25
ALLEN, Sally E BERING, Charles 1858-Nov-08
ALLEN, Sarah A THOMPSON, Baxter W 1854-Aug-24
ALLEN, Sarah Jane BANES, Martin Henry 1882-Jan-14
ALLEN, Susan MORTON, J C 1850-Jun-04
ALRIDGE, Fannie V Mrs BERESFORD, W R 1877-Feb-03
ALSOP, Fannie CURTIS, T O 1894-Oct-31
ALSOP, Fannie WOLDEN, R B 1900-Nov-28
ALSOP, Winnie BRODY, W A 1899-Jul-18
ALSTOM, Naomi FONTAINE, Walter F 1867-Jan-03
ALSTON, Jennie F SMITH, M R 1871-Nov-30
ALSTON, M F Miss PEYTON, M M 1858-Nov-25
ALSTON, Pauline G Alston MEAUCHAM, Edgar M 1867-Dec-14
ALSTON, Sina H MARSHALL, Samuel G 1857-Jun-23
AMAKER, Elizabeth ALEXANDER, J 1879-Sep-24
AMAKER, Mattie E WALTON, Jhn L 1881-Dec-26
AMMONS, Eva E LOFLIN, Homer H 1900-Dec-21
AMOS, Lorena ALEXANDER, Taylor 1866-Jul-08
AMSTER, Mary STEINER, Jacob 1886-Nov-07
ANDERSON, Birdie BAILEY, O L 1895-Jan-02
ANDERSON, C T Miss KNOX, C R 1875-Jan-11
ANDERSON, E F Miss HERRING, W B 1878-Jan-01
ANDERSON, E M Miss BOYD, R G 1874-Dec-20
ANDERSON, E M Mrs LATIMER, W B 1889-Aug-08
ANDERSON, Hattie YERGER, A R 1872-Aug-10
ANDERSON, Jennie E WILES, William N 1856-Dec-01
ANDERSON, Julia STANGER, Louis 1879-Jan-16
ANDERSON, Julia TAYLOR, J W 1884-Feb-28
ANDERSON, Julia Mrs STRANGER, Louis 1879-Jan-14
ANDERSON, L J Miss CALDWELL, W H 1874-Dec-24
ANDERSON, Louise BENNETT, J A 1900-Jun-12
ANDERSON, M C Miss ALSOP, J C 1877-Dec-23
ANDERSON, M E Mrs LEMONS, G G 1892-Jul-28
ANDERSON, M H Miss ANDERSON, A R 1872-Oct-20
ANDERSON, Martha A THORNTON, William J 1857-Nov-05
ANDERSON, Martha C HACKLER, Thomas 1853-Dec-01
ANDERSON, Mary E FISHER, Hiram 1854-Jul-16
ANDERSON, Mary E LEMON, George B 1853-May-26
ANDERSON, Mary E Mrs RUTLEDGE, H T 1874-Feb-26
ANDERSON, Mattie YERGER, A R 1872-Aug-11
ANDERSON, Mattie E BEAUFAIT, W F 1893-Nov-07
ANDERSON, Mills T THOMPSON, Mary Jennette 1849-Sep-20
ANDERSON, Naney M STEWART, R M 1865-Apr-18
ANDERSON, Nicey ALFORD, George 1887-Jun-08
ANDERSON, Pearl PARKS, Ottis 1900-Mar-28
ANDERSON, Rebecca J FISHER, W D 1871-Jan-05
ANDERSON, Roxey ANDERSON, George 1870-Jan-25
ANDERSON, S C Miss HACKLIN, Albert J 1858-Dec-01
ANDERSON, Sophrinia E WILSON, James T 1865-Jun-05
ANDERSON, Susan Mrs HARRISON, Hiram 1850-Dec-24
ANDERSON, Tildy ADISON, Allen 1881-Feb-16
ANDREWS, Margaret J FORT, Louis B 1861-Feb-21
ANDREWS, Mary STONE, Thomas W 1880-Dec-21
ANDREWS, Sallie ENGLAND, J T 1865-Feb-14
ANTHONY, Lizzie DUFFEY, C C 1879-Nov-29
APPLEWHITE, A J Miss ELLINGTON, Thomas J 1878-Feb-06
ARCHER, Fannie E SEARS, Peter G 1890-Jun-18
ARCHER, Laura Banks CABILL, Courtney 1900-Jun-07
