Harrison County Grooms


RABURN, Oliver SIMS, Arrene 1881-Sep-15
RABURN, Oliver SIMS, Arrene Jane 1881-Sep-15
RABURN, Thomas HESTER, Penny 1871-Mar-31
RALSTON, W P GORDON, H L 1885-Jan-10
RAMON, Charles HARRINGTON, Georgia 1882-May-16
RAMON, John RYAN, Elmina 1866-Nov-03
RAMOND, Antoine REDDING, Elodie 1883-Jan-29
RAMSAY, Andrew W HURLBURT, Sarah 1866-Jun-19
RAMSAY, James P READ, Margaret 1875-Jan-14
RAN, W E BLESSEY, Julia 1881-Sep-19
RANDOLPH, William WEST, Josephine 1884-Feb-17
RANDON, Peter BRIDGES, Elizabeth 1842-Dec-18
RANON, Charles HARRINGTON, Georgia 1882-May-16
RAULT, Joseph PERE, Julia 1854-Nov-11
RAW, W E BLISSEY, Julia 1881-Sep-19
RAY, Clement WILSON, Victoria 1870-Dec-14
RAY, David EVANS, Mary 1887-Jan-12
RAY, Moses SIMMS, Clara 1872-Dec-16
RAYBURN, Thomas COOPER, Delphine 1882-Jan-05
RAYBURN, Thomas COOPER, Delphine 1882-Jan-05
RAYENE, Victor LADNER, Marie 1843-Apr-
RAYENNE (RYAN), Gerome PARSON, Francis E 1847-Apr-22
RAYMOND, Frank LADNIER, Armose 1874-Aug-20
RAYMOND, Manuel CRUTHIRDS, Mary 1877-Feb-16
READ, Benjamin READ, Charlot 1874-May-28
READ, James WALLACE, Caroline 1878-Nov-14
READ, Wilson WILLIAMS, Alice 1880-Oct-27
READMAN, George W STRINGER, Martha A (Mrs) 1860-Dec-21
REDDICKS, James LINDSEY, Lucy 1879-Dec-08
REDDING, Charles PITTMAN, Namie 1886-Nov-14
REDDING, Charles PITTMAN, Nannie M 1886-Nov-09
REDDING, George DAVIDSON, Emma 1878-Sep-12
REDDING, George W DAVIDSON, Emma 1879-Sep-11
REDMAN, Jonathan WILLIAM, Mary 1856-Mar-01
REDMOND, H ROUSE, Deborah Ann 1879-Sep-04
REDMOND, Hiram F ROUSE, Debrough Ann 1879-Sep-01
REDMOND, J D BOND, Nelley 1872-Oct-08
REDMOND, Thomas DYE, Rebecca 1871-Mar-30
REED, Daniel J RAMSEY, Nepsey J 1868-Jan-12
REED, Edwin S ROSS, Falitha Rap 1850-Jun-27
REED, James WHITE, Bella 1885-Oct-29
REED, John HAVEN, Adelle 1850-Jul-04
REED, Pleasant HARRIS, Georgie 1884-Jan-23
REED, Wilson WILLIAMS, Alice 1880-Oct-27
REEVES, George WHITTINGTON, Elizabeth 1866-Oct-04
REEVES, Henry ONEAL, Melissa 1873-Apr-10
REFFELL, J A BOWSER, Louisia 1878-Nov-04
REID, James ROBERTSON, Lizzie A 1871-Oct-17
REILLY, Michael W LAVERS, Lucy A 1877-Nov-28
REIN, Louis STRAUB, Louisa 1883-Oct-15
REIN, Louis A STRAUB, Louise 1883-Oct-15
REIN, Victor LADNER, Marie 1843-Apr-17
RENGGLE, John COTER, Mary Mclain 1862-Jan-23
REPPOL, John CRUMLEY, Mary Ann Alice 1875-Oct-25
RESTER, Jesekiah MORRIS, Sally 1857-Nov-12
RESTER, John J RUTLAND, Anna R 1871-Dec-27
RESTER, Ripley EVANS, Midy 1857-Feb-19
REYNOLDS, Henry PIERCE, Mary 1874-Dec-24
RHODES, Charles SMITH, Seignoira 1880-Aug-20
RHODES, Charles M SMITH, Seigniora M 1880-Aug-20
RHODES, William SCHRUFF, Jennie 1883-Mar-31
RHODES, William J SCHRUFF, Jennie 1883-Mar-31
RICE, William CARTER, Betty 1872-Dec-02
RICHARD, Edward D SHAW, Angelique 1870-Dec-21
RICHARDS, Benjamin A HOLLEY, Emma O 1866-Apr-06
RICHARDS, Elmer E DUNN, Sarah 1859-Sep-24
RICHARDS, George D LUDLOW, Frances E 1846-Mar-15
RICHARDS, J W NELSON, Annie 1887-Jun-10
RICHARDS, Moses P FAYARD, Martha A 1865-Nov-24
RICHARDS, Noel A SEMORE, Elizabeth 1857-Jan-01
