Harrison County Grooms


GAGER, George GOFF, Roxie 1881-Jan-14
GAGER, George W GOFF, Roxie 1881-Jan-14
GAGER, L D GOFF, Elizabeth 1876-May-28
GALLANDER, James HILL, Abigail 1877-Nov-02
GAMBELL, James W ELLEN, Mary Jane 1865-Nov-23
GAMMILL, Charles BOHN, Martha 1880-Jul-18
GAMMILL, Charles P BOHN, Martha B 1880-Jul-07
GAMMILL, James WILLIAMS, Catherine 1863-Nov-10
GARCIA, Manuel PLAUX, Marie A 1869-Apr-10
GARDNER, John CAMPT, Ann 1846-Jan-18
GARDNER, W F COOPER, Mildrith 1878-Dec-31
GAREC, Yvon QUAVE, Emily T 1859-Oct-11
GARLLOTT, Tule B QUAVE, Zoe 1856-Nov-09
GARNER, Parish BRUNSON, Agnes 1885-Aug-28
GARNER, Raymond PEARCE, Martha 1872-Nov-21
GARROWAY, Thomas SHOLES, Joanna 1850-Mar-05
GATHA, Andrew SOLOMAN, Rachel 1884-May-21
GATHA, Andrew SOLOMAN, Rachel 1885-May-21
GAUTIER, Fernando FAYARD, Therese 1845-Feb-10
GAZZO, Frank (Jr) MORAN, Angeline 1886-Apr-05
GAZZO, Frank Jr MORAN, Angeline 1886-Mar-29
GAZZO, John MUSICH, Maggie 1887-Jan-18
GERDES, Albert CLEMENS, Emma 1887-Jan-25
GERMAN, Daniel BREWER, Julia 1871-Feb-13
GILBERT, Louis BORRIES, Mary 1876-Apr-26
GILL, Andrew Jackson DONNELEY, Mary 1854-Sep-21
GILL, Gilbert R LITTLE, Catherine 1846-Dec-17
GILL, James MATHEWES, Ann 1847-Sep-13
GILL, William COOGAN, Jennie 1883-May-15
GILLEN, Mark G SHEEAN, Ellen 1870-Jul-13
GILLENDER, Daniel JOHNSON, Violet 1875-Jan-28
GILLINS, Harry FAIRLEY, Mary 1876-Jun-04
GIRAUD, Peter DELONAY, Eliza 1842-Mar-29
GIZO, Frank GASPOLICK, Harriet 1870-Nov-13
GLENNAN, Edward COLBERT, Mary 1884-Oct-01
GLENVAN, Edward COLBERT, Mary 1884-Sep-29
GOADE, Richard HALLEYMAN, Rosalino 1845-Jul-31
GODFREY, Syrus BILBO, Bettie 1876-May-10
GODIN, Thomas GARY, Jane 1852-Mar-16
GOETZ, Jacob BRANDT, Caroline 1866-Oct-25
GOETZ, V C WELKER, Juliana 1857-Jan-07
GOFF, Edmond A CARTER, Mary 1875-Jul-07
GOFF, Virgil A FERRILL, Mary E 1876-Jun-01
GOFF, William T CUNNINGHAM, Anna (Nanna) E 1875-Aug-24
GOLLETT, George W FURLOUGH, Kate 1866-Jul-08
GOLMAN, Henry JOHNSTON, Mary 1854-Nov-27
GOMEZ, J M LOHR, Mary 1885-Jan-26
GOMEZ, J M LOKE, Mary (Mrs) 1885-Jan-10
GOODE, Chesterfield LOPER, Tempy 1885-Sep-20
GOODE, Christopher LOPER, Tempy 1885-Sep-19
GORDON, Daniel PARKER, Elizabeth 1866-Jun-16
GORDON, H L RALSTON, W P 1885-Jan-10
GORDON, H L ROLSTON, W P 1885-Jan-10
GORDON, Suhon HIGHTOWER, Loundia 1846-Aug-05
GORENFLO, Henry WETZEL, Caroline 1880-Jun-02
GORENFLO, Henry WETZEL, Caroline 1880-   -02
GORNER, Parsle BRUNSON, Agnes 1885-Aug-28
GOUSKI, Vincent GORSH, Malurine 1858-Jun-20
GRABOT, Stephen GREEN, Mary Edith 1878-Jul-18
GRADY, Richard BARTHES, Agathe 1887-Jun-09
GRAHAM, John BOUSQUET, Lucy 1880-Mar-08
GRAHAM, John BOUSQUET, Lucy 1880-Mar-09
GRAHAM, Preston E MEADOW, Mary I 1855-May-29
GRAHAM, Wesley G MEADOWS, Eliza 1854-Nov-21
GRANDICH, Antonio JACKO, Marie 1887-Jun-25
GRAVES, Henry SWETMAN, Susan 1881-Mar-30
GRAVES, Henry T SWETMAN, Susan H 1881-Mar-30
GRAVES, Jackson HERMAN, Elizabeth 1873-Mar-19
GRAVES, Wallace W HENRY, Mary M 1867-Mar-18
GREEN, Berry TURNER, Rebecca 1868-Apr-03
GREEN, Charles E PAUL, Pauline 1871-Feb-25
GREEN, Ephraim COAHN, Emilie 1868-Oct-21
GREEN, Ephraim LEE, Sarah 1879-Nov-07
GREEN, Ephriam LEE, Sarah 1879-Nov-09
GREEN, Martin P LANIOUS, Mary E 1868-Jun-06
GREENE, Thomas DAVIS, Tina 1873-Oct-28
GREENLEAF, John Q EVANS, Sarah P 1856-May-19
GREGORY, Edwin GRAS, Mary 1886-Sep-04
GREVENNING, Frank BEGUE, Cecile 1879-Dec-15
GREVENNING, Frank B BEGUE, Cecile 1879-Dec-15
GREW, Louis PARKER, Mary W 1860-May-08
GRIFFIN, Harrison FAIRLEY, Mary 1886-Mar-01
GRIFFIN, Harrison FAIRLEYH, Mary 1886-Mar-01
GRIFFIN, J P LOTT, Josephine 1882-May-03
GUERIN, Victor F HOLLEY, Rosanna 1873-Apr-12
GUERRIERE, Louis LAZARA, Victoria 1882-Dec-17
GUERRIERO, Louis LAZARA, Victoria 1882-Dec-17
GUEVAS, Charles A HUDDLESTON, Mary 1872-Oct-23
GUIGLEY, Michael CLEARY, Alice 1877-Apr-21
GUMPH, Hugo CHURCH, Clara L 1875-Feb-01
GUNNESEN, James MCCORMICK, Catherine 1856-Sep-09
GUYON, Alexis Martin GSCHEIDLE, Madeline 1856-Mar-11
GUZMAN, J MEANT, Pauline 1877-Mar-25


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