ARMSTRONG, Ellie ROSS, O V 1898-May-02
ARMSTRONG, Jane J YOUNG, Charles 1862-Apr-08
ARMSTRONG, Josie HAWKINS, W N 1897-Jul-18
ARRINGTON, Phoebe CLARK, M C 1870-Mar-19
ASH, Rebecca STACKHOUSE, William E 1889-Dec-23
ASHER, Bertha DREGFUS, Solomon 1874-Mar-03
ASHER, Bertha DREYFUS, Solomon 1874-Mar-02
ASHER, Fannie Mrs LESSER, Solomon 1884-Sep-04
ASHER, Violet S SARTORIUS, A Jr 1893-Mar-29
ASHFORD, Alice G RABB, S P 1875-Dec-21
ASHFORD, Jemima R LEWIS, William 1860-May-16
ASHFORD, M C Miss ASHFORD, J A Dr 1877-Dec-19
ASHFORD, Rosa CRAIG, W B 1891-Feb-25
ASHLEY, Francis HUFFMAN, Comadore Perry 1877-Aug-14
ASKEW, Alva PERRY, Richard M 1894-Jan-18
ASKEW, Eva BIRDSONG, N R 1894-Mar-22
ASKEW, Hennetta DOTSON, William M 1867-Sep-19
ASKEW, M E Miss KNOX, J H 1878-Jan-14
ASKIN, Mary Ann ANDERSON, William H 1841-Mar-06
ATHA, Mary CURRAN, Thomas 1875-Nov-18
ATKINS, Clara TROTTER, B R 1875-Jan-14
ATKINS, Florence G LEACK, James J 1894-Jul-12
ATKINSON, Clara MONTGOMERY, L F Jr 1884-Oct-15
ATKINSON, Emma DULANY, L C 1886-Feb-25
ATKINSON, Isabella STRONG, B F 1893-Mar-14
ATKINSON, Lidia MYERS, J S 1870-Oct-20
ATKINSON, Louisa BOWIE, Benjamin B 1894-Aug-16
ATKINSON, Mary E BARROW, F M 1856-Oct-08
ATKINSON, Minnie WELLS, J D 1887-Dec-22
ATKINSON, Rosa E HAWKINS, J L 1896-Mar-25
ATKINSON, Willie MORRISON, Daniel J 1893-Dec-14
AUDING, Emma BERRYHILL, R A 1894-Feb-22
AUGUST, Kate M GUNN, Griffin Dr 1866-Dec-19
AUSTIN, A L Miss SORSBY, E T 1882-Nov-21
AUSTIN, Alice Lane HARDAGE, W H 1883-Oct-10
AUSTIN, Annie L LINTON, Z Z 1899-Mar-22
AUSTIN, Bessie D HUDSON, L H 1890-Jan-06
AUSTIN, Bessie D HUDSON, L H 1888-May-09
AUSTIN, Dora D POOLE, E B 1880-Feb-24
AUSTIN, Dora D POOLE, E B 1880-Feb-25
AUSTIN, Ella M WATKINS, Henry S 1899-Mar-30
AUSTIN, Fannie R JOHNSON, O S 1886-Sep-08
AUSTIN, Florence MCGOWEN, Charles C 1891-Feb-12
AUSTIN, Hallie S STRATTON, C P 1888-Jul-17
AUSTIN, Hesperia ALCORN, Robert  1870-Dec-21
AUSTIN, Jane BARLOW, C C 1888-Aug-23
AUSTIN, Lydia WILLIAMS, Charles S 1895-Aug-08
AUSTIN, Maggie BUSH, T J 1888-Apr-26
AUSTIN, Mary ADAMS, Ed 1898-Mar-24
AUSTIN, Susie F LIDDELL, J W 1890-Apr-03
AVEN, Lura L WILKINSON, Stephen A 1899-Oct-22
AVORG, Mary Ann HAULEY, Patrick 1863-Feb-21
AXTON, Ada ABERNATHY, T E 1887-Sep-24
AXTON, Ida MURPHY, John C 1879-Nov-07
AXTON, Laura HARDY, W L 1884-Dec-25
AXTON, Narcissa MCALPINE, J Harrison 1869-Jan-04
AXTON, Rosa WILLIAMS, T J 1892-May-11
AYERS, Lizzie MARTIN, Henry 1894-Jul-15


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