Harrison County Grooms

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PAGE, Daniel CRUTHIRDS, Mary Ann 1867-Jun-02
PAGE, Lewis MILLS, Francis 1867-Apr-25
PAGE, Samuel BROOKS, Sarah Ann 1871-Aug-16
PALENTINE, Benjamin RODGERS, Margaret M 1867-Nov-17
PANDALLA, Mitchell GAUZZO, Mary 1877-Jun-12
PANKEY, Charles DREW, Nelley E 1883-Feb-14
PANKEY, Charles M DREW, Nelly E 1883-Feb-14
PARHAM, William P LAURENCE, Mary A 1879-Dec-27
PARHAM, William P LAWRENCE, Mary A 1879-Dec-26
PARK, George JORDAN, Mary E 1879-Nov-29
PARK, George E JORDAN, Mary E 1879-Nov-24
PARKER, Hubbard PARKER, Roda 1866-Oct-23
PARKER, Jacob PULLIAM, Levinia 1886-Dec-06
PARKER, Jacob PULLIAM, Louvenis 1886-Dec-06
PARKER, Jesse CREEL, Caroline 1886-Oct-06
PARKER, John ONEAL, Louisa 1865-Feb-16
PARKER, William QUAVE, Emma 1874-Apr-08
PARTABULL, Francisco BARTHO, Mary 1879-Mar-15
PASENA, Manuel IGLESA, Ruperta 1873-Feb-08
PATTEN, Ephraim WHITE, Elener 1857-Jun-04
PATTON, Philip S JOHNSON, Cordelia 1885-Jan-22
PATTON, Phillip JOHNSON, Cordelia 1885-Jan-25
PATTON, William LADNER, Mary W 1869-Jan-27
PAVOLINE, Antonio MANOLINE, Margaret 1859-Jun-18
PAYNE, Mathew R CRUMP, Lavinia Fell 1869-Jun-15
PEARCE, Rubin LOTT, Louisa 1884-Jan-17
PEARCE, Willoughby EVANS, G W 1877-Jun-07
PEARSON, Benjamin B WASHINGTON, Mattie 1868-Mar-12
PECAUTET, John OLLE, Elizabeth 1881-Dec-20
PECKHAM, Edward THOMPSON, Inez R 1877-Oct-22
PEREZ, Antonio FAYARD, Mary 1882-Dec-04
PEREZ, Antonio FAYARD, Mary N 1882-Dec-04
PEREZ, Peter GARLOT, Hiseogube 1859-Jan-24
PERILLO, Jacques BOURA, Celeste 1866-Aug-28
PERILLO, William LLADO (LADOW), Francis 1871-Sep-06
PERKINS, J R DAVIS, R N 1886-Oct-26
PERKINS, J R DAVIS, R N 1886-Oct-27
PERKINS, John BOND, Sarah 1885-Dec-24
PERKINS, John HESTER, Emily 1855-Apr-25
PERKINS, John E BOND, Sarah Ann L 1885-Dec-15
PERKINS, Reyfind CARTER, Charrice 1854-Dec-13
PERKINS, Rubin WOODWARD, Lizzie 1884-May-05
PERSON, Francis JENKINS, Elizabeth 1882-Feb-23
PETERS, Jacob PETERS, Laura 1883-Aug-25
PETERS, Jacob PETERS, Laura 1883-Aug-25
PETERS, Wesley STEWART, Mary C 1877-Nov-15
PETERSON, Carl STIGLETS, Mary 1880-Dec-23
PETERSON, Carl C J STIGLETS, Mary 1880-Dec-23
PEVRIE, Angelo DEDEAUX, Elizabeth 1879-Oct-11
PEVRIE, Angels DEDEAUX, Elizabeth 1879-Sep-25
PHELPHS, Collins VALLETT, Aurelia M 1879-Jan-11
PHELPS, Collins VALLET, Aurelia M 1879-Jan-11
PHELPS, S R MORRIS, Mary 1885-Dec-30
