Harrison County Grooms

V - Z

VALLIN, Auguste KNOX, Mary 1863-Mar-25
VANCLEAVE, William LANG, Sarah 1887-Jan-24
VARDAMAN, John VARDAMAN, Nancy 1868-Apr-05
VASCANSIELLOS, F LYON, Sarah 1851-Oct-12
VAUGHAN, Andrew A GOFF, Mary Ann 1875-Mar-01
VAUGHAN, Milton C THORNTON, Fanny T 1866-Jun-28
VEGAS, John FARRELL, Harriet 1867-Feb-16
VERET, Robert BIGGS, Elizabeth 1879-May-03
VERET, Robert BIGGS, Elizabeth 1879-May-07
VERNIER, Charles DESFROTE, Louisa 1879-Oct-12
VERNIER, Charles T DESPORTE, Louisa C 1879-Oct-11
VEYSIERE, Louis J KENNEDY, Adeline 1878-Jan-20
VICE, William MILLER, Julia 1876-May-16
VIERLING, George PRICE, Indiana 1859-Sep-18
VINCENT, Fayard FORETICH, Tony 1880-Apr-26
VINCENT, George A MONROE, Mary E 1871-Dec-20
VINCENT, Miguel CEONISEIP, Marie 1859-Oct-03
VINING, Uriah B LOFTON, Rachael 1864-Jul-13
VOIVEDICH, Frank FAYARD, Josephine 1884-May-30
VOIVEDICH, Gasper FAYARD, Bridget 1879-Nov-24
VOIVERLICK, Frank FAYARD, James 1884-May-30
VOVODICH, Nicholas CARKO, Clementine 1858-Apr-21
WADSWORTH, Daniel M KIRK, Mary S 1860-Nov-08
WALDEN, Binjamin FATHERN, Minerva 1852-Oct-28
WALDER, Henry WILLIAMS, Mary A 1866-Jan-17
WALKER, Abner HUDSON, Marcella F 1867-Dec-12
WALKER, Columbus COOPER, Deusille 1886-Dec-29
WALKER, Columbus COOPER, Drusilla 1887-Jan-02
WALKER, Daniel BREELAND, Hannah 1858-Dec-17
WALKER, David MILES, Mary Jane 1856-Mar-13
WALKER, Edward B FAYERS, Rosa 1883-Sep-26
WALKER, George W HUDSON, Harriet J 1867-Feb-14
WALKER, Harrison JOHNSON, Elenor 1885-Dec-30
WALKER, Harrison JOHNSON, Elenor 1886-May-05
WALKER, Jerry THOMAS, Ester (Mrs) 1869-Jun-19
WALKER, John Albert HUDSON, Olive B 1878-Dec-05
WALKER, John W MCMILLAN, Sarah 1871-Aug-08
WALKER, John W NELSON, Eran (Mrs) 1878-Dec-24
WALKER, Nicodemus COOPER, Thaney Ann 1881-Mar-30
WALKER, Nicodemus COOPER, Thaney Ann U 1881-Mar-30
WALKER, Noah COOPER, Nancy 1886-Dec-29
WALKER, Noah COOPER, Nancy 1887-Jan-02
WALKER, Oscar LEWIS, Caroline 1884-May-07
WALKER, Oscar LEWIS, Caroline 1885-May-07
WALKER, Thompson CLARK, Lydia M (Mrs) 1860-May-29
WALKER, Wdward B FAYERS, Rosa 1883-Sep-26
WALKER, William G ROSS, Sarah B 1879-Mar-19
WALKER, William G ROSS, Sarah B 1879-Mar-23
WALSTON, Stephen K BLACKLIDGE, Mary E 1871-Sep-04
WALTERS, John M LINDER, Lavinia 1868-Feb-20
WALTMAN, W A GOFF, Nancy 1876-Aug-20
WARD, Cornelius F ELY, Jerusha J 1875-Apr-28
WARD, Soloman KAUFMAN, Sophia A 1853-Dec-22
WARDEAN, Daniel WOODWARD, Susan 1881-Jan-01
WARDEAU, Daniel WOODARD, Susan 1881-Jan-01
WASHINGTON, George SWAN, Azaline 1873-Aug-24
WASHINGTON, Henry READ, Hattie 1884-Apr-03
WASHINGTON, Henry REED, Hattie 1884-Apr-03
WASHINGTON, James MCSWAIN, Mary 1887-Jul-21
WASHINGTON, William CRAWFORD, Emma 1886-Oct-07
WATERS, Abraham FREDERICK, Mary 1870-Nov-03
WATKINS, C F FORETICH, Rebecca 1880-Aug-16
WATKINS, C F FORETICH, Rebecca (Mrs) 1880-Aug-16
WATSON, Daniel JONES, Sally 1859-Mar-03
WATSON, Thomas DEBAUN, Mary E 1860-Feb-01
WATSON, William JOHNSON, Marie 1878-Jan-26