RICKETT, KING, Amy 1819-Jul-15
RIDGELEY, John PRYER, Margaret 1859-Apr-25
RIDGEWAY, Marshall CLARK, Nancy 1855-May-13
RIGGS, Joseph WELDIA, Celia 1855-Jun-23
RILEY, George MOFFIT, Mary 1872-Nov-21
RILEY, James FLAX, Julia 1878-Oct-21
RILEY, Judge LOGAN, Lucinda 1880-Jan-03
RILEY, Judge L LOGAN, Lucinda 1880-Jan-01
RITTER, George JOHNS, Adora 1855-Jul-05
RIVINS, William P CONN, Mary A 1859-Aug-20
ROADLEY, John HOLLOMAN, Dicey 1885-Apr-30
ROADLEY, John HOLLOMAN, Doug 1884-Apr-29
ROBB, Warren MURRAY, Delisa 1875-Dec-18
ROBERSTONE, Cirby KING, Emma 1882-May-23
ROBERTS, Albert MARTIN, Rosana 1879-Mar-12
ROBERTS, Albert MARTIN, Rosana 1879-Mar-15
ROBERTS, Henry FAIRLEY, Mariah 1876-Feb-06
ROBERTSON, Christopher HANSEN, Christian 1854-Jun-11
ROBERTSON, Cirby KING, Emma S 1882-May-23
ROBERTSON, Lemuel SWANN, Lucinda 1868-Jun-10
ROBINSON, Cornelius ROGERS, Dicey 1879-Jan-01
ROBINSON, Duncan JENKINS, Jane 1875-Feb-05
ROBINSON, Frank FREEMAN, Ellen 1869-Jul-03
ROBINSON, John KRAUGHN, Harriett 1854-Jan-18
ROBINSON, Joseph BYRD, Susan 1877-Jan-25
ROBINSON, Paul CLAY, Maria 1887-Mar-23
ROCIEN, Burriere SORIA, Aline 1884-Apr-08
RODGERS, Ben GENTRY, Disa 1871-Nov-30
RODSETH, Aldrek BANG, Loura 1886-Aug-19
RODSETH, Aldrik BANG, Laura 1886-Aug-21
ROIL, Albert WILLIAMS, Lizzie 1878-May-14
ROLSTON, W P GORDON, H L 1885-Jan-10
ROMAIN, Alexandre SASSIER, Louisa 1869-Apr-26
ROOS, Joseph B HIRSCH, Henriette 1878-Jun-27
ROOTE, Rocke FOSHE, Mary Jane 1860-May-30
ROSIER, Jesse SMITH, Caroline F 1854-Nov-02
ROSIER, John SMITH, Milbury 1851-Aug-14
ROSS, Frank CALLEN, Susan 1877-Dec-28
ROSS, Jane BUTLER, Oliver J 1870-Sep-03
ROSS, John H SHOWERS, Martha 1878-Nov-23
ROSS, Thomas FERRILL, Emma 1875-Feb-01
ROUEN, Bussiere SONA, Aline 1885-Apr-08
ROUSE, Harris Peter FLOURY, Agnes Anderson 1877-Jan-25
ROUSE, Henry REDMAN, Cordelia 1887-Jul-14
ROUSE, William J STRINGER, Sarah 1874-Nov-12
ROUSSEAU, Edwin Honore BOUGOURD DE LAM, Marie E 1882-Oct-01
ROUSSEAU, Edwin Honore V DELAMARRE, Marie E Bougour 1882-Oct-01
ROUX, Charles L Lee SMITH, Harriet M 1871-Dec-09
ROYIES, Daniel Raymond SMITH, Mary 1845-Feb-17
RUBLE, Henry C CLARK, Margarette 1854-May-08
RUSHING, C L HUDSON, Mary 1879-Mar-19
RUSHING, William HOESLY, Eliza 1883-Sep-21
RUSHING, William J HOLSLEY, Eliza 1883-Sep-21
RUSS, Jefferson PETERS, Mary 1879-May-19
RUSS, Jefferson PETERS, Mary 1879-May-25
RUSSELL, Charles ENGERT, Clara 1884-May-15
RUSSELL, Charles ENGERT, Clara 1885-May-15
RUSSELL, Daniel TARTADIE, Mary 1873-Jul-31
RUTHERFORD, James B ODOM, Sarah A 1859-May-22
RVIL, Albert WILLIAMS, Lizzie 1879-May-14
RYAN, Auguste BEAUZAGE, Rose M 1846-Jul-18
RYAN, Cecile DESPORTES, George 1875-Dec-15
RYAN, Eugene DELANCEY, Mary 1858-Apr-22
RYAN, Jimmie SHEKIN, Mary 1854-Sep-30
RYAN, Joseph CRUTHIRDS, Rachel 1873-Mar-05
RYAN, Loucius HOLLIMON, Rosaline 1852-Apr-15
RYAN, S P EBERHART, Elizabeth 1885-Dec-16
RYAN, Simeon EBERHART, Elizabeth 1885-Dec-17
RYAN, Simeon WILLIS, Mary Jane 1875-Aug-10


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