Harrison County Grooms


L,LYONS, John CARTER, Fannie 1815-Mar-
LA COMTE, Rose ST AMAND, Joseph 1843-May-19
LABADENS, Bertrans COURTNAY, Urcine 1869-May-22
LABARDENS, Dominicate PECAUTE, Jean 1868-Nov-28
LABAT, Edmond BARDINE, Artime 1869-Mar-15
LABORY, J Asmand JEANNIN, Ceclia 1848-Sep-15
LADINER, Ursin MORAN, Harriet 1860-Dec-27
LADNER, Alfred RAYON, Caroline 1848-Apr-01
LADNER, Alfred SAUCIER, Celestine 1865-Mar-19
LADNER, Alonzo THOMAS, M C 1878-Dec-31
LADNER, Andrew LOTT, Elydia 1885-Dec-19
LADNER, Andrew LOTT, Elydia 1885-Dec-24
LADNER, Annie SMITH, Thomas R 1867-Jul-05
LADNER, Antwain RICHARDS, Mary 1845-Sep-04
LADNER, Auguste MILLER, Elizabeth 1857-Oct-26
LADNER, Carlos CULPEPPER, Endoria 1885-Dec-17
LADNER, Casimes LADNER, Philomine 1880-Aug-26
LADNER, Casimir LADNER, Philomane 1880-Aug-25
LADNER, Cassimer MORAN, Dazara 1867-Aug-08
LADNER, Celestine KING, Ann 1866-Apr-10
LADNER, Dosson FLANAGAN, Emeline 1879-Mar-21
LADNER, Dosson FLANAGAN, Emiline 1879-Feb-24
LADNER, Edward B SANFORD, Sarah J 1863-Sep-01
LADNER, Elijah BOUNDS (BONDS), Martha 1848-Feb-06
LADNER, Elijah KELLY, Seanira 1866-May-02
LADNER, Elisha BOUNDS, Cynthia 1847-Jan-28
LADNER, Emile DELAUNEY, Amanda 1860-May-02
LADNER, Ephraim LADNER, Alizia 1874-Dec-21
LADNER, Francis PRICE, Nancy 1854-Jan-25
LADNER, John M MURRAY, Lizzie 1870-Oct-27
LADNER, Lawrence SHAW, Harriet 1878-Dec-04
LADNER, Michel LIZANA, Eugenia 1864-Oct-06
LADNER, Nathaniel DEBOSE, Susan 1871-Apr-23
LADNER, Nolas SAUCIER, Marie Louise 1863-Dec-30
LADNER, P N SAUCIER, Mary Jane 1882-Nov-04
LADNER, Paul CUAVE, Leocardie 1883-Aug-09
LADNER, Pn SAUCIER, Mary J 1882-Nov-04
LADNER, Rame LADNER, Desire 1871-Dec-18
LADNER, Ramie CHILDS, Elizabeth 1857-Oct-26
LADNER, Rankin WHEELER, Delanie 1872-Jan-04
LADNER, Raymond MORAN, Eran M 1879-Apr-17
LADNER, Rutillus SMITH, Emalina 1874-Jan-15
LADNER, Seymorer CUEVAS, Felacitie 1879-Dec-15
LADNER, Simon CUEVAS, Felicita 1879-Dec-18
LADNER, Soloman DAVIS, Missouri 1879-Nov-11
LADNER, Soloman DAVIS, Missouri 1879-Nov-17
LADNER, Thomas V RICHARDS, Beeurisa Theres 1884-Mar-03
LADNER, Thomas V RICHARDS, Beurisa Theresa 1884-Mar-03
LADNER, Valerie V NIOLAT, A 1864-Feb-25
LADNER, Valery FORETICH, Clotile 1862-Feb-01
LADNER, Victor LADNER, Rosalie 1869-Jan-19
LADNIER, Albert SIMS, Ardella 1874-Nov-30
LADNIER, Antoine DEES, Cora 1882-Dec-12
LADNIER, Carlos BOND, Elizabeth 1886-Mar-23
LADNIER, Carlos BOND, Elizabeth 1886-Mar-24
LADNIER, Carlos SELLIER, Ursule 1861-Sep-05
LADNIER, Charles CULPEPPER, Endoria S 1885-Dec-14
LADNIER, Peter LATAMER, Hannah J 1886-Dec-20
LADNIER, Peter LATIMER, Hannah 1886-Dec-21
LADNIER, Peter N LADNIER, Matilda 1870-Nov-27
LADNIER, Rutillus BELL, Mary C J 1877-Apr-16
LADNIER, Senith LADNIER, Valery 1867-Aug-05
LADNIER, Senith LADNIER, Valery 1867-Jul-16
LAFEAURE, Stephen OTT, Sarah Elizabeth 1861-Apr-18
LAFETTE, Albert MENEREDEZ, Angelina M 1885-May-21