WATTS, Louis QUAVE, Pauline 1870-Dec-07
WEBB, Frederick DEVEREAUX, Louisa 1867-May-16
WEBB, John QUAVE, Caroline 1875-Jul-07
WEBBER, Charles E FEWELL, Laura 1880-May-12
WEBBER, Charles E FEWELL, Laura C 1880-May-12
WEDGEWORTH, Joel H TERRELL, Minerva 1864-Aug-13
WELCH, John DEBOZE, Mary Louisa 1852-Jun-30
WELLS, Berry RHODES, Louisa L 1864-Jan-31
WELLS, George BROWN, Jane 1866-Aug-01
WELLS, George BROWN, Jane 1866-Aug-03
WELLS, Jefferson ARMSTRONG, Mary 1878-Feb-21
WELLS, Mack SIMS, Lucy 1885-Jun-30
WELLS, Mark SEMA, Lucy 1885-Feb-26
WELSH, Buck MUNROE, Emma 1887-Aug-22
WENTZELL, Charles GREEN, Mary 1855-Nov-29
WENTZELL, James S BAKER, Hannah O 1878-May-21
WENTZELL, John HOLLEY, Mollie 1887-May-25
WEST, James FAIRLEY, Isabel 1880-Jul-01
WEST, James FAIRLY, Isabel 1880-May-24
WEST, James C MITCHEL, Milly 1856-Aug-08
WESTBROOK, Falisaty RYAN, Rayna 1850-Aug-07
WESTERFIELD, Elias CORDY, Sarah 1885-Nov-03
WESTERFIELD, Elias Wood COREY, Sarah Charles 1885-Oct-13
WETZEL, William J LATIMER, Elizabeth E 1873-Nov-26
WHALLON, John REILY, Ann 1866-Sep-24
WHEELER, Albert W MANDERS, Mary J 1868-Dec-03
WHEELER, Andrew J WHEELER, Polly A 1872-May-10
WHEELER, Pleasant H ALLEN, Emily A 1860-May-08
WHEELER, William HICKS, Sally 1850-Oct-09
WHEELWRIGHT, Josiah MAYER, Sophia 1868-Feb-17
WHETHERS, Grandville TAYLOR, Caroline 1885-Oct-01
WHETTIER, Grandville TAYLOR, Caroline 1885-Oct-01
WHITALL, Charles W WHANN, Harriet H (Mrs) 1857-Feb-19
WHITE, Crawford YOUNG, Lydia 1872-Jan-23
WHITE, Henry JOHNSON, Roxy Ann 1882-Jul-23
WHITE, Henry JOHNSON, Roxy Ann (Mrs) 1882-Jul-23
WHITE, J R COLLINS, Marila 1873-   -06
WHITE, J W HATTAN, Nancy 1879-Oct-14
WHITE, J W HATTAN, Nancy 1879-Oct-16
WHITE, James Andrew ALEXANDER, Lucy Jane 1879-May-14
WHITE, Jefferson AIKEN, Fanny 1867-Jul-05
WHITE, John D SMITH, Eliza J 1882-Dec-21
WHITE, Joseph A KNIGHT, Louisa 1884-Jul-17
WHITE, Michael FLANAGAN, Bridget 1854-Oct-30
WHITE, Thaddeus WILLIAMS, Rachel 1884-Jan-26
WHITE, Theaddeus WILLIAMS, Rachel 1884-Jan-26
WHITE, Wallis HILL, Cornelia 1886-Jan-26
WHITE, Washington BURTON, Lucy 1880-Sep-24
WHITFIELD, George C MCKEOUGH, Jane A 1854-Apr-26
WHITTINGTON, James BYRD, Elizabeth 1866-Dec-04
WHITTINGTON, Millard LEWIS, Nicey 1881-Jun-21
WHITTLE, Henry BOND, Annie 1886-Feb-13
WHITTLE, Henry BOND, Annies 1886-Feb-20
WHITTLE, Robert AVERY, Charlotte 1869-Jan-16
WICKMAN, John BOND, Jane 1842-Nov-13
WICKMAN, William BOND, Minerva 1842-Oct-31
WILD, David SURCKEY, Christina 1856-Jan-09
WILEY, Charles WEST, Lizzie 1884-Mar-19
WILKINS, Harry HUNTER, Jay 1887-Aug-11
WILLIAMS, A J EVANS, Paulina 1877-Sep-13
WILLIAMS, Albert R REDMAN, Philona E 1873-May-01
WILLIAMS, Amos WILLIAMS, Jennie 1868-Nov-10
WILLIAMS, Andrew SCARBOROUGH, Melissa Jane 1879-Dec-18
WILLIAMS, Andrew J SCARBOROUGH, Melissa Jane 1879-Dec-13
WILLIAMS, Antonio EDWARDS, Nancy 1874-Jan-10
WILLIAMS, Bragg ONEAL, Sabrian 1887-Sep-21
WILLIAMS, Clifton RUSSEL, Mary 1883-Feb-13
WILLIAMS, Dennis MURRY, Ellen 1886-Jan-25
WILLIAMS, Dennis MURRY, Ellen 1886-Jan-26
