Harrison County Grooms


FAIRBY, J D BELLEW, Lucy 1879-Jun-03
FAIRLAY, Evander FORD, Rachel 1881-Apr-17
FAIRLEY, Alexander WILSON, Easter 1871-Sep-03
FAIRLEY, Daniel BEN, Alice 1887-Sep-25
FAIRLEY, Evander MILES, Elizza 1870-Nov-27
FAIRLEY, Franklin RAMSAY, Emma 1879-Dec-21
FAIRLEY, J D BELLEN, Lucy 1879-Jun-03
FAIRLEY, J D BROADIS, Salethe 1875-Mar-18
FAIRLEY, James P BROADUS, Arrybell 1878-Jan-10
FAIRLEY, John W FAIRBANKS, Cammie 1876-Mar-30
FAIRLEY, Joseph A MILES, Eliza 1874-Dec-06
FAIRLEY, Lorenzo BROWN, Mary Isabel 1882-Oct-19
FAIRLEY, William EVANS, Susan P 1877-Oct-04
FAIRLY, Franklin RAMSAY, Emma 1879-Dec-13
FARIAS, Ramon GESSNER, Marianne 1849-May-10
FARLOW, Henry NELSON, Sarah 1881-Dec-31
FARLOW, Henry NELSON, Sarah Catherine 1881-Dec-31
FARRELL, George FITZPATRICK, Mary 1880-Oct-12
FARRELL, Robert BELLINO, Mary T 1880-Oct-09
FARRELL, Thomas A BOND, Lydia 1867-Nov-27
FARRER, Jefferson MOFFAT, Martha 1880-Apr-21
FARRER, Jefferson MUFFET, Martha 1880-Apr-21
FARVE, Charles BEASON, Mary Ann 1855-Apr-30
FAUGERE, Peter DESOX, Rachel 1856-Jan-27
FAYARD, Alexi WEDGWORTH, Susanna 1860-Feb-16
FAYARD, Anatol MERTHA, Louisa 1880-Nov-27
FAYARD, Celestin MORAN, Victore 1850-Mar-08
FAYARD, Celestin TALTUVAL, Josephine 1883-Sep-18
FAYARD, Celestine TALTAVULL, Josephine 1883-Sep-18
FAYARD, Charles MCMANUS, Rosana 1854-Aug-27
FAYARD, Cherry BONEY, Virginia 1880-Dec-29
FAYARD, David BENNETT, Martha A 1859-Jan-06
FAYARD, Jacques (Jr) MCMANN, Ann 1850-Apr-30
FAYARD, James VOIVERLICK, Frank 1884-May-30
FAYARD, Joseph SAUCIER, Urseline 1849-Dec-31
FAYARD, Julien FOUNTAIN, Julia 1866-Dec-12
FAYARD, Julien FOUNTAIN, Julia 1866-Jan-12
FAYARD, Lazary LESTRADE, Victoria 1884-Oct-24
FAYARD, Lozary LESTRADE, Victoria 1884-Oct-18
FAYARD, Richard EDWARDS, Epsey 1881-Mar-19
FAYARD, Shered BONEY, Virginia 1880-Dec-29
FAYARD, St Cyr CAILLAVET, Clara 1881-Apr-05
FAYARD, St. Cyr CAILLAVET, Clara 1881-Apr-05
FAYARD, Sylvester RUSHING, Mary Ann 1878-Nov-30
FEDERICKS, Sam DAVIS, Mary Ann 1886-Jun-28
FEEHAN, M H LEWIS, Ella T 1882-Oct-12
FEEHAN, Mh LEWIS, Ella T 1882-Oct-12
FELL, Peter R ARMSTRONG, Sarah 1858-Jul-29
FENNER, Darwin P LOGAN, Mary A 1866-Oct-24
FERAGASE, Gearchana RUSELL, Amelia 1847-Sep-30
FERNANDEZ, Antony BEDAULT, Claudine 1868-Sep-05
FERRER, James P RAMON, Mary 1877-Aug-15
FERRER, Joseph LAWRENCE, Josephine 1885-Jul-27