PHELPS, S R MORRIS, Mary E 1885-Dec-29
PHILLIPS, Julius PRICE, Josephine 1886-May-12
PHILLIPS, Julius J PRICE, Josephine 1886-May-11
PIERSON, Francis JENKINS, Elizabeth (Mrs) 1882-Feb-23
PILLS, Henry SHOWERS, Martha Ann Eliz 1867-Apr-25
PITTS, Alvin HIGHTOWER, Margarette M 1855-Dec-14
PITTS, Alvin LEWIS, Rebecca J 1867-Feb-09
PITTS, Anthony MILLER, Emma 1885-Mar-01
PITTS, Anthony C MILLER, Emma 1884-Feb-28
PLARLE, John CHILDRES, Mahalia B 1886-Jan-18
PLASH, John CHILDERS, Mahalia 1886-Jan-18
POCCOVICH, Peter BURROWS, Fannie 1865-Oct-23
POLK, Peter HARRIS, Delphine 1868-Oct-02
POLLARD, Samuel PAUL, Elvina 1875-Sep-27
POMES, Orance FIZAINE, Ann (Mrs) 1870-Aug-16
POMPBRAY, Thomas E WHALTON, Mary 1884-Mar-18
POMPHREY, Thomas WHALTON, Mary 1885-Mar-19
PONS, Jose Lymens HUGOMIN, Marie Clodie 1850-Apr-08
PONZ, Bartholemew BENNET, Mary A (Mrs) 1864-Jul-16
POPE, Henry SAUCIER, Alice 1883-Aug-13
PORTEVENT, James STAPLES, Mary E 1865-Dec-11
POSEY, Ben Lane LANG, Kate M 1882-Sep-20
POSSEHL, Charles E SMITH, Mary Sue 1856-Jun-15
POST, Christopher C WHITFIELD, Irene 1865-Oct-01
POVOLINE, Louis DEDEAUX, Mary 1885-Dec-21
POVOLINI, Louis DEDEAUX, Mary 1885-Dec-24
POWELL, Thomas P LYONS, Martha Harriet 1876-Jun-30
POWELL, W H S PATCH, Silbtha 1850-Apr-27
PRADAT, J Louis CRAWFOOT, Francis 1871-Aug-03
PRADAT, John B HUGON, Louisa 1847-Aug-26
PRADER, Atmies REMY, Francis A 1886-Jan-24
PRATT, Jesse SAUCIER, Laura 1884-May-16
PRATT, Jesse SAUCIER, Laura 1885-May-17
PRATT, Louis DANIEL, Sarah 1884-Feb-05
PRATT, Louis W DANIEL, Sarah 1884-Feb-05
PRENTICE, Edward MECHON, Kattie 1886-Feb-22
PRENTICE, Edward MICHON, Kattie 1886-Feb-23
PRICE, J M DEAL (DEVL), Francis 1851-Feb-20
PRICE, James M BOND, Kizzie 1877-Oct-24
PRICE, Robert E CAMERON, Emily E 1883-Mar-08
PRICE, T E BATSON, J D 1877-Oct-25
PRICE, Willoughby B POWELL, Ellen C 1872-Feb-22
PROCTOR, James A LEWIS, Ann Eliza 1851-Feb-11
PROPHIT, Robert ROBERTS, Pauline G 1884-Oct-15
PULLAM, Jaque WARD, Fannie 1868-Apr-12
QUAVE, C L MORAN, Delphine 1860-Apr-08
QUAVE, Peter BONIE, Alphonsine 1882-Aug-16
QUAVE, Raymond THOMPSON, Mary 1874-Aug-28
QUAVE, Seamore MORRIS, Jane 1884-Jun-11
QUAVE, Seamore NICASE, Philomen 1860-Jan-26
QUAVE, William BYRD, Dinal 1868-Jun-13
QUAVES, Ramon MORAN, Annette 1859-Feb-03
QUAVES, Ursan DEDEAUX, Angelina 1859-Mar-03


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