Harrison County Grooms


KAHLER, Jacob STIGLETS, Nora 1883-Apr-25
KANGHMAN, Charles LEASEL, Louisi 1843-Mar-14
KEARNS, Christopher BAREFUSE, Christiana B 1881-Jul-17
KEATHLY, James N SAUCIER, Elvira 1842-Jun-30
KELLEY, Henry WALKER, Amanda 1880-Dec-30
KELLEY, Henry WALKER, Amanda E 1880-Dec-30
KELLEY, Jessie LOTT, Elizabeth J 1884-Sep-05
KELLEY, Jessie LOTT, Elizabeth J 1884-Sep-11
KELLEY, Patrick HUGHES, Mary 1857-Jan-19
KELLEY, Wm. WHEELER, Seanora 1862-Feb-24
KELLTY, Lee ROUX, Julia 1886-May-23
KELLY, John FRIAR, Mamie 1855-Jul-04
KELLY, Lee ROUX, Julia 1886-May-22
KEMPT, G J GEIGHLER, Ann 1860-Sep-30
KEMPT, John WATES, Olivia F 1861-Mar-07
KENDAL, Henri RAYNE, Clestine 1847-Apr-21
KENNEDY, Austin NICAISE, Louisa 1884-Feb-04
KENNEDY, George RAMSAY, Easter 1873-Feb-20
KENNEDY, Joseph BROWN, Francis 1880-Nov-26
KENNEDY, Joseph DODART, Emma 1883-Nov-21
KENNY, T J FARRELL, M C 1882-Jun-19
KERSH, Lewis E MYERS, Onida 1852-Nov-23
KESTNER, A JEBENS, Margaret 1879-Apr-14
KESTNER, Adolph JEBENS, Margaret 1879-Apr-15
KETER, Jacob PETERS, Dicey 1884-Oct-11
KETER, Jacob E PETERS, Dicey 1884-Oct-11
KIEFE, William L HUDDLESTON, Isabella E 1881-Mar-17
KING, A E HESTER, Mary E 1855-Sep-24
KING, Addison FRANK, Rose 1876-Jan-15
KING, Alfred BYRD, Emiline 1882-Feb-02
KING, C M HESTER, Caroline F 1856-Apr-18
KING, Isham LEWIS, Hannah 1869-Mar-06
KING, Jackson SMITH, Matilda 1847-Feb-03
KING, James BINDS, Caroline 1851-Feb-27
KING, James SARGENT, Maggie 1885-Dec-06
KING, James Warren SARGENT, Maggie 1885-Dec-05
KING, Payton C DAMPFMAN, Rosa 1886-Jun-24
KING, Richard DIXON, Matilda 1876-Jul-30
KING, W M SUMRALL, Dicey A 1880-Dec-23
KING, William M BROWN, Marion 1845-Nov-20
KIRSCHENHEUTER, Acoise DEMERITT, P (Mrs) 1884-Mar-14
KLOPPENBURG, Louis WAYCOTT, Margaret 1875-Oct-02
KMMYERS, Gorden E EVANS, Hellen M 1819-Apr-
KNAPP, Harry BANNON, Maggie A 1881-Aug-17
KNAPP, Henry G SMITH, Elizabeth 1860-Apr-15
KNOST, John Henry PREACE, Marie A 1884-Nov-18
KNOST, John Henry PREAU, Marie P 1884-Nov-19
KNOTT, Mary E BRIGG, W W 1884-May-02
KNOX, Candy LINDSAY, Easter 1868-Jan-20
KNOX, Candy TAYLOR, Emma 1879-Aug-20
KNOX, Richard EVANS, Ruth 1886-Sep-04
KNOX, William J GREEN, Robertine 1877-Jun-20
KOHLER, Charles ALLEN, Arabeler 1877-Feb-22
KOHLER, Jacob STIGLETS, Nora 1883-Apr-25
KOMBECK, James J B LECURS, Elizabeth Letit 1843-Feb-25
KORNBECK, John Reynold BLACKWELL, Louisa 1852-Aug-04
KRAFT, John ROACHE, Mary Elizabeth 1861-Jan-05
KRAIL, Charles M SCOTT, Mary 1844-Jan-17
KRAUGHN, Harriett ROBINSON, John 1854-Jan-18
KRAUGHN, John H SEYMOUR, Zeoleida 1854-Jul-16
KRAUTER, John L FAYARD, Mary A 1868-Apr-13
KREAMER, Wm. FOY, Cecilia (Mrs) 1852-Aug-24
KROHN, Augustus WILLIAMS, Zanez 1886-Feb-14
KROHN, Augustus B WILLIAMS, Zaney O 1886-Feb-11
KROHN, Charles F CRUTHIRDS, Sarah 1858-Jan-28
KROHN, Moses HUSLEY, Catherine 1886-Nov-18
KROHN, Moses L HUSLEY, Catherine 1886-Nov-17
KROHN, Robert P MORRIS, Caroline 1860-Jun-19
KUHN, Joseph DRAKE, Sarah 1868-Oct-06
KUSLER, Bonifees CLAWED, Katrine 1850-May-18


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