WILLIAMS, Felix LEE, Sarah 1881-Apr-01
WILLIAMS, Henry WILLIAMS, Julia 1885-Jul-01
WILLIAMS, Henry WILLIAMS, Julia (Mrs) 1884-Jun-30
WILLIAMS, J B SELAS, Mary 1863-Jan-28
WILLIAMS, James JAMES, Sarah 1875-Feb-06
WILLIAMS, James WENTZEL, Ellen 1853-Nov-22
WILLIAMS, John HORTON, Harriet 1847-Mar-13
WILLIAMS, John JOHNSON, Annie 1886-Feb-09
WILLIAMS, John JOHNSON, Annie 1886-Feb-22
WILLIAMS, John N WALKER, Mary E 1877-Sep-27
WILLIAMS, Lewis MITCHEL, Sally 1884-Apr-18
WILLIAMS, Lewis TERREL, Catherine 1854-Sep-02
WILLIAMS, Louis MITCHEL, Sally 1884-Apr-18
WILLIAMS, Rufus JOHNSON, Levina 1879-Apr-11
WILLIAMS, Rufus JOHNSON, Livina 1879-May-01
WILLIAMS, Steve HENDERSON, Henrietta 1887-Apr-13
WILLIAMS, T T ALLEN, Roberta 1862-Dec-28
WILLIAMS, Thomas WILSON, Sarah 1843-Apr-24
WILLIAMS, Thomas (Jr) BENOIT, Lina 1887-Jun-23
WILLIAMS, Westley FARLY, Nancy 1877-Nov-03
WILLIAMS, William PHILLIPS, Mary A 1858-Jun-12
WILLIAMS, William PHILLIPS, Mary Ann 1858-Jun-13
WILLIAMS, William ROBINSON, Josephine 1885-Jan-29
WILLIAMS, William G ROBINSON, Josephine 1885-Jan-26
WILLIAMS, Willie SMITH, Rachel 1887-Apr-11
WILLIAMS, Willis FLAX, Rosa 1873-Mar-09
WILLIAMSON, John R POWELL, Sarah C 1863-Dec-31
WILLIS, Alexander BROWN, Missouri 1886-Dec-08
WILLIS, Alexander BROWN, Missouri (Mrs) 1886-Dec-16
WILLIS, Alexander FAIRLEY, Charlotte E J 1883-Oct-03
WILLIS, Frank ALEXANDER, Mildridge 1879-Jul-20
WILLIS, Frank ALEXANDER, Mildridge (Mrs) 1879-Jul-12
WILSON, Edward SAUCIER, Marie 1887-Sep-22
WILSON, Henry T LEE, Emeline 1867-Apr-21
WILSON, Jackson SAMUELS, Margaret 1878-Sep-30
WILSON, Morris NETER, Rosa 1871-Oct-10
WINTERS, Daniel ALLEN, Emma 1887-May-18
WINTZEL, George WILSON, Victoria 1861-Mar-09
WIRESCHER, Charles DAVIS, Fannie 1879-Dec-21
WOLCOTT, Henry B MCHUGH, Elizabeth 1873-Sep-02
WOOD, Frank FAIRLEY, Dellar 1884-Feb-21
WOOD, Frank FAIRLEY, Dellas 1884-Feb-17
WOODARD, John COOK, Francis 1882-May-11
WOODSON, Samuel POWELL, Amatilda 1867-Sep-23
WOODWARD, Deries MCKINSEY, Lotta 1885-Feb-19
WOODWARD, Johs S SMITH, Aurelia 1854-May-03
WOODWORD, Deries MCKENSEY, Lotta (Mrs) 1885-Feb-10
WOOLSEY, William PICARD, Josephine C 1885-Feb-11
WOOSLEY, William PICARD, Josephine 1885-Feb-12
WORDEN, William S SUNDAY, Margaret (Mrs) 1857-Nov-17
WRIGHT, Joseph FRANKLIN, Bertha 1879-Mar-22
WRIGHT, Joseph FRANKLIN, Bertha (Mrs) 1879-Mar-18
WUESCHER, Charles A DAVIS, Fannie S 1879-Dec-17
WYATT, Geo. W KIRK, Francis 1868-Sep-24
WYATT, James H TAYLOR, Roseanah 1854-Mar-02
WYERS, John W BENGE, Martha F 1879-Jul-03
WYERS, William P BLACKWELL, Lucinda R 1879-Oct-02
WYNN, C W MCVAY, Martha 1879-May-26
WYRES, John W BENGE, Martha F 1879-Jun-25
WYRES, William P BLACKWELL, Lucinda R 1879-Sep-27
YATES, David H BAXTER, Mary E 1855-Dec-15
YOUNG, J T MCLEAN, Anna 1861-Jan-28
YOUNG, Truly GREEN, Caroline 1855-Jun-21
YOUNG, William W BOND, Philadelphia 1876-Apr-09
YOUNGHAUS, Perry LOGAN, Maria 1856-Dec-22


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