FERRER, Joseph LAWRENCE, Josephine 1885-Aug-02
FERRILL, John W RANEGAN, Louisa A 1876-Aug-20
FERRY, Edward CURTIS, Mary 1879-Dec-03
FERVETTI, Angelo SELLIER, Eugenie 1869-Mar-31
FIALL, Auguste Saint NICASE, Octavi 1857-Sep-30
FIEFE, Charley SWITZER, Anne 1881-Dec-22
FIEFE, Charley SWITZER, Annie 1881-Dec-22
FIELD, William LEWO, Patience 1885-Jan-26
FIELD, William PATIENCE, Lemo 1885-Jan-27
FIELDS, Andy MARSHALL, Julia 1879-Jun-18
FINLEY, William W DAVIS, Lillie 1883-Oct-16
FISHER, Charles B CHAPMAN, Eliza 1845-Apr-25
FISHER, William H FLAGG, Annie L 1865-Dec-02
FITZNER, P J C PASSOW, Mary 1876-May-04
FLAX, George SMITH, Eliza 1878-Sep-19
FLAX, H ENGLISH, Ellen 1885-Jul-25
FLAX, Houston SIMS, Fannie 1887-Mar-26
FLAX, Isaac SMITH, Eliza 1878-Sep-19
FLETCHER, Barney MERRIT, Louisa 1877-Jan-17
FLETCHER, J J HERRINGTON, Eugenia A 1876-May-17
FLINCKTON, Andrew JOHNSTON, Martha 1870-Jul-26
FLOURNOY, H E LYON, Emma H 1880-Feb-11
FLOURNOY, H E LYON, Emma H (Mrs) 1880-Feb-11
FLOWERS, John Wesley QUAVE, Virginia 1876-Feb-26
FOCKNAR, James RHINE, Ellen 1856-Sep-05
FORD, Israel HINDS, Ann 1867-   -13
FORETICH, John FOURNIER, Evelina 1849-Nov-24
FORETICH, John WELLS, Rebecca 1855-Jan-06
FORETICH, Tony VINCENT, Fayard 1880-Apr-26
FORETICH, Vincent FAYARD, Martha 1880-Apr-28
FORMAST, Francis FAYARD, Caroline 1858-Feb-11
FORREST, E F MANSHIP, Georgiana 1885-Dec-31
FORREST, E F MONSHIP, Georgiana 1885-Dec-30
FORREST, Edwin CARUTHES, Mary Ann 1841-Sep-05
FORREST, James S STOKES, Caroline F 1877-Sep-05
FOSTER, Augustus READ, Eliza 1871-Jan-01
FOSTIER, Arthur FRIPAGINE, Alescandrine M 1845-Aug-14
FOUNTAIN, Francis FOURNIA, Mary 1866-Dec-20
FOURNIER, Francis DIESE, Mary 1866-Mar-19
FRAIU, Thomas MOFFAT, Ellen 1855-Mar-04
FRANCOIS, William SAUCIER, Octavia 1882-Jul-01
FRANCOIS, William SAUCIER, Octavie 1882-Jul-01
FRANKLIN, Stephen NORVELL, Sarah 1876-Apr-14
FRAZER, Aaron Alexander MOTT, Georgianna Z 1852-Jul-15
FREDERICK, Godfrey BOSSEL, Louisa 1859-Dec-07
FREDERICK, Sam DAVIS, Mary Ann 1886-Jun-24
FRENTZ, George RICHARDS, Helena E 1869-Jan-13
FUGOSSA, Vencente COUIVA, Jane Marie 1855-Dec-13
FULCHING, Louis GAMMILL, Sallie Ann 1867-Aug-16
FULLER, Joseph SASSER, Mary 1854-Dec-28
FULLER, Robert STEVENS, Adelia 1854-Oct-10
FUTNEL, Washington LORD, Susan 1850-Jul-21



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