Harrison County Grooms

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TALBOT, George BORROUGHS, Mary V 1877-Sep-21
TALTAVULLY, Nichalas CORQUOLE, Adelli 1849-Dec-20
TANCRE, Louis MEIYER, Therese 1859-Oct-29
TAQUINO, Francis TALBOT, Frazine 1863-Dec-10
TARTABULL, Francisco BARTHE, Mary M 1879-Mar-19
TAURAN, Felex SMITH, Sarah M 1886-Mar-27
TAURAN, Felix SMITH, Sarah 1886-Mar-28
TAYLOR, Abraham JOHNSON, Harriet 1881-Feb-28
TAYLOR, Abraham JOHNSON, Harriet 1881-Feb-28
TAYLOR, Andrew COBB, Margaret 1881-Mar-12
TAYLOR, Andrew J COBB, Margaret J 1881-Mar-12
TAYLOR, Calvin BAGGETT, Amanda Jane 1858-Dec-26
TAYLOR, Calvin W NOBLES, Martha E 1875-Jun-19
TAYLOR, Charles MAHER, Ellen 1859-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Eugene H LYONS, Louisa 1871-Oct-11
TAYLOR, John LOTT, Dilia 1880-Jan-01
TAYLOR, John B CAGE, Kittie 1858-Jul-08
TAYLOR, John J LOTT, Dilia A 1879-Dec-22
TAYLOR, Joseph S CRUTHIRDS, Mahala 1872-Nov-14
TAYLOR, Julien S STEWART, Mary E 1877-Oct-21
TAYLOR, Mylls WILLIAMS, Ophelia 1881-Dec-29
TAYLOR, Mylls WILLIAMS, Ophelia L 1881-Dec-29
TAYLOR, Neal Mca. HENRY, Laura F 1867-May-01
TAYLOR, R A COPP, Anna 1871-Oct-01
TAYLOR, R W RICHARD, Mary E 1852-Oct-24
TAYLOR, Samuel HENRY, Rachel G 1870-Oct-27
TAYLOR, William WALKER, Elizabeth 1883-Dec-20
TAYLOR, William J WALKER, Elizabeth G 1883-Dec-20
TEEL, John CONWAY, Ann 1855-Jul-14
TEGARDEN, George W BROWN, Caroline A 1846-Sep-28
TERRELL, William SAUCIER, Mary 1846-Jun-11
TERRELL, Wm. A LIZANA, Victoria 1873-Jun-07
TEVERIE, Napoleon DEDEAUX, Emily 1881-Nov-21
TEWES, Edward HELM, Virginia 1883-Sep-26
TEWES, Edward A HELM, Virginia W 1883-Sep-26
THARIS, Thomas HERRINGTON, Rosely 1847-Mar-11
THOMAS, E R DALE, G 1884-Jan-03
THOMAS, E R DALE, I G 1884-Jan-03
THOMAS, George SUTTON, Laura 1876-Jan-05
THOMAS, Green M EVANS, Mary J 1860-Mar-15
THOMAS, J E A DALE, M A 1877-Nov-23
THOMAS, John BOND, Loana 1880-Apr-16
THOMAS, John M BOND, Loana E 1880-Apr-06
THOMAS, Turner SMITH, Salra 1886-Apr-24
THOMAS, William NITOR, Hane 1868-Oct-22
THOMPSON, Christian H THOMPSON, Louisa 1860-Jan-14
THOMPSON, Daniel HOLLEY, Eliza H 1857-Mar-19
THOMPSON, Peter DAVIS, Camile 1877-Dec-11
THORNTON, W J CLEMMEN, Margaret 1871-Dec-22
THORPE, Zephanioh (Jr) DERMOTT, Mary A 1845-Jan-13
TILLMAN, Joseph GORDON, Mary Jane 1868-Aug-31
TINDER, James E WALSTON, Elizabeth 1871-Apr-09
TIOSCO, Frank PEVERIE, Coienea 1884-Sep-13
TIOSO, Frank PEVERIE, Corinna 1884-Sep-13
TODD, Alexander WELLS, Joanna (Johanna 1847-Oct-24
TOLBERT, Antonio CARBY, Bridget 1859-Nov-28
TOMPKINS, Henry FINKTON, Martha 1883-Sep-27
TOMPKINS, Henry H FINKSTON, Martha M 1883-Sep-27
TORRES, Joseph CERUTTI, Catherine 1880-Aug-04
TORRES, Joseph CORRUTTE, Catherine 1880-Aug-04
TOYER, Henry JACKSON, Alice 1880-Dec-18
TRAUSE, Joseph HAWKINS, Elizabeth 1844-Feb-29
TRAUTMAN, Herman TERRELL, Virginia 1871-Nov-05
TRAVIS, Green CALVIN, Gilly 1877-Jan-01
TRIMBLE, ?Rion D RAWLS, Mary Minerva 1855-Mar-15
TUCCI, B LAURENCE, Bella 1878-Dec-30
TUCEI, B LAWRENCE, Bella 1879-Jan-04
TURAIN, Justin SUACIER, Louise 1885-Feb-26
TURAN, Alexander SAUCIER, Mary 1886-Oct-17
TURIN, Alexis SAUCIER, Eloise 1850-Jan-10
TURIN, Justin SAUCIER, Louise 1885-Feb-24
TURIN, Necola THOMAS, Susan 1886-Feb-05
TURIN, Nicola THOMAS, Susan 1886-Feb-11
TURNER, Henry JOHNSON, Jane 1882-Dec-02
TURNER, Ishmael NIXON, Jane 1868-Mar-12
TURNER, Joseph HERMAN, Sarah 1879-Aug-06
TURNER, Joseph HERMAN, Sarah 1879-Aug-09
TURNER, Thomas SMITH, Sabra 1886-Apr-24
TYRREL, Patrick CALLEN, Catherine 1873-May-31
UNDERWOOD, James MOFFAT, Darkis 1884-Dec-27
UNDERWOOD, James R MOFFAT, Darkis 1884-Dec-26
UNINING, Tolbert BALTRONE, Pauline 1881-Oct-01
UPTON, W S WATERS, Mary 1845-Sep-15


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