LAFFITTE, Albert MENENDAZ, Angelina Maria 1884-May-27
LAFORCE, Leonard HICKS, Ladisk 1851-Jan-16
LAGARDEE, John KEETH, Kathrine 1850-Aug-09
LAGARDERE, Henry WEBER, Josephine 1883-Feb-06
LAIRD, Thomas J LADNER, Rosa A 1879-Apr-30
LAIRD, Thomas J LADNER, Rosa A 1879-May-04
LAMBERT, J J MYERS, Martha 1886-Jan-29
LAMBERT, J J MYERS, Martha 1886-Jan-31
LAMBERT, Walter T TONERY, Annie 1884-Apr-28
LAMBERT, William ODAM, Ellen A 1859-Sep-01
LAMEY, Antoine WELLS, Louisa (Mrs) 1878-Aug-19
LAMEY, Peter B HAMILTON, Sarah H 1883-Feb-03
LAMMY, Philip HUDSON, Catherine 1866-Oct-17
LANG, Duddley ARGUELLES, Augustine 1880-Apr-28
LANG, Dudley H ARGUELLES, Augustine 1880-Apr-28
LANG, John N NELSON, Nellie 1877-Nov-12
LANIUS, Richard FAYARD, Armine 1880-Mar-29
LANIUS, Richard I FAYARD, Armine 1880-Apr-29
LARGILLIERE, Louis BARTHER, Rosa 1886-Aug-07
LARJILLIERE, Louis BARTHES, Rosa 1886-Aug-07
LARSON, Barth RICHARDS, Mamie 1851-Apr-12
LARSON, John N BROGDON, Maggie (Mrs) 1879-Sep-24
LASABE, Victor SAUCIER, Clementine 1851-Nov-19
LASSABE, Justin A MATHENY, Tennessee 1874-Dec-06
LASSABE, William DEDEAUX, Margaret 1887-Feb-07
LASSON, John BROGDON, Maggie 1879-Sep-28
LASTINGER, John BOND, Judah 1851-Jul-02
LATIMER, Edwin LADNER, Mary 1887-Feb-12
LATIMER, Edwin R CRAIG, Katie L 1881-Mar-26
LATIMER, Henry E HOLLEY, Mary 1884-Dec-15
LATIMER, Henry E HOLLEY, Mary 1884-Dec-26
LATIMORE, Thomas FAYARD, Octava 1845-Feb-11
LAUDERDALE, Joseph SHOWERS, Dicey 1875-Sep-27
LAUN, George F ADAMS, Fannie M 1877-Jun-19
LAURENCE, Michel M COLLINS, Zorilla J 1873-Dec-17
LAURENCE, Samuel C SMITH, Elizabeth 1850-Jan-31
LAURENCE, Wiley A COLLINS, Mary M 1873-Dec-17
LAURIE, John PRADOT, Cathrine Amelia 1850-Mar-31
LE KING, Payton DAMPFMAN, Rosa 1886-Jul-29
LEA, James HEASLIP, Margaret 1883-Jan-14
LEA, James J HEASLIP, Margaret 1883-Jan-14
LEBLANC, A BRESLOVE, Mina 1854-Nov-19
LEBLANC, E W SCOTT, Mary 1880-Feb-10
LEE, Albert TURNER, Sarah Ann 1859-Jun-05
LEE, Bryant CARTER, Caroline 1854-Oct-01
LEE, James STEWART, Thersa B 1884-May-14
LEE, James V STEWART, Theresa B 1884-May-13
LEE, Jerry BENUSSIE, Isabell 1880-Jan-02
LEE, Jerry BENUSSIE, Lisabel 1880-Jan-02
LEE, Unah WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 1863-Jan-02
LEE, William BOND, Caroline 1871-Sep-21
LEE, Y G BELL, A C 1886-Oct-14
LELAND, Edwin KELLER, Matilda 1881-Jun-21
LELAND, Edwin E KELLER, Matilda W 1881-Jun-21
LEMON, B D KEEL, M L 1882-Jul-09
LEMON, Db KEEL, Ml 1882-Jul-09
LENEAZ, Vinsen PARVALINE, Mary P 1877-Aug-18
LEOMAN, Henry E POWELL, Patrica M 1852-May-20
LEOVY, George J GILLMORE, Lucy C 1879-Jun-05
LEOVY, George J GILMORE, Lucy C 1879-Jun-04
LEPELLE, Peter MORAN, Celina 1869-Sep-21
LESTRADE, Philip CAILLAVET, Francis 1855-Nov-02
LEVY, William S E COLLENS, Aurora 1865-Sep-25
LEWIS, Charles W COURTENAY, Florence P 1866-Aug-07
LEWIS, Daniel HARRIS, Laura 1881-Dec-24
LEWIS, Jackson THOMAS, Susan 1879-Nov-20
