Harrison County Grooms

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NARCISE, Louis LEE, Patience 1878-Dec-30
NECAISE, Charles DUBISSON, Annette 1850-Feb-12
NECASE, John B SAUCIER, Leonine 1871-Sep-18
NEILSON, James NEAYER, Walburge W 1884-Dec-18
NELSEN, Silas ROUSE, Eran 1866-Jan-08
NELSON, Christian HOLLEY, Rowina 1868-May-20
NELSON, Emanuel H BURLESON, Casander 1876-Jul-12
NELSON, John M MURRAY, Mary E 1848-Sep-02
NELSON, Silas ROUSE, Eran 1866-Jan-10
NELSON, William REDMON, Rosa 1887-Apr-14
NETTO, Francis SELLIER, Caroline 1882-Dec-25
NETTO, Frank HUDDLESTON, Z Whelimena 1879-May-11
NETTO, Frank A HUDDLESTON, W Z 1879-Mar-11
NEUMAN, Auguste CUEVAS, Delphine (Mrs) 1872-May-22
NEVITT, Authur S TAYLOR, Maria P 1857-Jul-27
NEVLE, Charles A CASSIDY, Catherine 1871-Sep-09
NEW, Benito RYAN, Corastie 1854-Sep-30
NICAISE, Charles TURAN, Louise 1886-Dec-23
NICAISE, Charles A TURAN, Louise 1886-Dec-23
NICAISE, Jeno MORAN, Rosana 1882-Jun-28
NICAISE, John B D FARVE, Cora 1882-Jun-28
NICAISE, John B D FAVRE, Cora R 1882-Jun-28
NICAISE, Louis DUBISSON, Emmie 1884-Jan-22
NICAISE, Louis DUBUISSON, Emma 1884-Jan-22
NICAISE, Zeno MORAN, Rosana 1882-Jun-28
NICHOLAS, Francis SAUCIER, Aurelia 1884-Dec-02
NICHOLAS, Francois SAUCIER, Aurelia 1884-Dec-02
NICHOLAS, Jacob YATES, Nancy M (Mrs) 1868-Apr-16
NICHOLS, Joel D BYRD, Mary E 1873-Dec-30
NICHOLS, Shelbey CRUTHIRDS, Mary E 1879-Mar-08
NICHOLS, Shelby CRUTHIRDS, Mary E 1879-Mar-08
NICOLETS, Caide WHITE, Rose 1872-Jul-02
NIELSON, James MYER, Walburge 1884-Dec-23
NIOLAT, A LADNER, Valerie V 1864-Feb-25
NIPPER, Thomas MCCOY, Francis A (Mrs) 1857-Aug-01
NIXON, J O Jr JONAS, Julie 1878-Apr-04
NOLAN, J T MAGINNIS, Sarah E 1863-Jun-01
NOLAN, John CLARK, Elizabeth C 1874-Jul-29
NORRIS, Henry AUGUSTE, Julia 1882-Dec-25
NORRIS, Soloman WHITE, Minerva 1884-Feb-05
NORRIS, W W TERRELL, Anne 1883-Apr-22
NORRIS, W W TERRELL, Annie 1883-Apr-22
NORTHROP, A K ELMER, Helena 1869-Jun-19
NORTON, William T BLACKWELL, Mary J 1884-Jul-21
NUM, Samuel B NELSON, Ada M 1879-May-19
NUNN, Henry RIDGEWOOD, Mary Ann 1853-Nov-28
NUNN, Samuel B NELSON, Ada M 1879-May-19
O'DONNELL, John CALLEN, Ann 1877-Nov-24
OBE, George E GERRING, Josephine 1886-Sep-15
OHARA, Joseph REDMOND, Anna G 1867-Sep-15
OHARA, Joseph REDMOND, Anna G (Mrs) 1867-Sep-11
OHR, August HOHN, Lizzie 1877-May-03
OHR, George GBERRING, Josephine 1886-Sep-15
OLDS, Richard WILSON, Rachel 1876-Jun-03
OLIVER, Richard H CAMP, Caroline 1846-Aug-21
OLLE, Adolphe GRACIES, Martha 1872-Jan-09
ONEAL, Alfred BOND, Mary 1884-Feb-28
ONEAL, Alfred BOND, Mary E 1884-Feb-28
ONEAL, Eli ROUSE, Mary A 1867-Nov-14
ONEAL, Mathelridge WALKER, Elizabeth 1858-Oct-29
ONEIL, Martin P OGERLI, Louisa 1868-Nov-15
ORANGE, Willis FRANKLIN, Pauline 18  -   -
ORCHARD, David SMITH, Francis 1870-Dec-31
ORY, Charles DEDEAUX, Mary 1884-Jan-01
ORY, Charles DEDEAUX, Mary Louise 1884-Jan-01
ORY, Engenie Josephi ROGER, Laurant 1853-Jan-17
OSBORN, Alfred Jr BUTCHER, Laura 1878-Jun-16
OSHEA, Michel COCKLIN, Bridget 1854-Sep-05
OSWALD, William HARVEY, Mary 1880-Aug-30
OTERI, Joseph KEIGHTLEY, Lulla A 1884-Jul-05
OTERI, Joseph KNIGHTLEY, Lulla A 1884-Jul-05
OTIS, Enis BAXTER, Caroline J 1859-Nov-19
OTIS, Sidney BAXTER, Margaret Vemill 1858-Feb-14
OTT, Jacob LEFAVRE, Pauline 1859-May-11
OTT, Peter W MCCALEB, M E 1854-Dec-28
OYLE, James MCARTHUR, Johanna 1866-Jan-28


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