LEWIS, John DUNN, Mary 1853-Mar-22
LEWIS, John WILLEM, Barbara 1885-Sep-28
LEWIS, John Glover WELEM, Barbara 1885-Sep-22
LEWIS, Joseph DORRON, Adeline 1884-Aug-06
LEWIS, Joseph DORSON, Adeline 1884-Aug-06
LEWIS, Joseph LEWIS, Mary 1866-Jan-23
LEWIS, William GORMANN, Mary Ann 1854-Apr-30
LEWIS, William D CLARK, Rebecca I 1861-Feb-12
LIDDLE, John FOLEY (FALEY), Mary Foley 1850-Jul-23
LIGHTFOOT, Phillip S DRUMMOND, Ann I 1857-Apr-21
LINCOLN, Lemuel L NORTON, Eleonore A 1883-Sep-08
LINDSAY, Thomas CHALMERS, Cynthia 1868-Jan-01
LINDSEY, Benjamin F DALE, Virginia 1878-Nov-10
LIVINGS, John W F SAUCIER, Matilda 1879-Jul-11
LIVINGS, John W F SAUCIER, Matilda 1879-Jul-17
LIZANA, Daniel DEDEAUX, Victoria 1879-Jul-16
LIZANA, Daniel DEDEAUX, Victorine 1879-Jul-14
LIZANA, F Placido BACHEMIN, Elise 1884-Sep-04
LIZANA, F Plaude BACHENION, M Elise 1884-Sep-03
LIZANA, Frederick SAUCIER, Margaret 1872-Mar-15
LIZANA, Henry LADNER, Helena 1881-May-13
LIZANA, Henry S LADNER, Helena O 1881-May-13
LIZANA, Joseph DUBUISON, Aurelia 1880-Oct-26
LIZANA, Joseph DUBUISSON, Aurelia L 1880-Oct-19
LIZANA, Paul NARCISE, Theresa 1877-Oct-27
LLADO, Raimond MEAUT, Henrietta 1868-Dec-18
LOBDELL, Lewis P BURTON, Lucy S 1867-Jan-03
LOCKER, W P EVANS, Melinda 1881-Jan-06
LOCKER, W P EVANS, Melinda J 1881-Jan-30
LOFFICIAL, Joseph JONES, Jane 1879-Jan-29
LOFFICIAL, Joseph JONES, Jane 1879-Jan-30
LONGE, M J FAYARD, Mary 1884-Dec-21
LOPEZ, Lazarus DULION, Julia 1871-Aug-19
LOPOSER, N H HURLBERT, Mary 1877-Jun-21
LOPOSSER, Alexander G SHOWS, Mary 1872-Aug-22
LOTT, A J MILES, Mary 1886-Nov-04
LOTT, A J NEELAS, Mary D 1886-Sep-24
LOTT, Elisha W BREELAND, Christiana 1874-Jan-01
LOTT, F M PERKINS, Sarah Ann 1867-May-13
LOTT, Francis W HICKMAN, Mary 1868-Aug-06
LOTT, J A ROUSE, Jane 1865-Jun-01
LOTT, Jesse HATTEN, Dicy 1857-Aug-16
LOTT, John BOND, Honor E 1882-Sep-13
LOTT, John BOND, Nelly 1859-Nov-17
LOTT, John TILLMAN, Susie 1887-Jul-16
LOTT, John A BOND, Honor E 1882-Sep-13
LOTT, Peter WILSON, Melissa 1877-Oct-22
LOUGE, J FAYARD, Mary 1884-Dec-20
LOUX, John FAYARD, Annette 1846-Feb-17
LOWE, Mathew P BOND, Mary 1857-Jan-22
LOWENSTROM, Charles De MORAN, Catherine 1880-Feb-25
LOWENSTROUS, Chas. MORAN, Catherine 1880-Feb-25
LUDLOW, John S HARVEY, Ann L 1848-Apr-02
LUKSETICH, Joseph DOSSETT, Celia 1868-Apr-15
LUNDAY, John G CLARK, Mary 1855-Sep-05
LUNHAND, Peter SEAMON, Melinda F 1846-Apr-25
LUZANNO, Ramon DUBISSON, Medard 1842-Dec-24
LYERLY, Christopher KRUISE, Caroline 1852-Jun-16
LYON, John C SWETMAN, Alice 1874-Dec-31
LYON, John E LIDDLE, Emma H 1878-Aug-31
LYON, Samuel FAYARD, Ann 1867-Dec-16
LYONS, Albert BEN, Hannah 1887-Aug-20
LYONS, Henry MARTIN, Virginia 1881-Nov-03
LYONS, John CLARK, Martha 1879-Sep-23
LYONS, John CLARK, Martha 1879-Sep-24
LYONS, Samuel WICKS, Mary A E 1843-Aug-07
LYONS, Thaddeus FAYARD, Louisa 1866-Dec-12



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